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Insurance Article

Bike insurance - An important approach

October 03 2013

In traffic congested roads a bike is well suited to move and also provides a cheaper alternative to car. In other respect also the bikes are today designed to ply in the high traffic roads as well as in the free highways. Naturally the wear and tear on the bike is manifold than on car or any other multi wheel vehicle and today there is better response to offers of insurance, India as a county is understanding that even a less valuable item like bike can yield lot of advantage.

A bike can also develop serious complications of the limitations of running the vehicle is not obeyed and with poor condition of roads they can aggravate. In such situation there will be need for support to bring the vehicle back on road at the earliest possible opportunity. Damage in suspension or engine can cost good money and supporting that will make it easy to repair in short time span. The insurance will not only reduce time but also save some direct and indirect costs to the user. People passionate about high powered costly bikes will find it tougher to arrange for the money in case there is a big complication in the vehicle and insuring the bike will have some beneficial support on the repair work.

Bike insurance is increasing rapidly as more cities are expanding at a fast growthto facilitate easy transportation for different earning needs. A daily commute for more than hundred kilometres a day is financially expensive for a car. The alternative of a bike is much better and cheaper. The vehicle regulations also ask for insurance, India is modifying those rules so that the insurance becomes mandatory for one and all. Most of the bikes come insured from dealer point only if not specifically restricted and arranged for the alternative. This can be from insurance agents who are still very much significant in their contributions in renewals and new insurance policies.

The renewal of insurance is another matter that needs to have serious contributions. Most of the people are first time candidates for insurances but in their unmindful activities the renewal date is often forgotten for months and once reminded they are ignored in the pressing demand of other businesses.Most of the companies that are connected through internet to their customers are sending the renewal forms in mails and are only asking the customers to fill up and submit it. In the advanced development of insurance, India is moving ahead in spite of so many obstacles and there is hope that if more is needed many contributions will improve.

Some of the other issues that are to consider are the initial amount that an insurer pays to get the insurance. This is sometimes manipulated by many companies considering the helplessness of customers. All these can be corrected if the bike insurance company websites are available to maximum prospective customers and to get that more internet penetration is needed.

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