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Learn How to Maintain Your Car's Health During the Lockdown

April 28 2020
Car care during lockdown

News: Stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak

*Washes hands*

*Wears mask*

*Uses sanitizer*

I’ve done my bit to protect my body from the coronavirus. I should be okay.

But wait, what about my car? It’s been so long since I’ve driven it anywhere. Will it be in a roadworthy condition once the lockdown is called off?

We get it. The car you took to work, to the mall, or on road trips, now stands idle while you’re practising social distancing. And so it should. But when the lockdown ends, will your car be roadworthy again?

Just like you’re taking good care of your health, it’s time to take some steps to keep your vehicle healthy too. While you may not be able to take it for car servicing, here’s what we recommend.

Show the car battery some love

To keep the battery running effectively, start the car and let the engine run for a few minutes, at least once in two weeks. If your vehicle runs on Smart Hybrid tech and Lithium-ion battery, keep the engine running with headlights on for at least 15 minutes, once in two weeks.

Take care of the engine

A warm engine will help prevent dry gaskets and spoiling fluids. Start the engine at idle rpm for a few minutes, to allow the engine oil to spread and provide efficient lubrication.

Release the handbrake

If the handbrake is on for too long during storage, it can bind, seize or lead to other brake system issues. Apply the foot brake, leave the handbrake off, put the car on first gear and use a piece of wood or brick to keep the tyres from rolling.

Remember to check the AC

As part of idle car maintenance, start the AC and let it work for a minute while the engine is running.

Keep it clean, inside and out

Along with washing the outside of the car, you also need to check the interiors and clean them frequently to keep dust and junk out. Use antibacterial wipes or fluid to clean the car’s contact points like door handles, steering wheel, seatbelt, keys etc.

Don’t forget insurance!

Motor insurance is crucial to stay protected from financial worries in the case of criminal damage or theft. So if your car insurance is out of date or expiring soon, be sure to get a policy in time. It keeps your unused car protected from various natural and manmade calamities, which can be expensive to fix. You can buy car insurance online from us while maintaining zero human contact.

Bonus tips:

  • Use a car cover and keep your car in a covered shed away from direct sunlight, if possible
  • Block all exhaust ports, air intakes and other holes in which animals can start to live
  • Ensure the car is free from moss, dirt, dust and bird droppings
  • Use a fuel stabilizer to avoid gumming in diesel and evaporation in petrol

Even though you aren’t taking your vehicle for a spin today, you will be, eventually. By following these basic yet practical tips, you can keep your car in good shape, even when it is distancing itself from frequent rides. Once you’re able to drive it out again, you’ll be happy to know it’s as fit as you!

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