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8 Reasons to Buy a Car this Festive Season

October 28 2015

Here are 8 reasons why you should make this symbol your priced possession:

A landmark decision

You've probably dreamt of a car or you want a bigger car. A landmark in one's life, if not quite a watershed. You've planned to spend wisely after a long spell of saving and self-discipline. A car would be ideal. A natural progression from your humble scooter. Something that instills a sense of pride in you. Something you'd like to share with the family.

The timing is right

The festive season!! A time of cheer!! Celebration!! Good times!! Newspapers and social media are choc-a-bloc with 'festive offers'. Auspicious ventures are started and big-ticket items are purchased during the festive season. It's said that you buy a car and bring home the blessings of the Gods.


Imagine driving to work in your own car, or picking up your colleagues and arriving fresh at work, rather than waiting in the sun (or rain) for a lift from a friend or the over-crowded bus. And the even more over-crowded local train. Also you'd like to give your office friends a 'drop' in the evening rush hour.

Additional responsibilities with a smile

You can do the school-run for your kids en route to office or the weekend shopping for your wife. Or a treasured out-of-town weekend getaway with your parents and family. A welcome "addition" to the family, designed to bring people even 'closer.' Reward yourself. It's a symbol that you've arrived.

Car industry in fine fettle

Many people are buying cars. The domestic passenger car segment is doing well. Sales rose 9.48 percent to 1, 69,590 units in Sept 2015 from 1, 54,898 units in the same month a year ago. It received a boost thanks to new launches and a recovery in Asia's third-largest economy. Sales of commercial vehicles were up as well: 12.07 per cent at 62,845 units in September.

Bank loans freely available

As banks cut their lending rates following four rounds of policy rate cuts so far this year, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) expects vehicle sales to get a further 6-8 percent boost in the country.

Buyer power with festive season discounts

Dealer incentives and discounts are highest during the festive season, as car manufacturers and dealers vie for the buyer's attention. Lower interest rates on loans, add-ons like car accessories and car insurance allow the buyer considerable leverage.

Think long-term, take advantage of technological innovations

A new car should be part of your plans for the long-haul. Buy with the intention of using it well for 6 or 7 years. Remember that with technological advances, savvy manufacturers ensure that new 'safety technology' has trickled down to even so-called 'economy-models'. Even if you're not technology-crazy, you should like the safety air-bag in front and the innovative toddler-seats at the back.

Keep naysayers at bay

Naysayers will shake their heads at an 'unnecessary' purchase. An emotional decision, over-riding reason; you're part of the mob just suffering from 'keeping-up-with-the-Jones' syndrome, they'll say. Ignore them.

Now that you've decided, go through with the purchase, secure your proud possession with Car Insurance. Insuring your glitzy new car against theft or damage is not being unduly negative and tempting Providence; it's being wise.

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