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Premature baby deaths are the Highest in India

May 07 2012

As stated by a shocking report printed recently, India holds the highest number of premature baby deaths. In fact, the country ranks about 36th in the list of pre-term births worldwide among 199 countries! This is definitely a major concern in the Indian health sector. On an average, about twenty seven million babies are born in India on a yearly basis (as stated by a statistical figure in the year 2010) out of which 3.6 million are born prematurely. Around 303,600 of this number fail to survive due to health related complications.

The main cause of almost half of all child death is due to pre-term deliveries. This has been proved by the latest report by ​"Save the Children​" organization titled as "Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Pre-term Birth​". The report also stated that premature baby deaths are second to death rates due to pneumonia.

When it comes to deaths due to pre-term birth, India tops the list. This is certainly alarming and a huge challenge to the country​' health industry. Another report states that the country is ranked 36th for pre-term births. Malawi is ranked first, Pakistan on ranked eighth number, Nepal at the 20th and Bangladesh ranked as the 24th.

A team of over 100 experts representing 40 U.N. agencies, organizations and universities have contributed to a report wherein they have estimated about three quarters of the pre-term babies who die can survive sans exclusive and expensive health care provided they are offered a few proven and reasonably priced treatments and precautionary measures available worldwide.

The best way to minimize pre-term numbers significantly is to discover solutions and help pregnancies continue to full term. Some of the most common risk factors for pre-term birth include a history of pre-term birth, diabetes, underweight/overweight, genetics, hypertension, smoking, various infections, maternal age that goes under 17 or over 40, multi-foetal pregnancy etc.

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