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Strategic Alliances

Help us keep our promises

By partnering with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, you can enhance your business with assured high-quality service from us. Together, we can deliver on our promises to our valued patrons by jointly working to augment customer satisfaction.

Growing Together

We have solidified our reputation by upholding the values of passion, humility, empowerment and transparency in our services, and we extend this commitment to you. Creating a powerful alliance ecosystem with us allows us to symbiotically grow and flourish, while our customers reap the fruit.

Be a Partner

For our range of diverse insurance products, we seek a variety of alliances. We endeavour to actively foster new alliances with new business domains. Becoming our alliance partner is replete with the benefits of on-the-spot policy issuance, insurance recharges and in-house claim settlement for our customers.

Contact Us

Our myriad alliance partners enjoy the accountability we offer in delivering unique and convenient risk management solutions to our customers. Trusting us to form a coalition with you is a responsibility we take seriously. Send an email to to establish an association with us.


What our alliance partners have to say about us…

The CEO of our Group Travel Partner believes, 'this is a unique partnership with ICICI Lombard, where we have been able to offer a valuable proposition to our online community. The addition of this feature ensures that our umbrella offering of ratings, reviews and bus tracking adds value to the online bus customer.'