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Patients-The New Guinea Pigs for Health Ministry

May 10 2012

It is extremely sad but true that things are getting worse day by day for union health ministry. As per a report listed in parliament recently by the standing committee, it has been proved that the drug regulators have now broken various the laws associated to approving drugs sans clinical trials. Most of the time, they rely simply on approval coming from private as well as government doctors.

Drugs are now being approved without requisite clinical trials. The recent report proclaims that drug regulators in recent years have approved medicines without clinical trials. In fact, the approvals have been given right through irregular procedures. Proper care was also not taken to evade health hazards.

The drugs approved without clinical trials include medicines for almost all kinds of diseases even those including infections associated to liver, lung and even erectile dysfunction! The committee has reached to this conclusion after scrutinising various files on approving drugs. It has even cited a huge number of examples to highlight these indiscretions.

Buclazine is one of these drugs and sold widely across the nation as an appetite stimulant for children. Another medication is a paediatric nimesulide, used to treat fever. It is now banned in most countries across the globe. These irregular supports to numerous medications had saved drug producers huge costs and energy putting the Indian patients at high risk!

It is now very difficult to believe that these irregularities were merely due to oversight or unintentional. According to the committee’s observed in its report, it feels it urgent and extremely necessary to call on the ministry to investigate all the cases listed and act against erring officials. The committee is so serious about the matter that it is in no mood to spare any of the officials whether in service or retired.

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