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Latest Insurance News Today

First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

ICICI Lombard – First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

May 2018

The British Standard Institution (BSI) has awarded a Certificate of Compliance to ICICI Lombard – the first Indian company to be certified with the ISO 31000:2018

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Featured Articles

Insurance Regulator Mandates Cancellation of RC In Case of Total Loss Claim Settlement

July 30 2019

IRDAI’s mandate to cancel the registration of completely destroyed vehicles is expected to put a check in the cases of fraudulent car registrations.

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This Is How IRDAI Is Planning to Offer You More Freedom Regarding Health Insurance

July 09 2019

The IRDAI’s proposal of providing the health insurance policyholders with an option to select the TPAs of their choice is expected to result in better service offerings for them.

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How Sure Are You About Your Motor Insurance Policy?

July 22 2019

With the cases of fake motor insurance policies rising by the day, insurance companies have started to affix bar codes and 3D holograms on policy documents as a seal of authenticity.

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General Insurers Witness a Rise of 32% in Premium Collections

November 18 2016

With an impressive growth in motor insurance, premium collections for general insurance companies see a rise of 32%.

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AWAZ: A Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers

November 01 2016

Kerala government orders proper implementation of “Awaz”, a health insurance scheme which provides free medical treatment to migrant workers.

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Chhattisgarh Government Adopts Centre's 'Niramaya' Health Insurance Scheme for Mentally Ill and Divyang

October 30 2016

Chhattisgarh government adopts centre's 'Niramaya' health insurance scheme that offers free medical insurance up to ₹1 lakh to the mentally ill.

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Insurance Companies Offer Single Disease-Specific Covers After Rise in Dengue Cases

October 20 2016

With rising dengue cases in NCR, insurance companies are offering single disease-specific covers against dengue and chikungunya.

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Rail insurance policy availed by more than 1 crore commuters in less than 30 days

October 02 2016

IRCTC in collaboration with ICICI Lombard General Insurance has introduced a path-breaking rail insurance plan for train commuters

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Securing E-insurance Transactions

September 19 2016

Recommendations by the IRDAI to ease insurance purchase process and make transactions secure and fraudulent-proof.

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Soon, E-forms to be Mandatory for Insurance Policies

September 12 2016

IRDAI has introduced e-forms for life and motor insurance policyholders and these are to be issued starting 1st October 2016 for convenience.

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IRCTC to Extend Insurance Cover to Include Passenger Baggage

September 11 2016

Following the huge success of their new insurance scheme, the IRCTC plans to extend their rail insurance to include baggage as well as cell phones and laptops.

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Insurance Schemes for Mumbai Local Train Commuters by IRCTC

September 10 2016

Following the huge success of their new insurance scheme, the IRCTC plans to extend their rail travel insurance for local commuters of the Mumbai.

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Indian Railway’s 92-Paisa Insurance Plan Gains Popularity

September 08 2016

A positive response was seen towards the railway insurance plan offered by IRCTC in partnership with general insurance providers to give passengers a maximum cover of ₹ 10 lakh.

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