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Health Hazard Potential from Mobiles or Pylons Negated Due to Lack of Evidence

May 14 2012

The recent conclusion is the same as that reached in varied statements first published in the year 1992. As per the latest reports from The Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group(BEPAG), there is no influential proof that usage of mobile phone or exposure to pylons and power lines result in dangerous health effects, such as cancer.

The discoveries and verdicts are published in the latest Position Statement issued from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). According to the Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group (BEPAG), it has been proved that the vast majority of the evidence does not specify the possibility of dangerous health effects due to normal exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields.

This conclusion remains the same as that reached in all Position Statements since they were first published in 1992. Popular Professor Tony Barker and a consultant clinical scientist and chairman of BEPAG has said that each day, individuals are all exposed to a complicated amalgamation of electromagnetic fields of low-level and of varied frequencies that actually pervade our environment. He added that during the past twenty years the general public has become highly concerned about potential adverse health impact of electromagnetic fields exposure including mobile phone usage and electrical power distribution.

The research is basically based on the review of 726 scientific papers. Out of these, 42 per cent is covered as static and low-frequencies, chiefly concerning to 50 and 60 Hz fields related with power generation and distribution. About 48 per cent of these papers are dealt with radio-frequency fields and 67 per cent of these were precisely associated to mobile-phone frequencies.

Most of the high-profile experimental studies that fail imitation, or for which imitations are never endeavoured, remain to be a cause of worry. BEPAG believes that scientists hold a responsibility to guarantee that their discoveries are as robust as possible prior to publication.

BEPAG is of view that a lot of pressure on scientists is forced in order to publish their work and this might boost the reportage of visible effects that have not been amply studied.

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