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Insurance Article

Why overseas insurance is essential while travelling

August 03 2009

overseas is simple and easy. With the power of the internet and the emergence of travel agencies, booking an overseas tour is no big deal.

Furthermore, group travel packages are not only affordable but also customisable as per the requirement of the passengers.

People really plan and decide well in advance the places they want to visit, the hotels they would like to stay in as well as the food they'd like to eat. While holidays are planned after doing so much research and shelling out a good sum of money, little attention is paid to secure this tour. It is quite possible that the trip overseas is hampered by an illness, an unexpected delay in the flight or perhaps even the worst case scenario where an overseas trip needs to be cancelled or postponed. Hiccups of such nature can easily throw a well planned holiday out of gear and cause unwanted inconvenience.

However, such inconveniences can easily be avoided as quite a few of the insurance companies have studied situations like these in great detail and offer a helping hand during the rough period.Overseas insurance is one such protection plan that can prevent those on travel from unwanted loss and other inconveniences that may arise. The eligibility criteria for overseas insurance are fairly simple and straightforward. An individual between the age of 1 to 85 years is eligible to go buy an overseas insurance policy. Most insurance companies offer overseas insurance policies for a period of 7 and 180 days and the policy duration can be easily extended for up to 360 days online. Moreover, the premium payable is totally dependent on the duration of the overseas stay.

Overseas insurance also compensates for lost baggage that has been checked in. In a situation where the insured must purchase personal items in an emergency, the overseas insurance policy also compensates him for a reasonable amount spent for the same. This may typically happen due to a delay in arrival of baggage, while travelling abroad. In addition to this there are certain overseas insurance policies that cover the worst case scenarios such as plane hijacking and even the possible misplacement or loss of a passport by compensating for the expenses that are incurred towards acquiring a duplicate passport. It is thereby quite evident that an overseas insurance policy is required while travelling abroad in order to keep a trip hassle free and within the originally planned budget.

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