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Insurance Article

What are the benefits of purchasing a 2 wheeler insurance policy?

March 12 2013

To ensure that this convenience is not disrupted, it is essential to secure your vehicle with a correct 2 wheeler insurance policy. Congested roads and increased traffic during peak hours greatly increases the chances of road mishaps and accidents. Such unfortunate events expose you and your 2 wheeler vehicle to physical damage in case of an accident.

Damage caused to your vehicle during an accident must be promptly repaired to ensure optimum functioning. Repair bill for repairing damaged parts of your two wheeler vehicle are likely to run into thousands of rupees. Such unexpected costs are likely to burden your savings when making payment for vehicle repair charges single handedly.

When you buy a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance policy from ICICI Lombard you are offered a variety of benefits with a single insurance plan. This insurance company has a tie-up with a number of garages all over the country. Repairing your damaged vehicle at one such garage makes you eligible for the cashless claim feature. With this feature, all the repair charges for your damaged vehicle are borne by the insurance provider and you are exempted from footing the bills singlehandedly.

This insurance plan includes the mandatory Third Party Liability cover that comes to your rescue if your vehicle causes damage to a pedestrian or a person’s private property. This cover also prevents legal proceedings against the driver owner if the accident causes death or permanent damage to another individual.

Road accidents may at times also cause physical injury to the driver owner. The Personal Accident Cover of this comprehensive insurance plan offers compensation to the injured driver owner. This monetary assistance is sure to reduce the financial burden of treatment costs and save your finances from taking a major hit during such unexpected situations.

If the driver owner dies due to a road accident, this accident helps to diffuse such an unfortunate occurrence by offering the complete sum insurance to the family of the deceased. If injures during a road accident make the driver owner unfit for profitable employment, the complete sum insured is offered to the nominee (person mentioned in the insurance policy) to ensure financial stability.

This policy is easy to purchase with the online two wheeler insurance facility offered by ICICI Lombard. By filling the online policy form you are instantly offered a digitally signed copy of the insurance policy. This online policy issuance facility further enhances the convenience of buying a comprehensive insurance cover for your two wheeler vehicle.

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