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Government declares TB as a Mandatory Notifiable disease

May 14 2012

Proper declaration of TB cases by all healthcare providers will facilitate patients get better access to supreme quality diagnosis and treatment. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India has declared Tuberculosis as a compulsory notifiable disease. The declaration was meant to be undertaken with immediate with immediate effect. The officials have also informed that complete info on TB is important to guarantee appropriate TB diagnosis and case management. This will also help in reducing TB transmission as well as addressing the problems of advent Drug Resistant-TB.

In order to get this notification, healthcare providers will certainly include clinical establishments that is run or managed by the Government. The rule also applies for private or NGO sectors as well as individual practitioners. TB cases notifications must be made by all healthcare providers to ensure patients better access to high quality diagnosis as well as treatment. This would certainly help in early diagnosis, best treatment, complication prevention, resistance to drug and decrease in number of deaths resulting due to TB.

The TB notification system will also facilitate the healthcare providers to offer better connections for superior diagnostic and treatment services to the TB patients. Additionally it will facilitate the National TB Control Programme to estimate realistically the burden of TB disease. Other facilities include knowing about plan resources and various control measures corresponding with the actual burden of disease. This is helpful towards the larger interest of the public as well as nation as a whole.

TB is a major problem. Unfortunately, it continues to be a real major public health problem that accounts for substantial morbidity as well as mortality in the country. Early diagnosis as well as complete TB treatment is the corner-stone for absolute TB prevention and control strategy. Unsuitable analysis and irregular/incomplete treatment using anti-TB drugs might contribute to various complications.


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