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Insurance Article

All you need to know about employee and student travel insurance

March 11 2013

Typically, an international travel policy offers coverage against several medical and non-medical emergencies which may arise on your trip aboard. It is thus important to buy insurance from a reliable insurance provider for quick claim settlement and easy policy processing.

The need for travel insurance is especially high for students and employees travelling aboard. This is because these classes of overseas travellers may not always be able to bear unexpected sudden expenses. Also it may not be possible for parents or the employer to tend to the emergency immediately given the distance and time factor. Read on to know the features of a travel policy from ICICI Lombard,

Travel insurance for students:

The biggest benefit offered by the student travel insurance cover is affordability as it is purchased in Indian rupees. Not just that, with the plan now available with a continuous cover for two years (auto-renewal), it becomes easier to cover the entire study period without the worry of policy extensions. This travel plan can be easily purchased online without the need for any pre-medical checkups which further enhances the convenience offered by your insurance plan. Moreover, this student travel insurance policy from ICICI Lombard is recognised by almost all universities abroad as a substitute for their compulsory insurance. With several medical and non-medical benefits offered, parents can rest assured that their child remains stress-free even in crises. You may choose from the gold or bronze plans depending on your needs or select the plus plan as an add-on cover to customise your selected plan.

Travel insurance for employees:

ICICI Lombard's travel policy for companies is designed to offer coverage to the insured’s permanent employee (up to 70 years old) travelling aboard. The insurance certificate allows online issuance at your office itself so that you may cover your employee at your 24x7. With the corporate travel policy, the premium is calculated strictly according to the duration of the trip. The payment is also structured on a per day basis so that you may pay only for the number of days your employee spends overseas. As there is no medical checkup required, you can buy the policy without any hassles. Employers may choose from the two broad gold and silver plans offered and select from plan options to cover their employees during an unforeseen medical or financial emergency.

Keeping the above features in mind, it will be easier to select student travel insurance or purchase a travel policy for companies and stay prepared for any medical or financial crisis which may arise in a foreign land.

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