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Planning to Purchase an Electric Car? Read This First!

June 28 2018
Benefits of Electric Cars

Get to know the pros and cons of an electric car

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing an electric car because you want to keep up with the technological advancements, go green or save on fuel costs, here are six things you should know before you make this decision.

The Pros of an Electric Car

  • Energy Efficient
    The energy efficiency of a car means the amount of energy from the fuel source that is converted to energy that actually propels the car. An electric car is far more energy efficient than a conventional car. Gas powered cars only convert around 20 percent of the energy into car movement, while electric cars convert about 60 percent.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Electric cars rely on rechargeable batteries and don’t release any tailpipe emissions, which are a major source of air pollution. Electric cars also lead to reduction of overall emission and fuel usage. The fuel that is used can be derived through renewable resources like solar energy.

  • High Performance
    An electric car is a high performance vehicle with a motor that’s not just smooth and quiet but also requires less maintenance. The electric car motor reacts quickly, making the car more responsive and make driving a more enjoyable experience.

The Cons of an Electric Car

  • Travels Shorter Distances
    One of the biggest drawbacks of an electric car is that it has a shorter range than gas-powered cars. A single charge of an electric car may last only for about 160 km, depending upon the model, as opposed to a gas-powered car that can travel up to around 480 km. However, if you aren’t someone who travels long distances very often, this might not be a problem.

  • Takes Longer to Recharge
    Another issue with an all-electric car is the time it takes to recharge. Depending on the model, recharging the battery fully can take up to 8 hours. Finding a charging station on the road can also be a problem, it’s not as easy as finding a gas station.

  • Higher Initial Cost
    The initial investment required for buying an electric car is significantly more than that for a conventional gas-powered car. In addition to this, the battery pack of an electric car is very expensive and needs to be replaced more than once during the car’s life.

Now that you know both the pros and cons of an electric car, you can make an informed decision on the basis of your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Whether it’s an electric car or the good old gas-powered one, it’s a big investment that you need to protect from the uncertainties of life. Getting car insurance is the right way to go irrespective of the car you decide on.

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