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Personal Accident Insurance Information

Selfies Posing Danger to Daily Life: A Study

June 10 2016

With the rise in selfie deaths across the globe, particularly in India, there has been a growing awareness to be more cautious before posing. Learn more.

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Road Rage Issues in India

March 28 2016

Cases of road rage have grown at an alarming rate. There are various underlying problems that lead to this issue, and a number of ways in which it can be tackled.

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Road Accident Causes in India

February 02 2016

Nearly 1.5% of road accidents are caused due to bad roads. Every minute a traffic-related death occurs in India. Approximately 377 people die every day, costing the country an annual loss at approximately 3% of GDP.

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Two Wheeler Road Accidents

October 15 2015

Trucks and two wheelers were at one stage responsible for around 40% of road fatalities. According to the NCRB Report (National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) published in 2014, ''24.9% victims of road accidents (in India) were occupants of two wheelers''. And this is only the reported figure.

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6 Celebs Who Succumbed To Road Accidents

October 02 2015

Hema Malini was involved in a deadly car crash between her Mercedes and a Maruti Alto in Rajasthan in July 2015. While she was lucky to escape with minor injuries, some other celebrities have not been so fortunate.

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14 Tips to Make Your Home Disability-Friendly

September 02 2015

Home is like a heaven on earth, it is where we get peace of mind. However, for a physically challenged person, the structures we normally use in building a home could prove a barrier. A few structural changes such as installing a ramp and lower workspace go a long way in making their lives safer, more comfortable and avoid accidents.

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Does Your Lifestyle Make You Prone To Road Accidents?

September 02 2014

Our lives are extremely fast-paced. We are constantly juggling with our personal and professional lives striving to balance our time. We are always in a hurry, be it while walking or driving, making ourselves more prone to accidents.

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