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Two Wheeler Insurance Information

What Is ABS and Why You Should Have It In Your Bike

January 29 2019

It is easy to lose control of your bike during emergency braking. ABS can prevent wheels from locking and give the rider better control.

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These Are The Top Electric Two-Wheelers Coming To India In 2019

January 08 2019

Almost all major two-wheeler manufacturers like Honda, Hero and TVS, are ready to launch their e-scooters in 2019 in India, loaded with many exciting features and specifications.

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Important Motorcycle Safety Tips for Pillion Riders

December 21 2018

Life is unpredictable and insurance claims help you insure you and your family against unforeseen circumstances, helping you avoid avoid financial worries to lead a happy and healthy life.

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Best Winter Motorcycle Tour Locations in India

December 16 2018

From valleys, forests, deserts to hills, India offers some of the best bike riding locations for novice as well as experienced riders.

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What to Wear During Long Distance Motorcycle Rides in Winter

December 12 2018

Right gear along with adequate protective features like helmets, gloves, jackets and thermal suits are essential for an enjoyable and safe ride during the winter season.

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Top Cold Weather Motorcyle Riding Tips

November 30 2018

It's imperative to wear proper riding gear and check all the mechanics of your motorcycle before starting the ride. Also drive slowly to have better grip on greasy roads during winters.

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Follow These Steps to Avoid Being Sold the Wrong Two Wheeler

November 13 2018

These things need to be kept in mind for getting the bike that’s right for you. Not paying attention to these can mean you ending up with the wrong bike

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Know All About Personal Accident Cover in Two Wheeler Insurance

October 31 2018

Indian roads are dangerous, which makes taking a personal accident cover with your two wheeler insurance even more necessary

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9 Things to Know Before You Go On a Long Bike Ride

October 10 2018

Check the weather forecast ahead of your trip to ensure you’re well prepared

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Learn How to Ride a Bike in 5 Easy Steps

October 08 2018

Riding a bike is easy and fun!

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