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About Hyundai car insurance

South Korea-based multinational automobile manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Company is known for delivering high-performance stylish cars that also have a good resale value. One of India's most popular car brands, Hyundai produces cars with modern features, a powerful engine, and exceptional mileage. If you own a Hyundai car, make sure to insure it with Hyundai car insurance. ICICI Lombard Hyundai insurance plan gives you the option of choosing from a range of popular add-on covers such as Roadside Assistance, Garage Cash, and Engine Protect.

What are the Hyundai car insurance add-on covers?

Take your pick of additional covers at a nominal extra premium.

Roadside Assistance

With Hyundai insurance roadside assistance add-on, get immediate mechanical support if your car breaks down or is damaged during the journey.

Zero Depreciation

Worried about the decreasing market value of your car? Now remain stress-free with our zero depreciation add-on.

Consumables Cover

You can replace your car's non-reusable consumables such as engine oil, nuts, bolts, etc. without spending from your pocket.

Garage Cash

Don't want to pay for your commuting expenses when your car is in the garage for repairs? Purchase garage cash add-on.

NCB Protection

Now retain your hard-earned no claim bonus even if you claim once during the policy year. All you have to do is opt for an NCB protection cover.

Engine Protect

Are you concerned about oil leaks or water intrusion causing damage to your car's engine? Get the Engine Protect cover along with your Hyundai car insurance.

Key Protect

If you are one to lose your keys easily, consider getting our Key Protect add-on along with our Hyundai car insurance.

What is covered in Hyundai car insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Collision

    Accidents happen. Whether your car was parked or in motion while the collision happened, we will cover your Hyundai car’s damages as a result.
  • Natural calamities

    Has a natural calamity damaged your car? Our Hyundai insurance provides extensive cover for your car in the event of a mishap.
  • Damage or injury to third party

    In case your Hyundai car injures someone or damages his/her vehicle in an accident, the car insurance plan will compensate for it.
  • Personal injury

    In case you are injured in a car accident or while getting on or off the car, we will cover you with a personal accident benefit of ₹15 Lakh.
  • Theft

    Our Hyundai insurance will cover you not only if your car gets stolen but also against damages due to riot, terrorist activities and other human-caused perils.
  • This Hyundai insurance will not cover contractual liability claims or accidental claims arising outside of the predefined geographical area.
  • Hyundai car insurance does not cover events in which the driver is found to be intoxicated or the Hyundai car is utilised without the owner's permission at the time of the accident.
  • We do not cover the Hyundai car and its parts' gradual wear and tear.
  • We do not cover claims where your Hyundai car is damaged due to a nuclear attack, biochemical attack, war, or other similar incidents.

What are the types of Hyundai car insurance?

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive Hyundai car insurance has a broader scope. It not only covers third party liabilities or your car's own damage but also provides you with a personal accident cover.

Third-party liability insurance

Hyundai third party liability policy compensates only for the losses to someone else's property, vehicle, or physical injuries caused in an accident with your Hyundai car. It does not include cover for the car's own damage. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, this cover is the bare-minimum insurance requirement to drive a car in India.

Standalone own damage policy

This Hyundai insurance policy covers incidents where your car is damaged due to an accident, theft, natural disasters etc. The policy is only available if you have an active third party cover.

Why do you need car insurance for your Hyundai car?

Hyundai car insurance protects you financially, period.

  • Financial security against the rising car theft, and vandalism
  • Comprehensive damage coverage at an affordable price
  • Avail Roadside Assistance** and say goodbye to getting stranded when car breaks down
  • Get your damaged car picked up, repaired, and dropped-off while you relax at home^^

How to renew the Hyundai car insurance policy?

Policy due for renewal? Just a few clicks and you are sorted.

  • 1
    Click here to visit our Hyundai car insurance renewal page.
  • 2
    Enter your Hyundai car registration number or your registered mobile number.
  • 3
    Click on ‘Proceed’.
  • 4
    Check the details of your Hyundai insurance renewal including the premium and the covers. You can modify your coverage in this stage if you want.
  • 5
    Make online payment for your Hyundai insurance renewal online.

Benefits of buying Hyundai car insurance online

Instant cover

By following a few simple steps, get your Hyundai insurance online instantly.

Contactless policy

Pandemic blues? Rest assured with our contactless policy issuance.

Multiple payment options

When you get Hyundai vehicle insurance online from us, you can choose from a variety of payment choices as per your convenience.

Minimal paperwork

By switching to online purchase of your car policy, you can save yourself cumbersome paperwork.

How to make a claim for a Hyundai car insurance policy?

Filing a claim with ICICI Lombard is as simple as you can imagine. We always encourage you to take advantage of our Hyundai cashless car insurance claim service for the best claim experience.

  • 1
    Simply dial our toll-free number 1800 2666 and inform our representatives of the loss or damage to your vehicle.
  • 2
    We will arrange for pick up & drop your damaged Hyundai car to the nearest network garage.
  • 3
    Relax at home while your car is repaired at the garage.
  • 4
    We will settle the Hyundai insurance claims directly with the garage for cashless settlement. You will have to bear the cost for any maintenance or repair work beyond your policy coverage.

Reasons to buy Hyundai car insurance

Hyundai insurance protects you from third-party liabilities that may arise due to your car being involved in an accident.

Whether your car is on the road or in the garage, Hyundai car insurance protects your vehicle from damages caused by natural disasters or manmade tragedies.

Hyundai insurance gives you personal accident cover in case of an accident.

For staying claim-free though the policy year you can get up to 50% No Claim Bonus at renewal.

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Frequently asked questions on Hyundai car insurance

What are the discounts applicable on the Hyundai car insurance policy?

If you drive safe and as a result, remain claim-free for the policy year, you can avail a discount on your premiums in the form of NCB (No Claim Bonus) rewards. The NCB rewards ranges from 20% to 50% depending upon the number of consecutive claim-free years.

What are the benefits of opting for roadside assistance cover in Hyundai car insurance policy?

Will I get an insurance certificate after insuring my Hyundai car?

Yes, you will get a Hyundai car insurance certificate after insuring your Hyundai car with us. We will issue the certificate and send it to you immediately by email.

What documents are required for renewing Hyundai car insurance?

To renew your Hyundai car insurance from ICICI Lombard, you will only need your previous policy number, or your registered mobile number.

Is buying add-ons compulsory for the comprehensive car insurance policy of my Hyundai car?

Add-ons are optional and are available at a nominal extra premium with comprehensive policy and standalone own-damage policy. Policyholders cannot buy add-ons for third party liability cover.

What are the documents needed for Hyundai car insurance claims?

To file a Hyundai car insurance claim, you need to submit documents such as the car's RC copy, original repair invoices, FIR copy (if the car is stolen), driving licence of the driver who was driving at the time of the accident, and a few other documents in some cases.

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