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The MBA Bump in India - MBA Hiring Trends in India

July 29 2013
According to a survey conducted by GMAC, it has been reported that there is a 213% increase in post degree earnings among MBA graduates in India. The graduates are hired by top companies in India.

The top recruiters in India being the following listed below:

1. Cognizant
2. Capgemini
3. Deloitte
4. Wipro
5. Bharti Airtel
6. ICICI Bank
7. Accenture
8. TCS
9. Boston Consulting
10. Goldman Sachs

The survey has also revealed that companies hired by candidates type. The preferences include the following listed below:

1. MBA - 88%
2. Experienced industry - 88%
3. Bachelors -76%
4. Other business masters - 64%
5. Masters in accounts - 43%
6. Masters in management - 43%

There are some common recruitment strategies followed by most of the India employers. On campus recruitment is one of the most popular of all. Students are picked up from college campuses following an interview and examination session. About 72% of recruitment is done through this strategy.

Employee referrals also play an important part of industry recruitment. At present, about 69% of recruitment in India is conducted through this strategy. About 48% recruitment is done through online job search tools and 45% is done through applications and filtration on official websites of the company. Present and former interns form about 48% of recruitment process.

Students have their own preferences when searching industry for job application. About 06% of MBAs prefer non profit/government organizations and healthcare/pharmaceuticals industries. The manufacturing industry is searched by about 10% whereas the consulting industry enjoys a lofty 76%. About 11% are drawn to the energy industry, 33% like to try their luck in the products and services industry. High technology industry invites attention of about 44% students.

According to GMAC survey, India is the top global study destination for Asian citizens. So what is the percentage of job offers across India and other countries? Here's a countrywide comparison of percentage of job offers:

Students attending school within country of citizenship:

1. India - 90%
2. China - 85%
3. United States - 64%

Students attending school within country of citizenship:

1. India - 48%
2. China - 35%
3. United States - 49%

In India, about 82% business graduates are men and 18% are women.
Around 14% of graduates have over 1 and less than 3 years of experience.
11% graduates fall within the bracket of 3-6 years of experience.
Around 18% graduates have over 6 and less than 10 years of experience whereas 21% MBAs have over 10 of experience.

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