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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

Delhi Air Getting Toxic!

May 07 2012

The attempt to keep Delhi air pure and fresh via introducing CNG vehicles have been frittered away with a recent shocking report offered by school of sciences at JNU. The study proved that air in some of the residential areas in the city is toxic beyond human imagination. The report was published a month back in a popular journal "Atmospheric Pollution Research". As per the report published, it has been proved that serious amount of chromium (Cr) and nickel (Ni) much higher than risk standards for incremental lifetime cancer (ILCR). To sum up, continued exposure to chromium and nickel in breathing air can pose serious health risks in the long run.

A serious research was conducted in residential areas of Delhi using air sample monitoring equipment. Rajghat, Mayur Vihar and Mithapur have toxic metals in air that makes citizens vulnerable to serious health risks. The chief scientist of the research Dr. P.S. Khillare has said that both chromium and nickel are potential carcinogens and their presence in the environment in higher concentration as compared to the permissible ILCR levels is a serious health concern.

The basic locations for the research were selected due to their proximity to coal fired power plants as well as industrial associations. The researchers have also stated that the inhalable heavy metal pollution was not restricted to areas monitored. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done about metals present naturally in the air. However, the experts are still working towards improving the quality of air in Delhi.


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