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Student Insurance Information

The MBA Bump in India - MBA Hiring Trends in India

July 29 2013

The trend is referred to as the MBA Bump; the increase in salary expected by graduates after attaining the degree.

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Consider different student travel insurance plans to secure your child's foreign education

February 09 2013

When planning to send your child overseas for further studies, it is common for parents to worry about their child's safety in a foreign land.

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Student Travel Insurance Demystified

August 17 2015

According to a recent report by Forbes, more than 4.64 lakh students travel abroad every year to pursue higher education.

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Student Insurance helps Secure Studies and Student Life Overseas

April 08 2013

Foreign education has become a source of excitement and joy for all. It can be compared to an exciting horizon that broadens a student's experience.

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Student Insurance and Scholarship- A boon for students planning a study trip abroad

August 02 2012

Are you planning to go abroad for further studies, but hesitant to go? Is costing for study and stay abroad your biggest concern?

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Planning to Study in UK make sure you insure yourself with student insurance

June 06 2014

When you plan to study abroad, medical insurance is very necessary. Students going to the UK can get health insurance at affordable rates online before leaving.

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How does student insurance for travel benefit your child studying abroad?

March 06 2013

Foreign universities make it mandatory for all students to have a student travel insurance policy.

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Five Reasons Why Students Need Travel Insurance

January 16 2015

Insurance companies have not yet devised a plan to cover alien student exchange programs.

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Facts You Did Not Know About Student Travel Insurance

August 13 2014

Aimed to provide students with a financial cover, student travel insurance plans lend security to students in a foreign country by covering financial losses arising due to illnesses and illness-related eventualities.

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Buy student travel policy to make your child's stay abroad hassle free

January 29 2013

Careful planning is required so as to ensure that your child's trip abroad to his foreign university is smooth, and hassle free.

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