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Motor Insurance

Customer Reviews

Sajid Sanwari

  |   12 Oct 2017

The advisor really helped me through the entire process of purchasing the policy and is very knowledgeable about the product he is dealing with. He was very humble and courteous while explaining me the entire process. I wish him good luck in all that he does and keep up that good spirit & the excellence. Thanks for all help. All the best.

Naveen Kumar U.V.

  |   12 Oct 2017

I just purchased an insurance policy for my car. I had a lot of queries regarding this as well as the different add-ons to the car policy. For the same, I created a quote and received a call from your policy advisor. He was fantastic! The way he answered all my queries, understood my needs and helped to create a customised quote and it was way beyond my expectations. It was a wonderful Guidance provided by Executive start from framing of Quote till completion of purchase. Great Job, much appreciated.

Prashant Namdeo

  |   11 Oct 2017

Received great help in renewing my car insurance policy from your call center employee. The website was not responding and she helped me in renewing my policy over phone. I thank her for the wonderful support.

Makam S. Kiran

  |   11 Oct 2017

The feedback I want to give is that you have a very easy way of renewal. The Customer care executive is very helpful throughout the call while I am renewing the policy. Overall its good experience.

Naresh Kumar

  |   09 Oct 2017

I have interacted with a policy expert for buying of my Car Insurance. His systematic approach for guiding customer, explaining the rules and regulations of policy, negotiating and switching off/on within existing rules was exemplary. He has displayed high degree of maturity and sense of responsibility. Wish him all the best and success in future endeavor. Good future ahead.

Surbhi Sharma

  |   09 Oct 2017

The advisor assisted me very well while purchasing car insurance policy, he has cleared my all doubts and queries very patiently. Kudos to him Thanks.

Subhash Chaudhary

  |   08 Oct 2017

Thanks to your policy advisor I now probably know more about car insurance than any of my friends or family. She had answers for all my questions and had all the information at her fingertips. Exceeded my expectations with her cooperation.

Yusuf Balasinorwalla

  |   08 Oct 2017

The advisor has provided me with the best assistance in helping me renew my car policy. Thank you and keep up the great work.

V. Kartik

  |   07 Oct 2017

Have been ICICI Lombard customer for a while now. Wanted to buy a car insurance policy and was as usual amazed with the way your advisors take all the efforts possible to make customer's life easier. Thanks and best wishes.

Anshul Ranjan

  |   06 Oct 2017

The executive was very helpful in guiding me towards buying car renewal policy as per my satisfaction. She was keen on explaining my questions and helped me over phone to successfully buy the car policy.

Shakti Baranwal

  |   05 Oct 2017

Policy advisor was very helpful in assisting me renew my car insurance policy. She selected all features all that I wanted in my policy. She has been so helpful that I think this type of help will make buying insurance policies a hassle-free task. Thanks to her and to ICICI Lombard for making things simple and keeping prices competitive.

Ramesh K. Aggarwal

  |   03 Oct 2017

Today, finally, I purchased the renewal policy for my ALTO car, by changing my earlier insurer TATA AIG for the first time in last 15 years. This happened, mainly due to the courteous, and persistent pursuance by your employee. She had contacted me some 15 days back, and then in between many times, and finally could finish her job with success. Somehow, her persistence, and convincing for quality service from ICICI Lombard (though I had no experience of poor service from TATA AIG) made me take the decision to go for your policy. Best wishes to her.., and also to my precious car for her 16th year (2017-18)

V. Ajaya Kumar

  |   02 Oct 2017

I am indeed delighted with ICICI Lombard support and services. I would strongly recommend it to my relatives and friends. Special thanks to the executive I spoke with and who helped in buying the car insurance policy.

Sivasankar Krishnan

  |   02 Oct 2017

In the process of buying my car policy, I was helped by your policy advisor today. After the completion of transaction my first feeling is ""Wow"". Amazing person with top class listening skills and very well developed interpersonal skills. The call was longer than 20 minutes with lot of data exchange from both sides. She is precise in getting all the data and certainly a whole lot better than what she is doing right now. Thanks to her for making the decision easy and thanks to ICICI Lombard for having such skilled executives on-board. Customer service is becoming a rare commodity in India now.

Ashwini Jain

  |   01 Oct 2017

Assisted by the advisor on call for purchasing car insurance. Thorough policy details provided with end to end support from quote till payment. Very good service and I appreciate as he really did great follow-up to make sure I renew my policy before expiry.

Mahesh Hegde

  |   30 Sep 2017

I would like to provide feedback about the support executive. I called up to buy car insurance policy and I must mention that the call with her was one of the best customer care experience I have had in several years. She was very prompt in assuring I get the best deal from ICICI Lombard for my car and changed my perception of ICICI Lombard customer care. Thank You.

D.R. Joshi

  |   29 Sep 2017

I found the executive on helpline very cooperative and helpful while renewal for my car insurance as well personal accident insurance. Hassle free and fast execution of job. I am happy.

Rajesh R.

  |   28 Sep 2017

Wanted to share my appreciation for the ICICI Lombard policy advisor who has helped to get the good quote and also helped me to submit the details. He was very patient and proactive in explaining the benefits of the policy. He did proper follow-ups and because of his help, I renewed my policy.

P.V. Mohan Rao

  |   27 Sep 2017

The advisor did regular follow-ups as unfortunately, I was busy a couple of times he called. He was always very patient despite the delays. He made sure to answer all my questions related to the policy.

K. Vamshi Krishna

  |   26 Sep 2017

Was guided through the renewal process for car insurance and the advisor also answered all my queries with patience. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

Ravikant Sharma

  |   25 Sep 2017

The helpline executive helped me great deal in understanding the car insurance policy. She has cooperated nicely to buy this policy & done excellent job. Stayed on the call till I completed the transaction using the online payment option. I appreciate her efforts.

Narayana Swamy Bandi

  |   24 Sep 2017

Policy advisor was really helpful in terms of explaining all the add-ons and benefits. I am impressed the way she talks and convince the customer. Great asset to ICICI Lombard.

Amit Kumar

  |   23 Sep 2017

The people at ICICI Lombard are very friendly and all my queries related to my car policy have been handled extremely sincerely and diligently. ICICI Lombard would definitely be my choice for any future insurance requirements and also I recommend ICICI Lombard to my friend. Thank you to helping me for buying car insurance.

Srinivas Reddy K.

  |   22 Sep 2017

ICICI Lombard executive has given all the details regarding my Car Insurance Renewal. I am satisfied with his quick and polite response. I am happy with that.

Ram Mohan B.V.N.

  |   21 Sep 2017

The ICICI Lombard advisor showed really good work in policy purchase. Good job done. After this, I have decided to go online only for future policies. You people helped me, thanks for your help. Good job.

Virendra Singh Chouhan

  |   20 Sep 2017

Very much satisfied with the help and guidance I received from the policy advisor. He explained all the information related to the car insurance policy and also helped me through purchasing the policy online.

Sonica Muraleedharan

  |   19 Sep 2017

Spoke to your support executive for renewal of car insurance and he directed me to online portal after answering all my queries. Completed the whole process while on the call. Thanks for making it so easy for working professionals who don’t really have too much time to spend running around for these things.

Vivek Chaturvedi

  |   18 Sep 2017

ICICI Lombard Policy expert was proactive in his response and he followed up with me to confirm whether my request was resolved. Impressed by his response. I would like to pass my gratitude and best wishes to him.

Sudheendra K.N.

  |   17 Sep 2017

Advisor was patient enough to listen to all my queries and provided a thorough, professional response. He has good understanding of the features offered by ICICI Lombard as against other insurers in the market. Good listener, understood my requirements and tailored the insurance policy as per that.

Gurjot Singh Sobti

  |   16 Sep 2017

Made instant online payment to get my car insurance policy. Really simple process and can't believe I hadn't done this before. Thank you and would surely recommend to others.

Mukund Jere

  |   15 Sep 2017

Just now I purchased a car insurance. Policy advisor was very helpful. I must appreciate her patience despite having so many problems with your system. I only hope you will keep her promises about accuracy of policy details she made during the entire process.

Balaji Ramamurti

  |   14 Sep 2017

Just want to appreciate the advisor for being extremely helpful in designing my new car insurance policy and activating it. I'm extremely thankful to her for all the help and service.

Amol N. Sangade

  |   13 Sep 2017

I have purchased ICICI Lombard car insurance online. The information & guidance provided by customer care executive was awesome, during the claim process their cooperation was fantastic, claim process was hassle free & cashless. By seeing this my relative also told me to buy car insurance from ICICI Lombard for their car also. I have done it yesterday and as expected the service is fantastic, and the customer care executive provided information & gave great service. Thank you so much.

Tapan Ghongade

  |   12 Sep 2017

Good service, clear communication, details knowledge are just few of the adjective I would use to describe your advisor who helped me purchase car insurance. Was indeed a pleasure to get all the required details in one go.

Naveen Kumar

  |   11 Sep 2017

Being a first time buyer, I had a number of questions for your advisor and he really showed a lot of patience. He made sure that I was fully satisfied with all the details provided and then helped me in purchasing the policy.

Radhakrishnan Poomari

  |   10 Sep 2017

I'm impressed with the persistence of your policy advisor for helping me in getting my car insurance with ease. She has been very clear in explaining the policy details and promptly was able to addresses questions. Overall I had a smooth experience in getting an insurance from ICICI Lombard and appreciate her patience and persistence.

Swapneswar Mishra

  |   09 Sep 2017

I must say it helps when the advisor you are speaking to is a wonderful human being with total commitment and dedicated towards development and total understanding to its customers. I had the same experience with your helpline executive while I was buying my car insurance policy. Near perfect knowledge of the product and great communication skill. Thanks for your help and good luck.

Balamurugan Pasumpon

  |   08 Sep 2017

I have booked my car insurance online earlier today with the support of your customer agent. His knowledge and attitude towards the customer is impressive. He guided me well to in taking the policy.

Neti Srinivas

  |   07 Sep 2017

The policy advisor had excellently deliberated the whole process of my profile update, policy renewal, and personal accident benefit policy cover. I am amply satisfied with the service.

Ansar Sheriff

  |   06 Sep 2017

The advisor's explanation was so clear point by point. The way she explained all the details really helped me in making my decision to purchase the car insurance from ICICI Lombard.

Suresh Mani

  |   05 Sep 2017

Had some questions on the renewal of my car insurance, got connected with your policy expert. She helped me clear my doubts with the renewal process and guided me with a successful renewal. I really appreciate her diligence and guidance.

Arup Naskar

  |   04 Sep 2017

I am extremely happy with the service of the advisor to book my car insurance. I faced some problem with the website but she did a remarkable job to overcome all the IT problems and helped me each step to book the policy online within a few minutes. Wish her all the best.

Shrirang Barve

  |   03 Sep 2017

The advisor was very helpful and she interacts with the customer's in a very good manner and she gave me full details about the car policy and also resolved all of the doubts that I had. She also spent a good deal of time in helping me fill up the online form and complete the transaction to buy the policy.

Ravi Nandan

  |   02 Sep 2017

Great thanks to the advisor for assisting me through the process of buying my Car Insurance online. We had a lengthy discussion (in total for more than an hour in past two days) on understanding the policy, its term, benefits, drawback etc. through various glitches including technical issues (system error) and my busy schedule, we sailed through. She seems to be a perfect marketing person with the perfect blend of tactics and understanding of the product. Really appreciate her knowledge on the subject matter and also her effort that she has put in!!! Also, I believe ICICI Lombard has started a very good plan, wherein they provide tracking device along with the policy, an innovative plan, I must say. Once again Thanks a ton to the advisor and ICICI Lombard.

Minal Thakkar

  |   01 Sep 2017

A pleasure to have interacted with your policy advisor. She had all the information regarding car insurance and helped me buy the policy with detailed understanding of all the details.

Prasanna Kumar M.

  |   31 Aug 2017

I got prompt and satisfying replies for all my queries from your advisor. My renewal went through smoothly. I was guided through the complete process. I was explained about the policy very clearly and excluded clauses are explained in detail. Thanks.

Dilipkumar S.

  |   30 Aug 2017

Glad to connect with a representative of ICICI Lombard. Happy with the service provided. Explained the policy well for good clarity and helped me buy the policy online. Appreciate all her help!

Mukesh Makwana

  |   29 Aug 2017

Being a first time buyer, I had a number of questions before buying the car insurance and your advisor answered all those without making me wait for too long. The online portal combined with such dedicated support team does make it worth being with ICICI Lombard. Great experience and thank you.

Padmavati Surpani

  |   28 Aug 2017

Just writing to appreciate the way your website has made it easier to purchase policies online without having to visit any branch or spend much time. Thank you so much and would love to come back to you for more.

Charles Prem Kumar S.

  |   27 Aug 2017

It was a great experience for me once again with ICICI Lombard. Especially the advisor who helped me to complete the deal with excellent support. Helped me with all the details I needed to fill in to complete booking the car policy online.

Sai Praveen Reddy

  |   26 Aug 2017

Just had a great interaction with the policy advisor and he was very patient throughout the talk. He has very good knowledge over range of products and recommended for any further communication and obtains a good hospitality. He also shared the website where I could buy the policy online immediately. Completely satisfied with the services.

Vinod Kumar

  |   25 Aug 2017

Got all the assistance from the advisor for clarifying all my doubts with respect to policy terms & terminologies. She provided information in all matters in very positive way. She has been very polite and cooperative with me to complete the process. She also helped me to complete the policy purchase online. Highly satisfied with interaction. Best wishes to her.

Anup Kulkarni

  |   24 Aug 2017

Over one single call your advisor assisted me to take out my car insurance policy and he provided me with all correct things and suggested good things for it. He also provided me details of personal protect plan and helped me to purchase online. I would like to extend my thanks to him for all the great help which he provided. Keep up the good work and very much appreciated the service from your advisor.

Harpreet Kaur

  |   23 Aug 2017

Your advisor stayed with me through the purchase process despite the fact that I had to ask her to call me back several times as I was busy for some reason or another. Noticing the time constraints he recommended me to purchase the policy online which I did in a few minutes. Thank you for all the help.

Umesh Kumar Singh

  |   22 Aug 2017

Booked car insurance policy online with the help of one of your customer advisors. She made it really easy for me by explaining all the details.

Nagendra Shrma

  |   21 Aug 2017

Purchased car insurance online after going through all the information provided. Really helpful and easy to use.

Vaibhav Dinesh

  |   20 Aug 2017

Your website helped me understand all the details related to the car insurance and also made it easier to buy the policy online without having to go through any hassle. Thank you.

Sudip Basu

  |   19 Aug 2017

Indeed a great experience. Had a quick call with your advisor while I was getting stuck with some of the details required to purchase the policy. He explained everything and also guided me through online purchase.

Ajay M. Bharambe

  |   18 Aug 2017

Bought car insurance online after going through all the information present on the site. Helped me understand what I needed to know in order to buy the policy. Thanks for making it easier for me.

Priyanka Bardhan

  |   17 Aug 2017

Customer service executive has been really helpful in addressing my queries and concerns. He has been extremely customer friendly and professional. Also guided me through filling up the forms and everything for completing online car insurance purchase. Kudos to ICICI Lombard.

Naveen Chandra

  |   16 Aug 2017

Hi ICICI Lombard, I would like to give a feedback about your rep. When I was struggling to make a payment for my car insurance I got a call from your advisor and he explained me each and everything and my inspection was also done very smoothly. He also directed me to the website where I could make the payments online.

Arun Kumar

  |   15 Aug 2017

Your advisor was very helpful and cooperative in assisting to take this car Policy. He explained me in detail and I am fully satisfied with ICICI Lombard’s service.

Neeraj Kumar Garg

  |   14 Aug 2017

Thank you ICICI Lombard for the great work you have done on the online portal. Just purchased car insurance online and it couldn't have been any easier. Best wishes!

Aniruddha Paul

  |   13 Aug 2017

Bought ICICI Lombard car insurance online for the first time and all the credit goes to you wonderful customer service advisor. She helped me with all the details, I needed to purchase the insurance.

Mohit Ruikar

  |   12 Aug 2017

Just finished talking to a smart, confident and enthusiastic customer service advisor of yours. Awesome professionalism, attitude towards work and most importantly found her to be very nice and respectful. Thanks for all your advisor’s help and best wishes.

Praveen Kumar

  |   11 Aug 2017

Customer service advisor made purchasing car insurance so simple. He directed me to the website where I could complete the purchase online in few minutes. I appreciate his pleasant approach and wish him all the very best. Thank you so much.

Debashis Choudhury

  |   10 Aug 2017

I would like to appreciate the support and assistance given by customer service representative and ICICI Lombard. Thanks

Binod Mahato

  |   09 Aug 2017

Customer service advisor was very helpful and provided all the details in car insurance policy. I really appreciate the service and assistance given by her.

Raghvendra Singh

  |   07 Aug 2017

I really like the way your team explained each and every details related to my vehicle insurance policy. I am happy with the overall experiences. Thanks

Ashis Baliyarsingh

  |   05 Aug 2017

Kudos to the ICICI Lombard team. They helped a lot on my car insurance policy renewal. Thanks & Cheers. Keep such a great service in future as well.

Basant Kumar Behera

  |   04 Aug 2017

I have purchased Car Insurance via icicilombard.com and your customer care executive helped me to understand inclusions and exclusions of my policy. Many Thanks.

Sunil Kumar

  |   02 Aug 2017

I was very impressed with your sales advisor with his overall professionalism and helpful manners. She was very helpful and answered every question I asked with absolutely no problems. The process was quick and easy, customer service is brilliant and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to buy car insurance.

Srinivas Vinjamuri

  |   30 Jul 2017

Your support team has guided me to buy car insurance policy online. It was a fruitful conversation which helped me to obtain my car insurance policy without any problem. Thanks ICICI Lombard and team.

Devraj Roy

  |   28 Jul 2017

I had a very good experience in buying my car insurance from ICICI Lombard. Your team was really helpful and guided me efficiently throughout the entire process.

Rajesh Dangi

  |   27 Jul 2017

Great experience and support provided by your team. ICICI Lombard offers best car insurance policy in India. Fantastic! Thank you

Devarakonda Ushamadhuri

  |   26 Jul 2017

Hi, your representative is an excellent fit for this task! I was not at all willing to go for ICICI Lombard motor insurance. She provided me all the relevant information and convinced me to go for it. Really appreciate her work. Every organisation will flourish with such members. Thank you for providing free GPS tracking device.

Ramnivas Shukla

  |   24 Jul 2017

This is a feedback to appreciate the efforts taken by ICICI Lombard executive. The executive was very polite and showed immense patience in the call (as the call duration went up to 90 minutes in 5 calls). She patiently explained all the features of the policy and answered all the queries and helped in smoothly renewing my car insurance policy. Thank you very much for the efforts taken.

Ankit Thakur

  |   23 Jul 2017

I received call for my car insurance renewal from your sales executive. After so many confusion, I choose ICICI Lombard, which I feel they offered best car insurance policy. Thank you.

Anil Kapri

  |   21 Jul 2017

Hello, Whoever it may concern, I Would like to share the outstanding experience which I had with one of the ICICI Lombard agent. She was very patient and was able to answer all of my queries. Surprisingly she did follow up even after the sale was confirmed (Which normally does not happen). I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I wish her all the best for her bright future and Thank you ICICI Lombard for having such a great asset with your company. Thank you.

Amit Sanglikar

  |   20 Jul 2017

Wonderful service from ICICI Lombard and team. Got all information and support to buy car insurance policy online. Happy to be part of ICICI Lombard family.

Ganga Prasad Bimal

  |   18 Jul 2017

Easy website to navigate, quick and simple to buy car insurance online. Your executive provided all information on add-ons such as road-side assistance, zero depreciation and engine protect etc. Happy with the overall buying experience. Thanks.

Merlyn Fernandes

  |   17 Jul 2017

Truly impressed by the agent who handled my query. She has been very patient, answered all my queries. I appreciate ICICI Lombard for giving me the best service and hope this will continue in future as well. Thank you.

Vishwanath M.C.

  |   14 Jul 2017

Your agent has helped me to buy car insurance policy online. She provided extended support from day 1 and was very polite & patient to answer all my queries in understandable way.

Anand Narayan Bhagwat

  |   12 Jul 2017

Your representative was very fluent, courteous, and knowledgeable about car insurance policy. Throughout the conversation she was poised and led to buying the policy in a manner that the customer would feel happy that he bought the policy from a professional and honest company. She has great skills and potential.

Ankush Bansal

  |   11 Jul 2017

Overall very good service. Online documents are easy to understand and use. In the event of having to speak to a customer service representative they are very helpful.

Dileep Kumar

  |   10 Jul 2017

I recently bought a Car Policy online from icicilombard.com and was most impressed with the outstanding level of service that I received. I wish to commend the "Online Service" team for the efficient handling of my request and the courtesy extended. It was truly a memorable experience, Thanks icici lombard and team for all services and support.

Vikas Singh

  |   09 Jul 2017

Your employee help me to buy ICICI Lombard’s car insurance policy by telling all the policy features in detail after which I decided to buy a policy from ICICI Lombard. Thanks for hiring a nice employee who help the customer in a friendly way. Thanks

Prakash Rao

  |   08 Jul 2017

I was assisted by your representative who was fantastic in her approach. Her assistance was objective, she was able to listen to me thoroughly and make favorable suggestions. She was calm and composed throughout the conversation.

Gaurav Srivastava

  |   07 Jul 2017

Your team was of great assistance in renewing my car insurance policy online. Extremely patient, she gave me all the time I needed to answer all the queries that I had, some even more than once. An extremely professional individual, her approach towards her work and the zeal to address all the apprehension I had is admirable. Thank You ICICI Lombard and team.

Ashutosh Arya

  |   06 Jul 2017

I was looking on web to get details of CEO/VP of my existing car insurance company to give them hard feedback on their inefficient customer service team; whilst doing so found ICICI Lombard car insurance and dialed to reach your customer care agent who had briefed me in detail and has been kind enough over call to hold for several times since I had to get car RC and other details for her to initiate the insurance. She helped me set up the policy and I made payment to buy a new policy. I also work for service industry where communication and manner of communication is key to deal with customers and I must admit I am highly impressed with her professional behavior and she extended support to a customer who had already made a perception due an ill treatment by another car insurance company behavior. I only hope that at ICICI Lombard, such levels are not only for the customers running in for the first time (just for the sake of getting a new customer onboard) but also goes continuously year on year. I am a new and happy customer, would surely be asking my friends to try your admirable services and be sure that you would get more business ... :) Thank you.

Anchal Awal

  |   04 Jul 2017

Got my car policy renewed with ICICI Lombard. It was nice to get a call directly once, I added the details online. Would like to extend my thanks to customer care executive. She was very soft spoken and explained me each and every details of the policy and different types as well.

Mithun Kumar K.V.

  |   03 Jul 2017

ICICI Lombard Representative was very helpful and assisted me on buying new motor insurance. He explained each and every corner of the policy. My sincere Thanks to ICICI Lombard and team.

Kavitha Narayan

  |   30 Jun 2017

I decided to go with ICICI Lombard to renew my car insurance. My colleague had suggested that I do so. I am so glad that I listened to her. The whole renewal process was easy and hassle-free. I am so happy that I could avail the appropriate cover for my car. I also really appreciated the roadside assitance feature when my car broke down while I was driving through Rajasthan.

Ravindra Patil

  |   29 Jun 2017

The ICICI Lombard Motor insurance policy is just top class. The entire process of buying and renewing a car insurance is made so easy on their website. I am happy with the product and the service. It was on the whole a great experience.


  |   27 Jun 2017

I needed a new car insurance policy for my new car. Someone recommended ICICI Lombard. I did some research and found some great features for their insurance policies. I especially like the cashless garage network that helps me travel anywhere without needing to worry. I am very glad to have bought this. Additionally, I visited ICICI Lombard's website to buy the insurance and everything happened at a single click. Amazing!

Sagar Arora

  |   26 Jun 2017

I had to renew/port my insurance from Reliance to another provider. During this time I visited ICICI Lombard website to check the quotes. However, there was difficulty navigating the website, due to which I was not able to complete the transaction and didn't complete the renewal. Thereafter, I received a call from ICICI's representative, who was very polite and helpful. She helped me understand the policy and its features. And in the end, she managed to help me in getting the policy renewed as per my needs. The best part was that she didn't force me to buy policies I didn't need. Everything was thoroughly professional.

Vinay S.P.

  |   23 Jun 2017

My car insurance was approaching its renewal. I got timely reminders to renew my policy and the entire process went smoothly. I used the mobile self inspection service for the first time and it's great. Keep up the good work ICICI Lombard.

Rajesh Joshi

  |   21 Jun 2017

The car insurance policy I bought from ICICI Lombard was remarkable. It had many awesome features like a transferable no claim bonus, a zero depreciation cover, easy renewal, a network of cashless garages and so on. I am very glad to have purchased this insurance. I am sure I made the right choice.

Suman Natarajan

  |   16 Jun 2017

The ICICI Lombard motor insurance policies are great. I opted for a car insurance for my sister from them and both my sister and I are glad to have done so. The policy is affordable and meets all of her specific requirements. She told me that she found the roadside assistance feature particularly useful, when she had gone on a road trip with her friends and her car had broken down in the middle of nowhere.

Naresh Kandwal

  |   14 Jun 2017

I had a great experience while completing my car insurance policy renewal at ICICI Lombard. The process was smooth and easy. Additionally, the policy allowed me to transfer the no claim bonus from my old policy to this one. I am so glad to have otped for ICICI Lombard. I look forward to purchasing more policies in the future from them.

Mohammed Hasnain

  |   10 Jun 2017

ICICI Lombard offers great motor insurance policies. I am glad that I made the decision to buy my car insurance from them. On the whole, it was a great experience purchasing from them. I recommend it to everyone.


  |   08 Jun 2017

My insurance purchase with ICICI Lombard was a seamless experience. I bought it online and I found the process hassle-free. I could read and understand the policy details myself and make an informed choice. The overall experience was good.

R Chandra

  |   07 Jun 2017

Thanks for the detailed information on car insurance. Great support. hoping for equally good service in the future.


  |   05 Jun 2017

ICICI Lombard has extremely great motor insurance policies. I recently opted for a car insurance policy and I am very glad I did. The features and benefits of this policy are great and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ICICI Lombard for the awesome policy.

Reeta Suri

  |   03 Jun 2017

I have car insurance policy no.3xxx/5xxxxxxx/09/000. However, I have not yet received the policy. It would be great if you could please expedite the process. I'm currently unable to do it via the Internet, so hoping you'll help me with the same. Thanks.

Harikumar S.

  |   02 Jun 2017

The renewal process for the car insurance in the site is a little hard to go about with. I tried the chat option but the call didn't get connected. Later I got a call from the call centre. Then the ICICI Lombard executive helped me renew the policy. The following were some of the issues I encountered: The option of deselecting RETURN TO INVOICE & Engine Protect Plus is cumbersome. Both are integrated options under modification screen and are not shown separately. You deselect Engine Protect Plus and recalculate the premium, then the Return to Invoice disappears, you then select Engine Protect Plus again then only Engine Protect Plus appears. However, the executive was quick to respond and helped me understand the details. Also, after the renewal is completed, an inspection should not be made mandatory. When the policy is renewed before it is lapsed, then it should not insist for the same. My policy expiry was 19th June and it is renewed today on 28th May, still the following message is displayed. "Since there is a gap in your previous policy end date and new policy start date, you vehicle would need to undergo an inspection" Please make the renewal process friendly. The moment a person logs in to the site, it should send a notificationon the policies that are due for renewal please.

Yamini Mishra

  |   31 May 2017

The website doesn't seem to be user-friendly. I faced several issues with the website. However, the online chat support provided by the customer care executive was great. She was very helpful in doing a quick renewal of the car insurance policy. Thanks again for the polite and agile support.

M. Ashokkumar

  |   27 May 2017

It was very nice experience. The ICICI Lombard executive was very helpful and knowledgeable. I want to really thank and appreciate him for his guidance and advice which was useful. Thanks again. Hoping for equally good service in the near future.

Priyanka Marab

  |   24 May 2017

I would like to thank the representative from the car renewal department of ICICI Lombard. He was very helpful by nature and guided me proactively. He was also very courteous. I had a very good experience as I was able to renew my policy without much trouble. Thanks!

Inderdeep Singh

  |   20 May 2017

The consultant at ICICI Lombard was easy to talk to. He patiently answered all my questions, before guiding me towards making the car insurance purchase. He was also available on call for various queries. I'd give ICICI Lombard brownie points for having such trained professionals!

Chidambara Kumar

  |   11 May 2017

Thanks a lot for all your guidance and time to get my car policy done in a very simplified and effective ways. Your knowledge and patience are truly appreciated. ICICI Lombard is one of the best service provider I must say.

Muneer Mukhdoomi

  |   06 May 2017

My overall experience on buying car insurance policy online was excellent. All the queries were well explained in FAQ section of your website.

Raghu Bhaskar

  |   04 May 2017

Awesome service, thank you!


  |   30 Apr 2017

Your team helped me to renew my car policy online with great ease. They were very courteous and helpful. In order to protect my family they also explained me Personal Accident policy with 3 year terms which I felt added value. Great Job!

Ravi Raghav

  |   26 Apr 2017

I purchased a car insurance policy. Your representative explained me inclusions and exclusions of this policy and also suggested me the best policy for my car in lowest premium. Thanks ICICI Lombard.

Jay Thakkar

  |   25 Apr 2017

It was good customer service by your sales team and I am very much satisfied with the amount I paid for my car insurance policy. Hope for good service in future as well. Thanks.

Soumyasmit Das

  |   24 Apr 2017

Your team helped me proactively in getting my car insurance renewed on time. Thanks for the support and service.

Jyothi Shanbhag

  |   23 Apr 2017

Your team helped me to renew my car policy in a jiffy! Splendid customer service.

Debadipta Saikia

  |   22 Apr 2017

The feedback is for the car insurance agent. He has been extremely helpful and polite in the entire process. He is meticulous and has eye for details and ensured the fast completion of the entire process despite some challenges in the website. Thanks to him as I needed the insurance on an emergency basis. Thank you, ICICI Lombard for all the help and assistance. Great job and wishing you best for the future.

Sameer Avhad

  |   21 Apr 2017

Nice talking to your team and my queries were resolved with appropriate solutions and they helped me to renew my car policy as per my needs. Thanks

Santosh Prabhakar

  |   20 Apr 2017

I am very impressed the way your team has explained about the product and offer made by ICICI Lombard while renewing my car Insurance. Very quick service entire activity was closed and got the Insurance on same day. Thanks for all your support. Looking forward to have good experience in future.


  |   19 Apr 2017

Took car insurance today via your website. Your representative explained me well about the policy’s terms and conditions. Overall happy for the service.

Praveen Kumar

  |   18 Apr 2017

I have insured my Scorpio car with ICICI Lombard’s car insurance. Your representative explained me everything regarding my car policy in very friendly way. I like the overall service. Thanks

Adarsha Rao

  |   17 Apr 2017

Your representative was very helpful, patient and clear in explaining policy details, terms and conditions. I was postponing this policy purchase for over a month and thanks to her help I could finish it today. Thanks again.

Ska Bibhuprasad

  |   16 Apr 2017

After struggling a bit else where I finally got a call from your representative, all my trouble of hunting a reasonable car insurance ended here. Customers are tough.. Technology is difficult. She still toiled through it and kept an impatient man who considers himself tech-savvy grounded to a phone and a portal for this long. You should really feel happy to have assets like her guys. I came here to buy a car insurance... Bought two additional... she is very good at up-selling appropriately. I wish her and ICICI Lombard success in all future endeavors.

Mansi Singh

  |   15 Apr 2017

Hi, I got my car insurance renewed through ICICI Lombard online for which your employee had assisted me in a very professional manner. His guidance and assistance is much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thanks

M vasudha rao

  |   14 Apr 2017

Had a very pleasant experience renewing my Policy. It was quick and efficient and all information was made available to make my decisions. Your executive who was helping me was very knowledgeable, efficient and organised. Good Job. Well done

Apurv Malviya

  |   14 Apr 2017

I had to attempt more than once due to technical problems, the executive guided me in a proper way to get my car insurance done by the evening. Thanks.

Shambhulingappa Sattigeri

  |   13 Apr 2017

It’s been great support by your representative, who helped in renewing my car insurance online. Well informed and detail explanation of the policy. Thanks a lot

Santosh Joshi

  |   12 Apr 2017

Your representative is an excellent fit for this task! I was not at all willing to go for ICICI Lombard motor insurance. She provided me all the relevant information and convinced me to go for it. Really appreciate her work. Every organisation will flourish with such members! Full marks to her!

Vivek Rajan

  |   11 Apr 2017

Excellent Support! Your team did well in guiding me through the whole process. Had a very good experience

Arun Kumar Sahu

  |   10 Apr 2017

Your representative, helped me a lot to understand the policy in detail. I have checked on different insurance broker with less amount, however I have selected ICICI Lombard because of its service and benefits offered such as zero depreciation, roadside assistance etc.

Ratan Prakash

  |   09 Apr 2017

Your representative has convinced me for buying ICICI Lombard’s car insurance over United India Insurance. He poses excellent persuasive skills and provided great help.

Solomon Raj

  |   08 Apr 2017

Your team had been good enough in taking care and closing this car policy. All information wrt this policy has been clearly explained to me. My sincere thanks to ICICI Lombard & team for the good work.

Shabina Tambe

  |   07 Apr 2017

It was a great experience to buy the policy online. Your executive has provided me all the details of policy benefits, terms & conditions... I will recommend your organisation for my friends & family for any insurance requirement.

Tejas Ashok

  |   06 Apr 2017

I had a very good experience on getting my car insurance renewed from ICICI Lombard. Thanks to your team for guiding me step by step throughout the process. I will definitely go with ICICI Lombard even next time for the service you provided. Thank you so much!

Jeevan Chalke

  |   05 Apr 2017

A great person with whom I had an interaction while buying the car insurance. She was extremely polite and always happy to answer all my questions. She explained everything about the policy i.e. features, advantages, and most importantly clearly explained exclusions. I am extremely happy to have communication with her. I wish all the good luck in her future endeavours. Thanks

Shashi Kant

  |   04 Apr 2017

Policy Details were clearly elaborated by your team, all the covered and uncovered sections under the policy were clearly defined. Looking forward to a good relation with ICICI Lombard.

Rahul Bhosale

  |   30 Mar 2017

Easy to renew car policy for a second year via website. Also, your chat support team was excellent and very knowledgeable. They informed me about the Add-ons such as Zero depreciation, engine protect, Roadside assistance and car key cover etc. Overall excellent experience.

Ankur Gupta

  |   29 Mar 2017

Professional, Efficient and helpful with a policy and also, your team helped me to understand all terms & conditions of my car insurance. Thank You.

M. Rajkumar

  |   28 Mar 2017

Roadside assistance, 24x7 support and car key cover are the main reason to opt for ICICI Lombard’s Car insurance policy. Excellent product.

Karthikeyan G.

  |   27 Mar 2017

Absolutely fantastic experience. Everything was explained and made very clear to me about my car policy. Happy Customer.

Inderjeet Singh Sahni

  |   27 Mar 2017

Thanks ICICI Lombard, I appreciate your team’s prompt service while renewing my car insurance policy online.

Tushar Chavan

  |   26 Mar 2017

Very nicely explained terms and conditions of car policy by your team. I hope I will be getting better service from ICICI Lombard than National Insurance. Thanks

Sudhir Kumar Meena

  |   25 Mar 2017

I am fully satisfied with ICICI Lombard and thanks to your representative who gave me valuable information about ICICI Lombard car insurance policy.

Lakshmipathirao Duggi

  |   24 Mar 2017

High claim settlement ratio & high number of cashless network garages made me to buy car insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. I rate 5/5 to the service.

Milind Bisht

  |   23 Mar 2017

Your advisor has been a great support for helping me buy car insurance for my Wagon R. She put in all her efforts to explain me all the details of the insurance policy I opted for and explained me all the points in brief and helped me understand everything.

Rajini Kumar

  |   22 Mar 2017

Hi, I am grateful and happy to share my feedback of ICICI Lombard and customer support team. Your team explained all the information that is related to my car insurance which I am going to renew. Good follow-up. I expect the same help and support from your team in future as well.

Bharat Deda c/o Ingersoll Rand Naroda, Ahmedabad

  |   21 Mar 2017

Can anyone from your renewal team help me to renew my Maruti ECCO car insurance? Thanks in Advance!

Santanu Bhadra

  |   20 Mar 2017

Your representative guided me excellently in buying a car insurance, explaining each and every query I had and the terms and conditions which are applicable. She has lots of patience as I have taken several sessions before deciding as I wanted to understand well before I chose ICICI Lombard by comparing with choices available with other insurers. She has been extremely courteous and polite while being firm in her commitment to make me choose ICICI Lombard over others.

Sandip Chatterjee

  |   19 Mar 2017

Thank you so much for helping me to renew my car insurance via website. It was very convenient and quick.

Binod Bihary Sahu

  |   18 Mar 2017

Extremely happy customer. Your executive explained all car policy related information and also assisted me throughout the process. Thanks to ICICI Lombard.

saumya ranjan das

  |   17 Mar 2017

It's always good to speak with your customer support team. They had covered each & every correspondence regarding the car policy renewal. Easy to understand, queries dealt with knowledgeably. Thanks to ICICI Lombard and team.

Ravi Nimmagadda

  |   16 Mar 2017

The quoting and buying process was simple and quick via online. Good service by your team and I would definitely recommend ICICI Lombard to others as well.

Deepanshu Bhutani

  |   15 Mar 2017

It was the wonderful and lovely experience while renewing car policy online. Your team helped in explaining and purchasing the policy. The experience was great and outstanding. Thank you

Prakash Ranjan Pattanaik

  |   14 Mar 2017

Your advisor has done a tremendous job in guiding me flawlessly. In few minutes I renewed my car insurance. It was of great help. Thanks for saving my time

Lokanath J. Ganapa

  |   13 Mar 2017

I had interacted with your executive while buying car policy. She explained me in detail about my all questions on policy. Hope to expect similar response during claim process as well.

Sharanabasappa S. Hatti

  |   12 Mar 2017

I would like to provide feedback on renewing my car insurance policy. Overall the experience was great beginning from initial call, continuous follow ups with great details, clear communication and smooth closure. Especially I would like to thank your advisor, I appreciate her efforts getting it thru smoothly. In my honest opinion she is great asset to your company, please keep it up.

Dennis Davies

  |   11 Mar 2017

I Dennis am a satisfied customer of ICICI Lombard. I got all the necessary information and to the point. I was previously L & T customer now with ICICI Lombard. Thanks

Murali Bhat

  |   09 Mar 2017

I wanted to thank your support team who has been very supportive during my car insurance renewal. They followed up with me and used to call me at the time specified. ICICI Lombard’s customer service is appreciable. Thanks.

Siddhartha Bindra

  |   08 Mar 2017

The advisor was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product and saved my time while renewing car insurance policy.

Manohar Lal

  |   07 Mar 2017

Straight forward and easy to renew policy through website! All features and benefits are well highlighted on the website.

Bijender Malik

  |   06 Mar 2017

Have been with ICICI Lombard for few years and always been excellent customer service offered by them. Thank you.

Rahul Otari

  |   05 Mar 2017

Excellent customer service. Policy information very clear. ICICI Lombard representative was very courteous and made me feel that he was trying his utmost to find the best possible policy for my car. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Sonali S.

  |   03 Mar 2017

Car renewal did go smoothly. Your team resolved all my queries related to car insurance. Great customer service received throughout. A big recommendation from me to all of you.

Varun Sodhi

  |   01 Mar 2017

I would like to give my special thanks to your advisor for providing great help in buying my car insurance. Love to buy policy again with ICICI Lombard. Great Service!! Great Courtesy!! Feeling Honoured... Thank You

Vikrant Kaswan

  |   28 Feb 2017

Had a wonderful experience while renewing my Car insurance policy online. Your team was really very helpful and explained details really well. Thanks ICICI Lombard.

Sanjeev Kumar

  |   27 Feb 2017

As per my opinion still ICICI Lombard is one Big Giant in terms of service provider who gives their services without any hassle. It’s completely peace of mind and feasible to reach. Thanks a lot for understanding my query and taking appropriate action quickly.

Prakash Barot

  |   26 Feb 2017

Your team explained all the benefits, terms and conditions of my car insurance policy and also, provided advantages of ICICI Lombard’s car policy in comparison with other insurance providers. Thank you for such a great car policy.

Harish Kumar

  |   25 Feb 2017

It was great help from your representative during renewal of my car insurance policy. She provided all information about car policy and also informed me about what is covered in this policy and what is not covered. I will also recommend my friends for buying policy from ICICI Lombard. Thank you

Pawan Saini

  |   24 Feb 2017

It was an awesome experience till date to take a policy from ICICI Lombard. Your representative helped me in understanding the policy and technical terms of car insurance. I hope to get same kind of customer service at the time of claim. But as of now, I am highly pleased by your services.

Shankar Mahadev

  |   23 Feb 2017

5 Star customer service and satisfaction. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ICICI Lombard and team for your superlative customer service. Your team explained me all aspect of car insurance policy and helped me throughout buying process of policy. One of the best customer service.

Anoop Jain

  |   22 Feb 2017

Hi, I am an existing customer of ICICI Lombard. Want to renew my car insurance policy, could you please help me to quote best price.

Yogendra Kumar

  |   21 Feb 2017

When I spoke with your executive, he cleared all my queries on car insurance. The way he connects with the customer is excellent and also, his convincing ability is strong not only for motor product, but for personal protect insurance as well. I wish him good luck to continue in supporting others too like me.

Parvathi Prabhakar

  |   20 Feb 2017

Your representative was extremely helpful and guided me through the process of car insurance renewal beautifully. It was indeed a pleasure dealing with her. She also explained the core details in a precise manner and also explained your other great product relevant to this policy. In total she is an asset to your marketing team. Thank you

Gururaj C.S.

  |   19 Feb 2017

Your team explained policy details politely and perfectly. Resolved all my queries on car insurance policy and they were extremely helpful and worked extremely hard to find the ideal policy cover for my car. I give 5/5 rating to ICICI Lombard & team for your awesome service.

Ajith K.

  |   18 Feb 2017

Your car insurance advisor was very polite, supportive and showed patience throughout the call. I don’t have any doubt on my policy, she provided all the information such as list of all cashless garages in my city, what is zero depreciation & road side assistance etc. I must say this is new learning for me. Excellent car policy by ICICI Lombard.

Gangdharan R.

  |   17 Feb 2017

Your team called on the correct moment and gave the appropriate details about my car policy without any scope of confusion and reminded me on the correct date. That’s the good service from ICICI Lombard and team.

Ashok Kumar Nigam

  |   16 Feb 2017

Your representative has helped me in a very good manner to purchase my car insurance policy online. I am thankful and look forward to a good business relationship with ICICI Lombard.

Udaya Kumar Uddavolu

  |   15 Feb 2017

I am a privileged customer of ICICI Lombard and have been availing it’s services. But recently I have bought an insurance for my four wheeler, and I would like provide feedback for the employee who helped me getting this done. She has done a great job, in terms of providing a solution for my car insurance. She is very detail oriented with lot of patience towards listening to customers’ requirement and providing with a suitable solution in detail oriented manner. I think this is the kind of service any customer would look for. I really appreciate.

Rakesh Nair

  |   14 Feb 2017

Good customer service, explained very well by your representative. She provided all the information which I needed about my car insurance policy. Thank you so much.

Radhakrishnan Nariangadu

  |   13 Feb 2017

I would like to inform about my positive interaction with your team, regarding the renewal of my car insurance. They explained all questions I asked clearly. I was able to renew my car insurance smoothly. Thanks ICICI Lombard and team.

Jitesh Sharma

  |   12 Feb 2017

Excellent website. Quick and easy to read & understand what is covered in car insurance policy and what is not covered.

Nafees Ahmed

  |   11 Feb 2017

I was very impressed with service. The gentleman knew your car insurance product very well and cover was fully explained by him. Thanks and best wishes to ICICI Lombard & their team.

Preeti K.S.

  |   10 Feb 2017

When my car insurance is due for renewal, your representative was extremely helpful and to the point. She didn’t force me to buy but showed me the right process how to do it online. Instead of forcing and pestering me, she gave me the information that I needed. Thanks for such an excellent customer service.

Arijit Das

  |   09 Feb 2017

It was great assistance from ICICI Lombard. Your team explained me all advantages of my car insurance policy and also, they shared with me list of all cashless garages and assisted me throughout buying process. Thank you so much!

Arun S.

  |   08 Feb 2017

I had a difficulty in renewing my car insurance online. But your team helped me with the process completely and actually, taught me how easy it is to renew policy online. Keep up the great work…Thank you!

Sajid Qureshi

  |   07 Feb 2017

I have inquired about my Vehicle Insurance which is going to expire on 12th of this month, for that I have interacted with your car team. They provided me with a multiple option and supported me to renew the policy. Thanks to ICICI Lombard and team to make me understand the policy in such a depth.

Steevan Saldana

  |   06 Feb 2017

It was a great service from ICICI Lombard. Your sales representative was excellent, helpful throughout the buying process of car insurance policy. I opt for zero depreciation cover in my policy, great features. Thank you team.

Steve Mithran

  |   05 Feb 2017

The customer care executive was very clear and patient in explaining every detail of car insurance policy. Thanks for all support and service offered by ICICI Lombard and team.

Vishal Nigam

  |   04 Feb 2017

Spoke to your executive for renewal of my car insurance policy. He was very helpful and guided me very well. Appreciate his efforts.

Asim Bagchi

  |   03 Feb 2017

Clear and transparent your car insurance policy wording. That was the main reason to go with ICICI Lombard.

Mushtaq Ahmed

  |   01 Feb 2017

It was an excellent professional service provided by ICICI Lombard. Their representative explained all features of car insurance policy such as road side assistance, zero depreciation etc. and also helped me in buying an insurance policy. I really appreciate their time and efforts.

Deepak M.N.

  |   31 Jan 2017

Really happy with the service received and the car insurance policy purchased. I would recommend ICICI Lombard to my family and friends.

Mohit Agrawal

  |   30 Jan 2017

Your representative was very articulate, cordial and helpful in explaining all the parameters of car insurance policy very patiently. She also called me on exact time when I told her to call, which shows professionalism. God Bless her with all success in life.

Sreekanth Katakuta

  |   29 Jan 2017

Nothing to complain, easy procedure and clear information. I am exceptionally satisfied with the service provided by ICICI Lombard. Proud to be a part of ICICI Lombard family.

Andleeb Mandai

  |   28 Jan 2017

I just purchased this car insurance policy because of the following reason even after getting cheaper offer from other competitors: 1. Proper follow up and prompt update 2. The way your team explained the feature of policy such as 24x7 road side assistance, zero depreciation, and high number of cashless garages etc. 3. Excellent customer service

Satya Bhatta

  |   28 Jan 2017

Hi, I was here to buy a car insurance policy, so called the toll free number. Your car insurance team guided me patiently and helped me to buy car insurance policy online. Thanks

Charul Mohta

  |   27 Jan 2017

I moved from HDFC ergo to ICICI Lombard for my car insurance. ICICI Lombard team was very helpful right from explaining the benefits of policy, what it covers and what it doesn’t. They also created a profile for me at icicilombard.com portal, helped and guided me till the payment. They were quite professional in their conduct and were very patient and accommodating in handling the requests. Excellent service.

Rahul Fotedar

  |   25 Jan 2017

Congratulations to ICICI Lombard for having such an excellent service. I really appreciate the effort in follow-up from your sales representative in closing the sale. I bought this policy only on account of large number of cashless garages offered by ICICI Lombard at my location, in spite of getting a cheaper option from my current insurer. Thank you ICICI Lombard.

Harish Nadkarni

  |   24 Jan 2017

Excellent service given by your team. Your excellent service made me to buy second policy for my car. I would recommend your organisation for any type of insurance to my family & friends. Thanks for such a wonderful service and policy offered by ICICI Lombard.

Rakesh Kumar

  |   23 Jan 2017

Your agent has explained the car insurance policy very well. She was clear and very precise about the policy. Everything was explained beautifully. Thanks a ton. Looking forward for good relationship with ICICI Lombard.

Devakumar Devarajan

  |   22 Jan 2017

For insuring my car, I browsed the website and ICICI Lombard executive has contacted me. Her interaction was very exhaustive and therefore useful. She guided me throughout buying car policy online. She also narrated me, use of Accident insurance with global coverage. I am thinking about it and asked her to contact again. The car insurance was done hassle-free. Thanks

Amol Chatraapati

  |   22 Jan 2017

Thank you ICICI Lombard, I appreciate your help and support for renewing my Car insurance policy online! All the best and Thanks once again.

Apurva Indodia

  |   20 Jan 2017

Person on calling side has explained me every detail of my car insurance policy and helped me to choose car insurance policy as per my requirement. He also assisted me to update policy details on online portal. I give 10/10 ratings. I would recommend ICICI Lombard to other car users. Thanks a lot!

Puneet Gupta

  |   19 Jan 2017

Your team was very helpful in telling the details of the premium breakup and the IRDA specific mandates. Unlike others, they informed me about the terms and conditions of zero depreciation coverage in the car insurance policy. Thanks for advising and helping with information.

Prashanth Divate

  |   19 Jan 2017

Your representative has assisted me in purchasing vehicle insurance as well as accidental insurance. I liked the overall service provided by ICICI Lombard.

Arvind Chauhan

  |   18 Jan 2017

Nice support and assistance given by your support team for renewal of my car insurance policy. Because of service and benefits offered by ICICI Lombard, I migrated from existing insurance firm to ICICI Lombard.

Sukesh Madan

  |   18 Jan 2017

Very excellent service as always from ICICI Lombard. Your representative assisted me to renew 2 wheeler as well as 4 wheeler insurance policy. Thank you ICICI Lombard for your support and proper communication.

Asif Khan Chowdhury

  |   17 Jan 2017

Very helpful team of ICICI Lombard, they explained each and everything about the policy with patience which made me to buy car insurance right now. Thanks.

Alok Gondhalekar

  |   17 Jan 2017

Your agent was very helpful in explaining the policy features that resulted in me buying car policy from ICICI Lombard. Otherwise, I was going to buy Bharati AXA without looking at their claim settlement rate. Great features, high claim settlement ratio and terms of coverage offered by ICICI Lombard.

Santhosh Kumar S.

  |   16 Jan 2017

Guys, this is the first time I am taking policy from ICICI Lombard. Really surprised on your follow ups, excellent explanation, A to Z coverage updated to me by your team. They explained advantages of car insurance from ICICI Lombard, in comparison with other insurance company. Good..Good..Good

Shahnawaz Mateen

  |   15 Jan 2017

Thank you for the excellent service and clarification provided in even the minute details. Helped me a lot and I got a clear insight of the ICICI Lombard car insurance services. Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

Nilesh Date

  |   13 Jan 2017

I renewed my car insurance policy online, it was a very good experience I got a very nice guidance by your team. I would like to give 5 stars rating for the service.

John Hemanth Kumar

  |   12 Jan 2017

The team has helped me to renew Car insurance policy online. Their help is highly appreciated and they explained me policy in all aspects. Thanks team and ICICI Lombard for the help.

Mithun Chakraborty

  |   12 Jan 2017

Your sales representative has been fantastic on his customer service skills. He has been very informative, and ensured that, I as a customer is completely comfortable before making the move to buy car insurance policy. Wish him good luck and graceful career ahead.

Sivakumar Kr

  |   11 Jan 2017

I am extremely satisfied with the way your Customer Support Executive addressed my need over phone and helped me renew my car insurance policy which was expiring today. His excellent service encouraged me to take this policy from ICICI Lombard instead of going to some other service provider. Keep up the good work.

Manoj Kumar

  |   10 Jan 2017

I was serviced by your team, they explained all the silent features of the car insurance policy and helped me to renew my car policy from ICICI Lombard.

Karthikeyan P

  |   09 Jan 2017

I am very much impressed with the customer care representative of ICICI Lombard, who helped me in the process of renewing my car insurance policy over the phone. She explained each and every information of a policy. Thank you.

Manali Bobade

  |   08 Jan 2017

I called the customer care to renew my car insurance as the online renewal from the ICICI Lombard website had some server issue. She helped me through the process and stayed on the line patiently till the renewal was successful. She also informed me of an insurance cover that I found quite useful for my parents. Now I am a happy customer!! Cheers!!

Lyton Roy

  |   08 Jan 2017

I am really delighted by the support, guidance and behavior of ICICI Lombard representative. The way she has guided me it’s really outstanding. "A Brand cannot be created by advertisement, it can be created only by good Customer Experience" A real caring human touch for the customer. She is an asset for any Organization. All the Best, Thank You

Raj Mohapatro

  |   05 Jan 2017

Excellent service provided by ICICI Lombard team. They had explained all the details of car insurance policy and helped me to renew my car policy online. Thanks.

Sarguna Raja Marimuthu

  |   05 Jan 2017

To whomsoever it may concern, would like to acknowledge the excellent support provided by ICICI Lombard team in purchasing a new car insurance policy. They explained me inclusion & exclusion of a policy. Great job. Please keep it up.

Ajeet Singh

  |   05 Jan 2017

I purchased a car insurance policy online today and policy no. is 3001/W-52889313/00/000. The vehicle is registered in name of Ram Sanjiwan Prasad Singh, however the policy has been generated in name of Ajeet Singh. Requesting you to kindly change the name in policy. Thanks.

Ujwal Bhattacharya

  |   04 Jan 2017

Just wanted to inform you that I have a Car Insurance Policy from Lombard and this was the first time I was getting it renewed. I looked at other options also but I eventually came back to ICICI Lombard just because of policy features and benefit such as 24x7 road side assistance, zero depreciation etc. Thanks ICICI Lombard for all your help and support.

Neeraj Kumar

  |   04 Jan 2017

I spoke with one of your representative, she was brilliant in order to make me understand all the benefits of the car insurance and very calmly shared the exclusions. Amazing customer service given by her. I wish her all the best for all her future endeavors.

Vijay Choudhary

  |   03 Jan 2017

It was a pleasure interacting with your team to buy an insurance policy for my car. They had a great understanding of the product and its features. An absolute customer delight.

Senthilnathan C

  |   03 Jan 2017

Great follow up and persistence from ICICI Lombard team. They had clearly elaborated on the options and the plan available in car insurance. They had been following up for the last 20 days with patience. Kudos!!

Prashant Deshmukh

  |   03 Jan 2017

Hi! I received an excellent support from your sales executive to get my old Car Insurance renewed with ICICI Lombard. He explained all the intrinsic details about the policy that I was looking for. His explanation and inputs helped me to make a decision of buying this policy. I appreciate his customer centric approach and his patience.

Anish Biswas

  |   02 Jan 2017

Hi, I was looking to renew my car insurance policy and online was the easiest option for me. However, due to some technical issue I am not able to make payment online, so I was a bit worried as the policy expires 05/01/2017 and I called 1-800-2666 and spoke to one of your team member. We had a long conversation in which she explained to me, very clearly all the features of my existing car policy, the options I have and also about the extended facilities and features that I can consider. Appreciate her patience as this is my first renewal and I did ask a couple of questions which were answered promptly and with content. Finally, I managed to make the payment following her guidance and I was relieved, as we all know the consequences of not renewing the motor insurance. Hence, I am writing here to inform about the wonderful experience and the great customer service that ICICI Lombard provides. Thanks

Nitin Chauhan

  |   01 Jan 2017

Heads Up for ICICI Lombard executive who had helped me out in getting my car policy renewed with correct amount, correcting my personal details and showing positive response even though there was a lot of phone signal breaking ...being so humble, co-operative and friendly by nature. Best of luck for your near future. Happy New Year to ICICI Lombard & Team...Cheers!

Rajeev Palanki

  |   01 Jan 2017

I’d like to take a moment to express my appreciation for your team member, who was extremely helpful when I called the customer care to renew my Car Insurance policy 3001/76974158/03/000. It was good to start the year with a positive customer experience. Thanks

Akshay Kumar

  |   31 Dec 2016

I connected with your team to renew my car insurance policy. They had helped me to understand each and every aspect of car policy such as, Claim process, zero depreciation, IDV & Cashless garages. I really appreciate ICICI Lombard’s team for their support. Happy New Year to team of ICICI Lombard.

Yogesh Mahajan

  |   31 Dec 2016

ICICI Lombard’s team has helped a lot to renew my car insurance policy online and explained the policy coverage in detailed manner. Thanks team for your help and support.

Jegatheeswaran Palsamy

  |   30 Dec 2016

Hi, I spoke to your representative regarding my New Policy No# W-52669737. I had policy from Videocon Liberty and renewed this time through ICICI Lombard. It took a few minutes to complete all details and buy new car insurance policy through ICICI Lombard over phone. She helped me to get the same. I really appreciate her hard work and customer support. Fully satisfied.

Suhas Joshi

  |   29 Dec 2016

It was a very good experience while interacting with your team. I am quite satisfied. I am expecting the same kind of support and service from ICICI Lombard in case of any claim in future. Thanks.

Mohit Goyal

  |   28 Dec 2016

Your team had explained benefits of the policy and I was never aware about the different type of coverage in the policy for example, policy included Personal Accident Cover of 2 lakhs. They were very transparent while discussion and gave lots of time to make me understand all the benefits of the policy. Good Job. Thank You.

Raj Arora

  |   27 Dec 2016

I am really impressed with mobile self-inspection feature within ICICI Lombard Insure app. Now we do not have to wait for physical inspection and renew our expired policy hassle free. Great feature. Thanks.

Anuj Upadhayay

  |   26 Dec 2016

Hi Team, I have talked with your team several times for my car insurance policy. It was after so many calls that I was convinced about the coverage offered by ICICI Lombard. Your team had helped me a lot with their accurate expertise, knowledge and confidence. Thanks.

Prem Kumar Arora

  |   25 Dec 2016

I had got a claim experience last year. I just called customer care center and they had provided me all the assistance and settled the claim very quickly. It was a pretty good experience. I would recommend everyone for ICICI Lombard.

Harsha Samrat

  |   24 Dec 2016

I had renewed my car insurance policy through your website. It’s very quick and easy to renew policy online. This is my 5

Samuel Koshy

  |   20 Nov 2016

Spoke to your customer executive, they are very helpful and guided well to buy the comprehensive car insurance policy.

Vinay Batra

  |   20 Nov 2016

Great Experience while buying existing car policy from ICICI Lombard. Keep it up.

Manohar Sambandam

  |   20 Nov 2016

The latest policy renewal call was very good. Keep up the good work, especially the individual who had helped me with the car policy renewal. You need more of this kind of team in your company. They were also very good in sales.

Kamlesh Soni

  |   20 Nov 2016

I am highly impressed with your customer support team for their call support in finalising Car insurance renewal. I had too many options to choose, even few with cheaper premiums, but your team has helped me in understanding the importance of services provided by ICICI Lombard. Those guys are awesome in handling customers. I am taking a positive impression about ICICI Lombard. Hope that services provided by your company are as good as the on call sales representative. Thanks Team for staying late and helping me renew before my current policy expires.

Wilson Fernandes

  |   19 Nov 2016

It was nice speaking to your team and received a positive response for my query. Within one call my car insurance policy is renewed. Thanks.

Anurag Saxena

  |   19 Nov 2016

Your support team person is very soft spoken and very impressive. Also I would like to purchase health insurance policy for my family from ICICI Lombard, as discussed.

Satya Sayee Shanthi Krishna Rao Pavani

  |   19 Nov 2016

I sincerely appreciate for renewing my previous TATA AIG Car policy with ICICI Lombard. Your Team has done fabulous job, they are dedicated and committed professional. Great Job. Best Regards

Rajat Rastogi

  |   19 Nov 2016

Customer care representative has explained car insurance policy in nice way, cleared all my doubts.

Dushyant Sharma

  |   19 Nov 2016

I spoke to your team member for a car insurance, I was there on the website only for exploring the quotes but then I spoke to him and he had explained me the benefits of car insurance policy from ICICI Lombard over other insurance company’s policy. He is a good communicator and very reasonable with his suggestions. Thanks

Emma Devassy

  |   19 Nov 2016

Your customer support team was very helpful in renewing my car insurance and also adding No Claim Bonus (NCB) amount in system. Thanks

R. Vijayaraj

  |   19 Nov 2016

Your Team had explained the car insurance policy in detail. Though, the premium is more based on my inquiry with other insurance providers, however your team has explained the service provided by ICICI Lombard and convinced me to buy the policy. All my dealings with the agency or its agents about any issues are settled to my satisfaction at all times. ICICI Lombard is always my preferred insurance company.

Sarita Verma

  |   18 Nov 2016

I was facing issue while renewing car insurance online, however your team had helped me with policy features and procedure. I renewed car policy through ICICI Bank debit card with ease. Thank You for your support.

Sachin Bhilare

  |   18 Nov 2016

The team has helped in buying car insurance policy as per my requirement. I appreciate their help and cooperation. Thanks

Shashank Pandey

  |   18 Nov 2016

Your Team was very helpful in sorting my issues and helping me to choose the right car insurance plan

Sanjay Lahiri

  |   18 Nov 2016

Refer to the policy details are as follows: Policy Number: 3001/W-50748967/00/000 Vehicle No: TN10AU6024 Policy Start Date: 18/11/2016 your team member supported me to buy Car insurance, she is very professional. She can be an asset to any company for sales as, she is good at cross selling and negotiation. Thank You for making our life easy.

Deepak Chinnappa

  |   18 Nov 2016

Your Team was very friendly on follow ups and helpful in the entire process of getting the car insurance policy. Appreciated!

Venkat Arun

  |   18 Nov 2016

Had a hassle free Car Insurance purchase with the help of the telecaller, she was courteous enough to walk through all the details of Car insurance.

Anil Dhodapkar

  |   18 Nov 2016

Great Experience! I am totally satisfied with service. "Keep it up" with this kind of great experience with each and every customer. Also I will share this experience with my friends & family members and all. Once again thanks and keep it up this kind of service with us as long as. Thanks

Bharat N.

  |   18 Nov 2016

I hold a Hyundai fluidic Verna car and existing insurance is with Cholamandalam. When made an online query through ICICI Lombard website, I got a call from your customer service officer. The way she explained the features and assistance to get the quote, made me buy car policy today. ICICI Lombard Team is simply exemplary in servicing the customer.

Ankur Jain

  |   18 Nov 2016

It was good interaction with your support team through online chat and getting my car insurance policy renewed.

Vasa Sreenivasa

  |   17 Nov 2016

Your customer support team assisted me a lot to complete car insurance policy, done a great job. Thank You.

Thandava Murthy Acharya

  |   16 Nov 2016

Hi Team, My car policy was about to expire, I reached out ICICI Lombard for just to see the offerings and my call has been answered by your representative, who is very knowledgeable and customer friendly. He explained the benefits and zero depreciation coverage of car insurance, due to which I bought my car insurance immediately without having a second thought. Thank you very much

Giridhar M.

  |   16 Nov 2016

Very happy to find your team member providing answers to all my queries patiently and in assisting me to choose an insurance cover for my car. Thank You

Archana Upadhyay

  |   16 Nov 2016

Your Team member was very helpful in making the choice to ICICI Lombard. Even though, I was getting a lower quote from other insurers, he explained me the features like Road side assistance, Zero depreciation coverage etc. and convinced me to go with ICICI Lombard. Nice car policy

Shanu Negi

  |   16 Nov 2016

Very nice talking to your support team. Never thought it would have been so easy to understand and buy an insurance cover for my car.

Ajay Saini

  |   16 Nov 2016

It was a great experience. Your person was quick, to the point and talking right sense! I will surely like to continue with ICICI Lombard for this and next cars that I buy and refer others to your company in future. Thanks and Keep doing such a nice Job!

Satya Ravi Raju Tavva

  |   16 Nov 2016

I would like to take a moment to appreciate your Team for their outstanding selling capabilities and explaining every corner of the policy in very detailed way. I definitely feel that they are very good seller and asset to your company. Thanks for all your patience to answer all my questions in very nice way. Keep up the good work.

Vijendra Meshram

  |   15 Nov 2016

Excellent support provided by the executive. She has helped me for all the required things to get my vehicle insured .Thanks, look forward for the support.

Ashish Srivastava

  |   15 Nov 2016

Your team member has provided great help in completing the car insurance policy transaction end to end. She has provided each and every details of the policy and I was overwhelmed with the attention she has given for a hassle free experience with ICICI Lombard.

Anshul Jain

  |   15 Nov 2016

Need to renew my motor insurance, existing insurer is Bajaj Allianz

Sanjay Arora

  |   15 Nov 2016

Had a good experience, renewed the car insurance policy in 10 Minutes. Thanks

Santhosh T.K.

  |   14 Nov 2016

It is my pleasure to share that your customer relationship officer has helped me in getting four wheeler insurance policy. My brother-in-law Manoj A D is already an existing two wheeler customer, which I have informed to your officer and I purchased car insurance policy for myself, however may be some technical issue the car insurance policy is generated in my brother-in-law’s name. After raising issue with your customer relationship officer, they understood my problem and resolve the issue and generated policy in my name i.e. Santhosh T.K, Awesome customer service.

Ravikiran Akula

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your person guided me on renewing car insurance policy and also arranged vehicle inspection on same day. Excellent service.

Girish K.R.

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your Customer care representative is awesome, she has explained the policy very well and I am very impressed with the tone and modulation of her voice. She explained the policy for more than 30-45 min and I was bit surprised as she did not stop or took a break after explaining the policy. Hats off to the commitment level that she show towards work and the customer. I think the ICICI Lombard should motivate their employee by asking them to drink water after every call. It is really needed and they have to come up with lots of goodies for such Customer care representative in the form of incentives as they are excellent.

Babulal Chaudhary

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your customer care executive had explained the benefits of car insurance in detail. I am satisfied with their explanation during my questioning. I bought a car insurance policy W-50755425 and waiting for final insurance policy.

Bharath Rama Chandra

  |   13 Nov 2016

Your team member was able to clarify my all questions and were able to provide me information repeatedly even when I asked several times. I rang couple of weeks ago asking for a quote of car insurance. She provided me a quote with brief on all the information available in the insurance copy and I asked her to give a call back on 12th. She made good follow up on the same date and she reminded about insurance renewal and she repeated all the information and also educated the difference between other insurance companies as well and the good things that holds to ICICI Lombard. This review is not sufficient to appreciate you. I have to no words to praise about you. You are just Amazing!!!!... Keep up the good work going.

Gagan Deep Shamkaria

  |   13 Nov 2016

It was great service provided by customer care representative on getting my car insurance renewed with ICICI Lombard being previously purchased with another company. Your team has shared candid terms and conditions to help in choosing riders such as Road side assistance, Zero depreciation etc. which I have trusted as a commitment from ICICI Lombard representative. Hopefully will get quality service going forward as well from ICICI Lombard.

Lakshman Sivasubramanain

  |   12 Nov 2016

Your team has helped to complete the renewal process of car insurance with No claim bonus (NCB). Thank you

Vamsi Krishna Rallabhandi

  |   12 Nov 2016

Your representative was very professional in detailing out the policy terms and helping me with getting much needed things for buying my car insurance. Appreciate the professionalism and commitment towards serving customers. Good Job.

Prabir Gogoi

  |   11 Nov 2016

Your support person is a naturally talented individual with simple yet excellent communication skills. He has successfully assisted me in choosing the right car insurance policy and also guided me to choose a health insurance as per my convenience. I am satisfied with your agent’s conduct and wish your company good luck in your future endeavors.

Rajasekhar Reddy Gaddam

  |   10 Nov 2016

Very nicely convinced with transparency of the company policies. Even the other companies offering me Zero deprecation policy, the information provided by your team member is felt to be realistic and loyal to his words and she had convinced me to purchase the car insurance policy.

Jesu Maria Joseph

  |   09 Nov 2016

I wanted to switch my car insurance policy from United India Insurance. After long research, I decided to buy car policy from ICICI Lombard. Excellent service.

Murali Mohan Murthy Potham

  |   09 Nov 2016

I am able to buy my car insurance within few minutes with your team’s support. Great work, Thank you.

Umashankar Yammanur

  |   08 Nov 2016

Your representative has very patiently explained the car policy details so that, I could go ahead and make my decision to purchase a car Insurance with ICICI Lombard. Thank you

Rohit Singh

  |   07 Nov 2016

I am very happy with your sales person, he has explained me all details and benefits of car insurance. After understanding the benefits, I changed my mind for taking insurance from Bajaj Allianz, now I took ICICI Lombard policy. I hope, I will never disappoint while doing claim. Thanks

Kapil Sharma

  |   06 Nov 2016

For last 1-2 month number of people called and quoted for my car insurance renewal but I was not satisfied with their professionalism. Reading the customer and understanding his requirements is an important ability for a sales person. Calling me at the right time and punctual call backs from your team says it all. Keep up the good work.

Ashutosh Jangra

  |   05 Nov 2016

I got very good response from your representative, he remind me many time for policy renewal and his follow up with customer is very good, he explain everything like benefits, wordings of Policy etc. Thank you

Shashidhar Kubasad

  |   04 Nov 2016

I have decided to purchase HDFC car insurance. However, I had called ICICI Lombard for second thought, the way your team had explained me the benefits of your car insurance such as Road side assistance, Zero depreciation cover etc.

Rajat Dholakia

  |   04 Nov 2016

convince me to buy policy from ICICI Lombard. Thank you.

Ashwin Dany Alexander

  |   03 Nov 2016

Spoke with your team to renew my policy with ICICI Lombard. Earlier, I had a policy with UHC, however, the way ICICI Lombard representative had explained all the things on coverage inclusions and exclusions of policy convince me to purchase policy from ICICI Lombard. I look forward to see the actual policy document to understand what got covered and what is not. Thanks.

Rahul Bagadia

  |   02 Nov 2016

Had a pleasant experience on purchasing the car insurance for my vehicle. Person handling my case was very courteous and willing to answer any questions I had. Thanks

Rahul Kumar Ravish

  |   02 Nov 2016

Thanks a lot for helping me in renewing my motor policy. It was really a great work done from your side, your team has explained me each and every aspect of the policy, which helped me in understanding and choosing what I require. Also your commitment is very much appreciated i.e. client connect, knowledge about your product. So for me it’s an excellent job done 5 out of 5 as you saved a lot of my time. Thank you once again.

Manoj Shreedharan

  |   01 Nov 2016

Your customer support team has been very helpful in the complete buying process of my vehicle insurance policy. Consistent follow up and update regarding my policy status.

Bharat Solanki

  |   01 Nov 2016

I had a discussion to your team on my Maruti Ciaz insurance, they had guided me very well. Post discussion, I would like to shift all my further car insurance with ICICI Lombard. Thank you

Gayatri Punjabi

  |   29 Sep 2016

Good site. It makes the process of researching for an insurance product and other information very seamless. The process of buying a policy and registering a claim is also very good and simple.

J S Rana

  |   09 Sep 2016

Dear Team, I wish to thank you for the assistance extended to me in renewing my car insurance. I particularly liked the efficiency and the positive and customer friendly attitude displayed by you. Kindly keep it up. I was really impressed.


Laxmibai Vallampati

  |   30 Aug 2016

It is really nice to talk with your team. They have suggested very good policy for my mother-in-law and the detailed way they explained about the product and coverage was awesome. I really appreciate the way they are dealing with the customers. Keep it up.

Vidyanand Nagarkar

  |   06 May 2016

Got very good suggestions and online help from your team. They assisted me online to renew my car policy.

Vinod More

  |   06 May 2016

The car team from your firm guided me very well for smooth payment and gave me complete policy details. Appreciate their effort.

A. Malathi

  |   05 May 2016

The way my car insurance was handled was very good. The person was extremely patient and very cordial and helpful. Kudos!!. She was able to convince me to buy Personal Protection Plan for `10 Lakhs for 5 yrs. Thanks.

Alex Mathew

  |   05 May 2016

Excellent customer service by your team. They have been a thorough professional throughout my dealings. They have been very helpful and patient in their conversation. Has been a great experience.

Prashant Kumar Das

  |   05 May 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, During the purchase I have been greatly assisted by one of the assets of your company. Your team has excellent sales ability. Thanks for your great support.

Chander Verma

  |   05 May 2016

The team has helped in generating the policy and provided the help needed very professionally. I appreciate their help and assistance to renew my car insurance policy at the best IDV value.

Sudhakar Rao

  |   05 May 2016

I am an existing 2 wheeler policy holder. Your team could guide me for renewal of my car policy to change from another firm to ICICI Lombard. Thanks.

Manoj Choubey

  |   04 May 2016

I had an interaction with your team and am happy to put to record that their services and interaction were of high order which further convinced me from changing over from Tata Aig to you. I had this change primarily because of the indifference experienced with one of their staff. Please accept my complements for having a good team.

Prashant Mital

  |   03 May 2016

I would like to compliment your team for giving excellent service during my transaction for buying an insurance for my car. They were very professional and clear in their dealings. Must compliment them.

Rohit Manuja

  |   03 May 2016

The team was very helpful in the process of buying car insurance. They explained everything in a perfect manner and have good customer service skills.

Amit Bansal

  |   03 May 2016

I bought car insurance online from ICICI Lombard. The team helped me choose the right cover and explained the policy. Initially I was hesitant to buy the insurance from a private insurer but they cleared my doubts convincingly and assured me of best services from ICICI Lombard because of which I chose this product. They also said that our conversation was being recorded, a copy of which can be obtained if required. I would like to appreciate this customer orientation and approach.

Md. Rahmath Khan

  |   03 May 2016

It was really great support/help and guidance received during my car insurance policy renewal. The team explained me details and it was great experience which made my policy renewal more easier . I thank the team for their patience and help which was excellent .

Chander Parkash

  |   03 May 2016

I had to buy insurance for my car whose insurance had expired a month ago. I compared it on Policy Bazar but it was not satisfactory. Hence I re-instated my old login through which I earlier renewed my another car insurance once. I got in touch with your team, they listened to me very patiently and helped me with the online payment. They positively resolved all my queries and helped me very well. They are really a deserving and dynamic team and have potential to grow. I am fully satisfied with the all conversation, the product and the service.

Karthikeyan Natarajan

  |   02 May 2016

Very good explanation given by your team. Prompt and clean in communication and had a pleasant experience.

Mugundan A. C.

  |   01 May 2016

Hi, Would like to take this opportunity to thank your team as they provided outstanding service to me for my car insurance. They are an asset to ICICI Lombard. Thanks.

Anuj Jha

  |   01 May 2016

The team was very helpful in explaining the insurance scheme and process. It was very informative.

Jatinder Alagh

  |   30 Apr 2016

It was very good experience working with ICICI lombard customer service agent. He explained the product and provided all the details to close the deal quickly.

Sudheer Dacha

  |   30 Apr 2016

This afternoon I received a call from your team, regarding my request for car insurance renewal quote. They had very clearly step by step explained policy details and patiently answered all my queries to my satisfaction. Their product knowledge is very vast, which allowed them to address all queries with ease. I appreciate their presentation and convincing skills and thank them for helping me out in getting my car insurance.

Shashikanth Pisse

  |   30 Apr 2016

Thank you for issuing car insurance. It will be really goor for you to introduce a sticker for sticking on my car saying that "This car is insured by ICICI Lombard with Policy Number and validity and toll free number".

Jagdish Lakshmanan

  |   30 Apr 2016

The team was really good in explaining and convincing me about the car insurance. All details related to the product were explained and they also arranged for a speedy inspection and disbursal of the insurance. Thanks team and Lombard.

B. George

  |   30 Apr 2016

I appreciate the quick response from the ICICI Lombard team. Their patience and promptness in service is very good. I did not expect to get my policy renewed today. But thanks to the excellent customer service from your company. I specially would like to thank the service team for being helpful, efficient and patient in guiding me through the policy rules, etc. and helping me through to renew my policy as well. Good customer service. Keep it up!

Raviteja C. L. V. S.

  |   30 Apr 2016

I would like to thank your company personnel at the customer services division for their excellent support. They took care of all my queries in a jiff. They let me know all the important information regarding the car insurance including its features, adjustable/add-on plans. I am a busy software professional and I urgently required information regarding this product. The team was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. They also ensured that I received all the information regarding the mode of payment, vehicle checkup, etc. I was very thankful that they explained which product will suit my need best. They have a caring approach and are true professionals. Please accept my gratitude towards them and for their speedy and efficient service. I was able to complete the transaction within no time thanks to their attentive and alert presence. I would especially like to commend them for their professionalism and superlative skills. Good Luck!

Subhrajit Bhattacharya

  |   30 Apr 2016

Very friendly and persuasive, explained details extremely well. Persuaded me to get accident cover. Also, they called me several times before we could close on the insurance, so they do not give up. They get a 5 on 5 from me.

Sathya Natarajan

  |   30 Apr 2016

Very informative team for all the details. Appreciate the follow up they had done in the last 15 days, since the policy discussion started.

Manjunath Nagarajaiah

  |   30 Apr 2016

It was great and indeed a pleasure to speak with your team, who have given me a valuable description of the policy details and helped me in buying my car insurance until the payment confirmations. Many thanks team for your kind help.

Lalu Ponnappan

  |   30 Apr 2016

The team is very patient and helped me to pay my premium. They promised me twice to give a call back when I chatted with them earlier. They called as promised, thanks a ton.

Karmendra Soni

  |   29 Apr 2016

The team was very good at their job, kept calling me to complete transaction. This is the first time I have done insurance online and I liked it. I hope you will send hard copy soon.

Deepak Tolani

  |   29 Apr 2016

Very helpful and co-operative. It was a good experience as the executive was very calm and clear in explaining. Thanks.

Amit Gangwani

  |   28 Apr 2016

The team helped me through the process very well. They were able to answer all my queries and resolved my problem with payment. Good job!!

Nagaraj Parandi

  |   28 Apr 2016

Buying the new policy was made easy and pretty much fast. Also, the terms and conditions of the policy, items not covered under the policy were explained clearly. Thanks.

Manoj Kumar

  |   28 Apr 2016

The team has given me excellent services over the phone and this kind of staff is really an asset for the company. I am really very happy to get such kind of costumer service. Good work.

Sriramkumar Nallanidgal

  |   28 Apr 2016

The team has helped me to renew the policy online as I was not able to complete it through portal. Their help is highly appreciated. They have explained me policy in all aspects. Thanks team and ICICI Lombard for the help.

Anand Miri

  |   28 Apr 2016

I would like to thank the team for helping me out to buy this product. They were very soft spoken, had very good knowledge about the products and their benefits which helped me for quick decision. I would like to recommend my friends and family for ICICI Lombard. Thanks.

Jesudoss Manohar

  |   28 Apr 2016

I was facing some technical issue in renewing my policy. When I called up customer service, the team guided me and helped me to resolve the technical issue and renew my policy easily. I appreciate them for their kind words and help.

Indrani BhaduriApril 27, 2016

  |   27 Apr 2016

I was overall satisfied with the experience, I was guided through the entire process very well. The service provider was courteous and was able to resolve the issues successfully. Thank you.

Manish Kamrani

  |   27 Apr 2016

I have spoken with one of your customer care executives. She has very good knowledge of product as I contacted her to renew the policy. She helped me to do so. God Bless her.

Pradeep Pundlik Gaikwad

  |   27 Apr 2016

It was very nice talking with your team, they guided me a lot and as I was a customer of Future Generali they succesed in convincing me about the service of ICICI Lombard. They provided good guidance so I went ahead and bought the policy and now I am happy to be a member of ICICI Lombard family.

Prashant Tomar

  |   27 Apr 2016

The service provided by your side is just awesome. It really helps me and saves my time too. Special thanks to your team who elaborated the policy to me vey precisely and gave all directions possible to get my policy. Thanks to the team and thanks to ICICI Lombard. Best wishes from my side.

Parikshit More

  |   26 Apr 2016

Really impressed with the chat option. Worked out really well as compared to other modes of contacting customer care. Saves a lot of time and irrespective of the physical location of an individual. I am sitting in the USA and bought a car insurance policy for my car in India. The team was really hepful in clarifying my doubts. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks!!

Ganesh Sakharam Mendhe

  |   26 Apr 2016

Your team did freat followup and also explained each and everything about policy coverage. They also explained me why ZD is important and explained everything about consumable coverage. The best thing about policy is accidental coverage and hospitalisation cover. They are totally excellent and I can rate them 5 on 5. Thank you so much.

Sukrit Prashar

  |   26 Apr 2016

The team has been superb in helping me in getting the insurance. They showed full commitment in taking me throughout the process. Very cordial and polite in communication. They also knew all details and intricacies of the process.

Samir Taparia

  |   26 Apr 2016

Claim no. MOT05286750. Not satisfied with it. Please register a complaint. Hope something can be done post this complaint.

Sudhir Prakas

  |   26 Apr 2016

Today I spoke with the team regarding my car insurance renewal. First of all, they have great ability and perfect knowledge about car insurance and other insurance products. They are a great asset for ICICI Lombard. Good Luck for all future endeavours.

Anu Chandna

  |   26 Apr 2016

The team helped us through the process in a very professional manner. They were patient, polite and very clear in their communication.

Ashish Pawar

  |   26 Apr 2016

I am very much satisfied with your executive and bought add on insurance as well along with car insurance. I would say that she has very good convincing skills. Best of luck to her.

Rakesh Pulapaka

  |   26 Apr 2016

The car team was great. They managed to find the right product for me and took me step by step through the process of this renewal. Overall, I am thrilled with my experience in dealing with them. They are an asset to ICICI Lombard and I hope all your other employees work towards being like them.

Venkatadhar Patti

  |   26 Apr 2016

Hi, I would like to convey my extreme satisfaction in buying a car insurance. It is very easy and quick for a customer like us. Your surveyor has completed inspection of the vehicle within 24 hours from the date of buying. Your team's follow up and reminders on the policy is really appreciable. To put it on record that I have never felt any kind of inconvenience while buying car insurance policy. Thank you for creating the hassle free process.

Deepak Kumar

  |   25 Apr 2016

I just want to draw the attention towards the claim bill details for my car insurance. I have not received the details of claim itemized bill till date. Would request you to send it ASAP.

Rajeev Pathania

  |   25 Apr 2016

It was great experience as I have one of my policies from Lombard and your employees are very helpful and I request you to give some appreciation to them.

Suresh Rajamani

  |   25 Apr 2016

The team was pleasant and helpful, the conversation was informative as well. Good luck team The payment process needs to refined as I was not able to make the payment due to some tech issue. This needs to addressed as it causes some confusion and suspicion related to payment gateway.

Nishant Arya

  |   25 Apr 2016

I had a great experience, thanks to your service team. They were instrumental in resolving the end to end sales and the IT issue witnessed during the transaction.

Selman E. M.

  |   24 Apr 2016

I would like to thank the team for their excellent support with renewal of my policy. As always, ICICI Lombard gave excellent customer experience. Keep it up.

Sourav Sharma

  |   24 Apr 2016

The team explained all the things nicely and did great followup. They explained all the things in proper way and even asked me what is your expectation from us and what specifically are you looking for? This impressed me and I bought the policy because of them. God bless them.

Chandana Muralinath

  |   24 Apr 2016

I spoke with one of your team members, he was confident about Lombard services and he did great job of convincing me when I said I am going ahead with my previous policy provider. He explained each and every clause in such a nice manner that I renewed my policy with Lombard and expecting the same kind of services from Lombard as he promised me.

Rathan Udupa

  |   23 Apr 2016

For my claim, partial settlement is done, towing charge is not settled yet. I am not happy with this and want to raise a complaint. Please acknowledge this complaint and let me know the final decision on this.

Premsai Biswal

  |   23 Apr 2016

Interacted with your team for my proposal. Spoke to them on renewal of my expired car insurance policy from Royal Sundaram expired yesterday morning. They worked diligently on the request and ensured that the cover note was available by 6.00 PM the same day. They were polite and courteous during discussions and explained all relevant details in the policy being considered to me. They seemed to be well versed on the subject and could answer queries with confidence and ease. The inclusions and exclusions in the policy were not forced on me but were politely explained. Overall, it was a satisfying experience. I wish them all the success and pray that the experience remains same throughout the tenure of the policy.

Raj Mankar

  |   23 Apr 2016

Excellent service provided by your team. I was almost going to renew my car insurance with another firm but their persistence and marketing skills convinced me to change my mind and buy my motor car insurance for 2016 from ICICI Lombard.

G. M. Raza Khan

  |   23 Apr 2016

I am fully satisfied with your team for the service they provided. My best regards to the team and ICICI Lombard!

Prakash Balasubramanian

  |   22 Apr 2016

I was supported by your team who helped me in buying the car insurance. They were very polite and helpful. Thanks to them.

Saswata Majumdar

  |   22 Apr 2016

The team has helped me a lot to get my car insurance online. I am very pleased with their service. These type of employees are asset to any organisation.

Ajay Nowlay

  |   22 Apr 2016

Hi, I was really frustrated with car insurance and wanted to renew it but all the other companies were of no use but your team helped me in getting one without any hassels. They were really patient enough in making me understand about the insurance and helped me to get one. They are a real asset to your company.

Swarnendu K. R. Dutta

  |   22 Apr 2016

The team was very helpful, well behaved and got most of my queries answered from their end. Keep up the good work.

Sathish Ramalingam

  |   22 Apr 2016

Your team is excellent at customer handling and very helpful. They have great patience and all the good qualities. Take my advise and promote them, they will be a good addition.

Navneet Singh

  |   22 Apr 2016

Excellent service at this point of time. I started a chat when my policy was valid only for 7 minutes as it was not allowing me to make payments. Thanks to the team for making it easier for me. I am glad to continue with ICICI Lombard and sure to get help from such nice people. All prompt responses with accurate information required and assistance in every possible way.

Harinder Thakran

  |   21 Apr 2016

The executive possess good knowledge about the product and helped patiently. Satisfied with the services from ICICI Lombard. Hope the same will continue in future and at time of claim.

Kiran Sarva

  |   21 Apr 2016

I spoke with your team regarding my husband's car insurance renewal. They were very helpful and guided me end to end to complete the renewal process online. Thank you team.

Naveen C. H.

  |   21 Apr 2016

Just spoke with ICICI Lombard call center team and I am happy to share my satisfaction with the call. They explained all the terms and conditions in a simple manner so that it was easy to understand. They were with me on the call till I completed the whole process and received the policy copy in my mail box. Thanks.

Ajay Ghotkar

  |   20 Apr 2016

Your representative has given me very good service. I appreciate it.  

Santosh Angom

  |   20 Apr 2016

I was given a well detailed explanation by your team and I am quite happy with the information provided to me which compelled me to buy the insurance right away. Good to interact with such a dynamic team.

Srrinath S

  |   20 Apr 2016

The team was of great support, getting policy was pretty simple and easy. I have been a customer from past 9 years. Keep up the great service.

Manjunath Jayapalan

  |   20 Apr 2016

I interacted with a representative from your service help desk. She was really very helpful to guide me through the product and work flow up to payment. Very knowledgeable, customer centric, dedicated, curtious and enthusiastic person. Thanks. Great team

Ashit Dhingra

  |   20 Apr 2016

One of your employees called me after my enquiry for my car insurance. I am very satisfied with his service and he was very polite during the conversation along with being informative. He has answered all my queries brilliantly.

Rahane Sudhir

  |   20 Apr 2016

Nice to give feedback for my policy no. 3001/W-42072497/00/000. Service provided by your team was great. They gave me proper guidance as well as assistance and followed up well. Thanking you.

Kavita Pavamani

  |   20 Apr 2016

The team was amazing! They were very well spoken, their English was excellent! Their communication was clear. They were also understanding and extremely facilitating. Thanks, Team! You were very helpful and have a good product.

Shilpa Saxena

  |   19 Apr 2016

Your team guided me smoothly through the insurance renewal and payment process thoroughly sharing all requisite details. Overall, was a great experience interacting with them. Kudos and keep up the good work.

Anil Kumar

  |   19 Apr 2016

The team helped me in choosing and renewing my car insurance policy. They solved my queries very well. Thank you.

Poonam Mehra

  |   19 Apr 2016

The team has provided excellent assistant for making me renew my car insurance and paying the amount online. They have been very patient and provided the information in detail. Thanks.

Praveen Monteiro

  |   19 Apr 2016

I had an interaction with your team to buy car insurance, I was very much satisfied by the clarity given about the product, interest taken to make me understand the product and communication etiquette. Hope this first impression with ICICI Lombard which m

Harish R.

  |   19 Apr 2016

Your team clearly guided me for the insurance, helped me to select personal protect also. Thank you team for your quick and honest support.

Naresh Buch

  |   18 Apr 2016

Consultant was very helpful and helped me throughout the process to get the policy. Appreciate all the hard work.

Jenistan Jaganathan

  |   17 Apr 2016

Good service. However it took a lot of time. Definetly scope for improving the time taken to renew an existing policy.

Balaji Kaliraj

  |   17 Apr 2016

Support and options provided by the team was truly awesome. The details provided on every item of the insurance product was explanatory. Thanks team and ICICI Lombard.

Kishan Dolarbahi

  |   17 Apr 2016

Very good experience with your team. They have explained each and everything clearly. All terms and conditions were transparent. I am thankful for their guidance and detailed communication.

Ankur Puri

  |   17 Apr 2016

The team was very well spoken, just because of their commitment towards ICICI Lombard, I switched from my existing insurance company to ICICI Lombard. Very punctual on times. Really a nice experience

Kishor Deshpaned

  |   17 Apr 2016

Interacted with your team. They spoke very patiently and helped with the payment process very politely. I am very happy that my insurance was renewed within 10 mins. Thanks team.

Shivakumar H. S.

  |   17 Apr 2016

The team assisted me in getting my car insurance renewal. They were very clear in their explanation and very co-operative.

Anjan Bhattacharya

  |   16 Apr 2016

I called the helpline number and got in touch with your team. They helped me and addressed all my concerns. I am extremely satisfied with the way they conducted themselves.

Shakuntala Dattatray Pattar

  |   16 Apr 2016

Thanks for all the things you did for me and also thank you for the policy explanation. This car policy is giving me good coverage. It is great work by Lombard as they are the only company who is offering some extra coverage in very good amount.

Suman Kumar

  |   16 Apr 2016

I was searching a best quote with excellent services so I created quotes on websites of top insurance companies like ICICI Lombard, bajaj, bharti and hdfc and I received call from all the insurance companies. The team from Lombard explained each and every

Rohita Soni

  |   16 Apr 2016

It has been nice communicating with your team and they were thorough in their communication. Best of luck to all.

Vasundhara Patibandla

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team has really helped me a lot in taking my car insurance policy within minutes. They are really talented and very co-operative. They made my work easy with good patience and politeness.

Nipun Ravi

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team executed an excellent customer service for me. They were very soft spoken and patient while helping me out in renewal of my policy. Kudos for the good work!

Kapil Aggarwal

  |   16 Apr 2016

Thank you team for the quick help, otherwise I would have ended up buying insurance from some other company. Thanks for all quick answers to my queries and have a good day!

Harshavardhan Jogdand

  |   16 Apr 2016

Excellent service and brilliant co-ordination by your team. I am really happy with the way they helped me out with the process. Thanks ICICI Lombard for making things easy for us

Vikas Jain

  |   15 Apr 2016

Spoke to your team, the call was satisfactory, all my queries were answered correctly and patiently. I am completely satisfied with the way the entire call and my purchase was handled.

Naveen Sharma

  |   15 Apr 2016

I called up the call center to renew my insurance policy from a different company and was helped by your team. It was indeed a helpful experience.

Himanshu Narayan

  |   15 Apr 2016

The team made the process of buying insurance for my car absolutely trouble free. They were extremely co-operative and had excellent understanding of everything.

Deeptesh Dey

  |   15 Apr 2016

I was new to ICICI Lombard car insurance but the team over the call assisted me with complete gesture and shared all the information what a customer should be aware of. They were polite, helpful and assisted me step by step through the process and it was nice. Thanks team Lombard for hiring good people in your firm.

Rajni Gupta

  |   15 Apr 2016

I have applied for NCB certificate in respect of my car policy. Till date I have not been issued certificate through form 29 and 30 along with insurance copy. My new car is held up in the showroom causing me financial loss. Please expedite.

Vijay Iyer

  |   14 Apr 2016

Great customer service from your team. They were very helpful and patient with the renewal of my car insurance policy. Good job!

Samba Murthy Dakuru

  |   14 Apr 2016

Excellent follow ups by you. I would have not gone for this insurance without your follow-up. All your knowledge on the product is good.

Bipin Singh

  |   14 Apr 2016

Great customer service from your team, provided all information, were very patient, had a wonderful experience!!

Nandakumar Seshadri

  |   14 Apr 2016

My interaction for renewing the car insurance with your team was good. Last year I had my insurance with another firm, even though there was no challenge I faced with them, your team's explanation helped me move to ICICI Lombard. Appreciate their way of providing information about the policy.

rikanth D. K.

  |   13 Apr 2016

I called your team. It was very good to talk with them, they have given full details about the insurance policy, what it covers, how much depreciation has been deducted and told about the payment mode. In short, they made my work simple. Thanks.

Purshothaman K.

  |   13 Apr 2016

I would like share some views and trouble which I faced with your insurance this time. I taken a ICICI Lombard motor insurance policy and was not happy with how my claim was handled. Please take this request seriously.

Umaganthan S. V.

  |   13 Apr 2016

Your car insurance team was so helpful in briefing me well and clearing all my doubts. It helped me to choose ICICI Lombard over other firms. Great service.

Sushil Gaikwad

  |   13 Apr 2016

It was nice to interact with the representative. All the necessary information was given. Convincing answers to queries asked. Thanks.

Shabbir Haider

  |   13 Apr 2016

Hi, your team provided me all the relevant information and helped me to identify and buy car insurance policy. High quality service from them. Thanks.

Naresh Tummala

  |   13 Apr 2016

Interaction with your team was good. They explained everything about the product in an easy manner.

Arun Kumar Sinha

  |   13 Apr 2016

I requested for the contact details of the shipment courier company but did not get it. I was unable to find the contact information of the courier company on the website, I had requested to share the information to track the shipment. Could you please share the web address and contact information of the courier services used to ship the policy document, it will be a great help?

Sangeeta Bhasin

  |   12 Apr 2016

My policy had already expired yesterday and I failed to renew and my previous company did not contact me and I felt bad about that and today morning I got a call from ICICI Lombard, they explained each and everything in proper manner and helped me to renew my policy today itself and saved my money. Rating of 5 out of 5.

Velsamy R.

  |   12 Apr 2016

Your team supported me a lot to resolve the login issue and gave good feedback and explained all the facilities. Nice support. Ranking them to the maximum scale of 5 out of 5.

Ravi Lingaiah

  |   12 Apr 2016

I have recently renewed my four wheeler insurance but did not receive soft copy of insurance policy. Please mail me the soft copy to my E-mail id.

Aasim Sokal

  |   12 Apr 2016

I appreciate all the help from your team. They were very cordial and helpful, and were able to walk me through the entire process and explain things. Thanks guys. You deserve an A rating.

Naga Srinivasa Rao Chodabattula

  |   12 Apr 2016

Your team did a very good job in explaining coverage details and ensured to help me till renewal policy was generated. They were polite and understand customer needs very well. Pleased by the service.

Shuchi Malik

  |   12 Apr 2016

The team was very knowledgeable and provided great information. They were quick to give me a quote and stayed online to help me with the purchase. A perfect service. Thank you team 10 on 10, excellent.

Makarand Narkar

  |   11 Apr 2016

The team assisted me in purchasing a car insurance policy and a personal protect insurance by clearly detailing all the benefits and exclusions upto my satisfaction. I would recommend ICICI Lombard to my near circles based on the satisfactory customer service provided by your team.