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Insurance Article

How do you benefit with a travel insurance policy?

December 12 2012

A travel insurance policy is extremely essential as it assists you financially before you set foot on foreign shores. This insurance policy must be selected to enjoy maximum financial benefits that last till the duration of your stay.

Insurance policy must be selected depending on the number of trips and the duration of your stay overseas. For one-time foreign trips, a Single Round Trip travel insurance policy offers a variety of features. The first seven days of your trip have a slab-based fixed insurance cost after which you are charged on a per day basis for the extra days spent abroad.

At times loss of important documents like passport causes panic and stress. A well structured travel insurance policy like Single Round Trip Travel Insurance helps you to promptly arrange for a document and keeps legal hassles at bay.

Seasoned overseas travellers make multiple trips in a year and are thus wise to buy an insurance policy that offers flexibility in the duration of your stay. The Multi-Trip Plan is carefully designed for frequent international travellers and offers cover for loss occurring due to various reasons. With the payment of one-time premium, you can easily enjoy multiple trips for a period of one year.

When you buy Multi-trip insurance policy you can select the maximum duration of your stay with each trip. This policy offers cashless health-care facility at a variety of network hospitals all over the world in case of a medical emergency. Your insurance company has a tie-up with international network of premium healthcare facilities across the world. This network of health-care facility offered by your insurance company helps you financially by settling the bill for tension-free recovery. This cashless hospitalisation facility surely helps save the draining of finances as medical aid aboard is costly.

Loss of checked-in baggage at airports is not uncommon and at times may also result in the loss of other important documents. This multi-trip insurance plan not only covers such essentials losses but also offers coverage during financial emergencies by offering monetary aid.

You can easily buy insurance policy for overseas travel online and reduce the hassles of formalities and paperwork. This online facility is sure to come handy when you are pressed for time while planning for a trip on short notice.

Thus, when you buy insurance for travelling overseas, you can easily select a plan based on the number of trips made per year and the days spent abroad. Also, the numerous health-care benefits and covers offered by such a policy makes travel insurance an essential aspect of your overseas trip.

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Code - EC012214ML
Disclaimer - The article contains only an indication of the cover offered. For complete details on coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. The article contains general information on insurance. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited owes no liability nor holds any responsibility for any discrepancy in the information given above.

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