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Productive Things to Do During Your Daily Commute

September 09 2018

Make your daily commute productive by incorporating some strategic activities like meditation or learning a new language

Whether you’re standing on the train platform or waiting at a traffic light, your daily commute to work doesn’t have to be sunk or wasted time. All it takes is some strategic planning to use this time to recharge and enhance productivity.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to drive and work at the same time, but if you are able to optimize your daily commute, then you could gain some additional time, every week to work with. Take your daily travel as an opportunity to squeeze more work into the day. Here are some ways to make the most of the downtime.

Accomplish Tasks or Wind Down

If you’re someone who is energetic in the morning and tired in the evening, for example, then you use your trip to work to accomplish tasks and your trip back home to relax and unwind.

Pause and Reflect

You could use this time to think about what makes you happy and what you want to achieve next.

Check Emails

While you shouldn’t be spending your entire commute doing this, but attending to emails early in the morning is a great start to a productive day.

Mentally Prepare For the Day

You could use this time to plan your day in advance. Maybe you could prepare for the presentation that is scheduled for the day. Or maybe, you could think about the dinner menu, or how you’ll spend this weekend.

Prepare a To-Do list

Set yourself to have a more organized and focused workday, by creating a to-do list and prioritizing your responsibilities. And if you can’t write a list because you’re driving, a mental checklist or a voice recorder or memo app on your phone might just be useful.


Calm your mind or simply enjoy the environment around you, so that you can approach any task with a relaxed and balanced state of mind.


Your daily commute can be used to read news, learn a new language or concept, or expand your knowledge in a particular area.

Check in With Your Friends and Family

As long as you’re not driving, use your commute time to call your parents, text your friends and relatives and chat with your significant other.


If you’re able to catch a power a nap for even 10 to 15 minutes, then it can be very positive for the mind and body. So just set the alarm, and shut your eyes!

Not all these methods will work for everyone; so experiment safely and decide which ones are right for you. Additionally, whether you are driving or are being driven, be sure to have a motor insurance policy in place. This will help you relax knowing that expenses related to repairing your vehicle are taken care of. Make sure you have a car insurance policy that provides suitable coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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