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Latest Insurance News Today

First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

ICICI Lombard – First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

May 2018

The British Standard Institution (BSI) has awarded a Certificate of Compliance to ICICI Lombard – the first Indian company to be certified with the ISO 31000:2018

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Featured Articles

Insurance Regulator Mandates Cancellation of RC In Case of Total Loss Claim Settlement

July 30 2019

IRDAI’s mandate to cancel the registration of completely destroyed vehicles is expected to put a check in the cases of fraudulent car registrations.

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This Is How IRDAI Is Planning to Offer You More Freedom Regarding Health Insurance

July 09 2019

The IRDAI’s proposal of providing the health insurance policyholders with an option to select the TPAs of their choice is expected to result in better service offerings for them.

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How Sure Are You About Your Motor Insurance Policy?

July 22 2019

With the cases of fake motor insurance policies rising by the day, insurance companies have started to affix bar codes and 3D holograms on policy documents as a seal of authenticity.

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Health Insurance Policyholders Soon to Benefit from Hospital Discounts

June 30 2015

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has mandated that insurers and TPAs (third party administrators) pass on all discounts (received from hospitals) to policyholders while settling health claims.

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J&K Flood Victims' Claims Settled; Rehabilitation Now a Reality

June 30 2015

The devastating floods in Jammu & Kashmir in 2014 resulted in the loss of several lives and left several others homeless. The aftermath resulted in public sector general insurance companies receiving 13,909 claims, of which 13,612 claims, amounting to `729.75 crores, have been settled.

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India Launches `1,500 crores Insurance Pool for Nuclear Liability

June 17 2015

The Government has created a nuclear insurance pool worth `1,500 crores with the support of Nuclear Risk Insurers (NRI), UK.

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Assam Floods: Overflowing Rivers Disrupt Daily Life

June 16 2015

The onset of monsoon in northeast India was marked by the first wave of floods in Assam. Relentless rainfall has caused the Brahmaputra and its tributaries to overflow and inundate up to 2,800 hectares of crops,

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75% Two-wheelers Running Without Insurance

June 04 2015

The Indian vehicle market is dominated by two-wheelers, as they constitute nearly 70% of it. Out of this share, 75% two-wheelers are running without a Motor Insurance Policy. Although Third Party Liability insurance is mandatory, two-wheeler owners seem to be overlooking this compulsion.

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Smart Cities and their Impact on Our Future

May 29 2015

Smart Cities are developed urban areas with unlimited digital and technological potential to reduce cost and resource consumption and enhance the performance, well-being, and efficiency of its citizens.

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Rise in Demand for Senior Citizens' Health Policies

May 28 2015

The demand for senior citizens' health policies has registered a growth of 20-25% in 2014-15. The average health insurance cover bought by people above 60 years of age, has also increased gradually from `2-3 lakhs to `4-5 lakhs within a couple of years.

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Delhi and Maharashtra Top Insurance Charts

May 26 2015

According to data provided by General Insurance Council (GIC), Delhi has emerged number one in insurance density and insurance penetration, while Maharashtra tops the list in generating non-life premium for the year 2013-14.

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ICICI Lombard to Focus on Its Online Platform to Increase Business

May 20 2015

A recent study conducted by ICICI Lombard and Google India has revealed that the online medium is playing a critical role in the purchase of non-life insurance products. To leverage this opportunity, ICICI Lombard has decided to focus on its online platform to increase business.

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Non-metros Also Opting For Online Insurance

May 15 2015

Contradictory to the general perception, insurance seekers in non-metros are also exploring the online option to purchase insurance products.

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