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IRDAI Extends Deadline to Bring More Hospitals Under ROHINI Network

November 03 2016
Hospitals Under ROHINI Network

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) extended the deadline for hospitals to register under the Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance (ROHINI) from 30th October 2016 to 31st December 2016. The IRDAI through ROHINI aims to bring all health insurance related information under a single directory.

ROHINI which has been developed and maintained by the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) consists of around 33,000 unique hospitals. The IRDAI hopes to increase the number of hospitals under ROHINI to more than 1 lakh by the end of the year.

The common data collected under the registry will have details regarding the policyholder, available treatment facilities, hospitalisation expense, claim amount and much more. This will enable both the hospitals and policyholders to access information at a click and increase overall transparency in the system.

Initially, the hospitals will be assigned a Global Location Number (GLN). This will enable insurance companies to trace any modification to an existing hospital. Hospitals will also be able to offer additional details like number of beds, specialities offered, doctors on duty, etc.

Other details and alerts regarding diagnostic centres and clinics associated with a hospital will also be sent to the insurer and policyholder. This data will help in curbing frauds and malpractices like overcharging, overbilling, recommendation of wrong drugs, etc.

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