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About Ford Car Insurance

Ford cars are designed to last a lifetime. All Ford cars come with features such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control, multiple airbags, and more, starting with the base model. If you too drive a Ford car, then make sure to protect it with Ford insurance online. ICICI Lombard offers three types of Ford car insurance—comprehensive policy, own-damage policy, and third party liability policy. You may also opt for add-ons to enhance your Ford India insurance cover.

What are the Ford Suzuki car insurance add-on covers?

Roadside Assistance

Can't take your car to a garage because of a breakdown? Purchase a roadside assistance cover and get towing assistance or immediate mechanical support at your location

Zero Depreciation

Losing claim amount over depreciation is a real pain. Purchase a zero depreciation add-on in Ford car insurance and get full claim amount for your car’s body parts.

Consumables Cover

With our consumable cover add-on, now replace your Ford's non-reusable consumables without worrying about their expenses.

Garage Cash

Is your car still under maintenance in the garage, and the cost of daily travel is a concern? Purchase garage cash cover with Ford insurance online and get a daily cash allowance.

NCB Protect

Hate to lose your no claim bonus over one claim? Why not purchase an NCB protection add-on and retain your NCB rewards?

Engine Protect

Don't want to pay for engine damage caused by water ingression and oil leakage? Purchase engine protection add-on in your Ford car insurance and delegate these costs to us.

Key Protect

Do you know you can now secure your Ford car's key? Simply add key protection cover to your Ford insurance online and rest assured.

Tyre Protect

Do you hate when your policy doesn’t cover tyre damages during claim? If yes, purchase a tyre protection add-on with Ford car insurance.

What is covered in Ford car insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Accident

    Regardless of who is to blame for the accident or collision, Ford car insurance will settle post-collision damage claims for your car.
  • Natural calamities

    Natural disasters have the potential to cause damage to your car, whether it is on the road or in the garage at the time of the mishap. ICICI Lombard Ford insurance provides coverage during such times.
  • Theft

    Car theft cases are on the rise in India. But that's not a reason to stress because ICICI Lombard’s car insurance for Ford covers losses due to theft and burglary.
  • Third party injury

    There is a significant risk of physical injury to a third party during an accident and you’d be legally obligated to bear the cost. If your Ford car injures a third party, Ford insurance cover your liability.
  • Third party property damage

    Our Ford insurance will compensate third-party property loss or damage that has arisen due to an accident caused by your Ford car.
  • Personal injury

    During a serious accident, avoiding injuries is nearly impossible. If you opt for personal accident cover along with your Ford car insurance, you’ll get a lumpsum amount of ₹15 lakh in such case.
  • Accident outside of India.
  • If your Ford car is being used for illegal activities, racing, or if it is being driven by an intoxicated driver.
  • If the driver is found driving without the permission of the insured car owner.
  • Modifications of your Ford car outside of the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damages due to war, biological or nuclear attack.

What are the types of Ford car insurance?

Comprehensive Ford insurance

Accidents and other unfortunate events can not only damage your car or someone else's property but also injure the driver, passengers, and third parties. Comprehensive Ford car insurance, by covering all the preceding situations, provides extensive coverage to your car.

Third-party liability Ford insurance

When an accident occurs, third party damage is something that can put a severe dent in your wallet. Ford insurance for third party liabilities covers such expenses. However, a third party liability policy does not cover the car's own damage.

Standalone own-damage Ford insurance

As the name implies, this Ford car insurance only covers damage to your car from incidents such as accidents, fire, theft, natural disasters, and more. However, you cannot purchase this policy if you don't have an active third party liability cover.

Why do you need car insurance for your Ford car?

When you buy comprehensive cover for your Ford car, you set yourself free from the financial liabilities that may occur in the event of accident, fire, theft etc. Ford car insurance covers the costs of repairs and maintenance that arise due to unforeseen circumstances. It also pays for third-party losses and reimburses medical expenses incurred as a result of treatment for an injury sustained in an accident.

How to renew a Ford car insurance policy?

Get your Ford insurance renewal done easily with a few clicks. Simply visit our website and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • 1
  • 2
    Enter your Ford car registration number or your registered mobile number.
  • 3
    Check your coverage and make online payment.
  • 4
    Get renewed Ford car insurance online instantly.

Benefits of buying Ford car insurance online

Instant cover

Think getting a car policy is a tedious process? Not at all. Simply share your basic details on our website, make payment, and get instant cover.

Contactless policy

No need to visit any office or meet anyone, you can get contactless Ford insurance online with ICICI Lombard.

No paperwork

Get your Ford car insurance online with zero documentation.

Multiple payment options

Don't like to pay through cheque or cash? No worries. Just visit our website and choose from a variety of secure online payment methods.

How to make a claim for your Ford car insurance policy?

Just like you, we also hate those traditional tedious claim processes. This is why we have simplified our claim settlement process. Follow the instructions below for a breezy claim experience:

  • 1
    Dial our toll-free number and inform our representatives of the loss or damage to your Ford car.
  • 2
    Don’t sweat about anything. We will pick up# your, drop it at a network garage and get it repaired for you.
  • 3
    We will settle the claim directly with the network garage in this cashless process.

Reasons to buy Ford car insurance

Having Ford car insurance for your Ford car is mandatory under the MV Act of 1988.

Ford insurance covers you against third-party liabilities that may emerge as a result of an accident involving your car.

Ford car insurance pays for your car loss or damage incurred due to theft, fire, natural calamity, and so on.

If purchased with a compulsory personal accident cover, Ford insurance will give lumpsum amount in case of permanent disability or death in an accident.

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Frequently asked questions on Ford car insurance

Which factors affect the motor insurance premium of a Ford car?

Which type of Ford car insurance should I buy?

If you want to provide extensive coverage to your Ford car, comprehensive car insurance is ideal for you. This is because comprehensive car insurance includes both third-party liability and own-damage coverage.

What should I do if there’s a mistake in my Ford insurance policy document?

In this case, you must immediately notify our representatives and request rectification by providing supporting documents as proof. Post verification, we will issue an endorsement and update your information.

Can I buy zero depreciation cover for my eight-year-old Ford car?

No, Ford cars older than five years are not eligible for a zero depreciation add-on.

How long does the renewal of Ford car insurance take?

With ICICI Lombard, you can get instant Ford car insurance renewal. All you have to do is go to our website, enter your car's registration number or your registered mobile number, and make online payment to get your renewal done right away.

What are the documents needed for Ford car insurance claims?

To initiate a Ford car insurance claim, you will need the following documents.
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Driver's licence
  • Ford car's registration certificate (RC)
  • Police FIR copy
  • Original repairs and payment invoices in case of reimbursement claims

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