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Insurance Article

Student Insurance and Scholarship- A boon for students planning a study trip abroad

August 02 2012

Are you aware of financial aid package- an addition to the scholarships for a study trip? Student insurance and scholarships can do wondrous in helping you complete your study and stay abroad.

While, student insurance will save your spends abroad on medical and non-medical expenses as listed by the insurance policy; the scholarship can act as a monetary award for all you students that involves expenses such as travel, books etc. Hence, it is important for any student to apply for student insurance and scholarships before take off.

A student insurance policy may be chosen as per your needs. The basic and optional covers during your travel, study and stay abroad may vary with every insurance company. Hence, it is a must to understand and pick the right student insurance policy from an array of existing policies in the market.

So, just like student insurance policy, in scholarships too, there are many options that you can choose and apply for.

  • If you are an all-rounder, then you can opt for merit-based scholarship. This is given taking in notice your academics, artistic and other activities. Extracurricular activities in combination with studies are another feather of success when planning to apply for a merit based scholarship.
  • You can apply for Student-specific scholarships if you are qualified on the basis of gender, medical records, race, religion etc. Minority scholarship is the most chosen form of scholarship by majority of students who wish to make a trip abroad for further studies. The qualifications in this category may vary depending on the particular scholarship chosen.
  • If you are a resident of one country and wish to make a trip to another country for further studies, then you can apply for a destination specific scholarship. This is an awarded incentive. So, all you have to do is just check with the sponsored travel websites of that country in which you want to study and apply for the relevant one.
  • Are you a major or expert in your field of study. If so, subject specific scholarships are the best suited scholarships for you. This scholarship may be offered by study abroad programs or institutions. All you have to do is just enroll your name in the subject specific research and apply.

So, plan your study trip abroad at ease and apply for a relevant student insurance and scholarship.

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