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Latest Insurance News Today

First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

ICICI Lombard – First Indian Company certified with ISO 31000:2018

May 2018

The British Standard Institution (BSI) has awarded a Certificate of Compliance to ICICI Lombard – the first Indian company to be certified with the ISO 31000:2018

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Featured Articles

Insurance Regulator Mandates Cancellation of RC In Case of Total Loss Claim Settlement

July 30 2019

IRDAI’s mandate to cancel the registration of completely destroyed vehicles is expected to put a check in the cases of fraudulent car registrations.

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This Is How IRDAI Is Planning to Offer You More Freedom Regarding Health Insurance

July 09 2019

The IRDAI’s proposal of providing the health insurance policyholders with an option to select the TPAs of their choice is expected to result in better service offerings for them.

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How Sure Are You About Your Motor Insurance Policy?

July 22 2019

With the cases of fake motor insurance policies rising by the day, insurance companies have started to affix bar codes and 3D holograms on policy documents as a seal of authenticity.

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Marginal increase in car sales in India in April 2012

May 02 2012

The month of April 2012 has been a witness to passive sales in the Indian automobile industry. This was quite unexpected after almost a month of high sales in the month of March 2012.

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Insurance companies to offer cover on offbeat needs

April 30 2012

Have you lost your car keys or do you need a second doctor's opinion? Insurance companies are working towards such off beat needs and ensuring that you get cover through its interesting products or through riders or standalone products.

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Cyber Insurance- The want of the day for all commercial businesses

April 27 2012

The ever increasing incidents of cyber frauds, hacking and data theft; have gained ground in the country. Various e-commerce entities such as IT, banking, BPO etc that are highly affected by cyber risks ,are on constant hunt for policies and insurance companies which offer them the right cyber protection in all times.

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UN To Help India Fight Off Malaria, HIV

April 27 2012

Poliomyelitis, also commonly referred to as infantile paralysis or polio disease, is a serious infectious viral disease. It is caused by the poliovirus.

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Customers forced to buy insurance policies with other products

April 26 2012

Indians since many years have been unknowingly forced to buy certain insurances that is bundled with services and other products. For instance, an individual opting for home loan is forced to take a home protection cover.

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