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Insurance Article

Switching Your Motor Insurance? Follow These Tips

May 26 2015

Where there is hope, there is life and I hope you will find your true motor insurance provider someday. - Condolence message


Fortunately, things have not reached a level where the above message seems true. Finding an ideal motor insurance provider is easy. Follow the following tips to switch your motor insurance policy in a hassle-free manner.

Look Beyond the Premium

One does not opt for a car just because it is cheap. Price is an important factor, so are brand, mileage, convenience, etc. Same logic applies to insurance policies too. While comparing motor insurance policies do not focus solely on the premium charged. Consider all aspects of the policy before finalizing it.


Apart from the mandatory Third Party Liability cover, avail motor insurance to secure your own losses too by opting for a comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Before switching to another motor insurance provider, you need to analyze if that particular insurance provider matches your requirements. There are several productive add-on covers like Road Side Assistance, No Claim Bonus, etc. that fortify your insurance policy, make sure your new motor insurance provider provides what you want.

Claim Settlement

Your new insurance company may provide you a comprehensive policy at a low premium. But, what if it has a bad claim settlement record? Going through online reviews, speaking to friends and relatives, and staying abreast with financial news can help you keep a track of the motor insurance company's reputation and its ability to settle claims.




  • Research about various motor insurance policies
  • Select the one that meets your requirements
  • Purchase the new policy and select the start date

Imagine you purchase a policy but it takes a lot of your time, energy and effort to avail the claim. The insurance policy may not have an extensive network of garages or their customer assistance service might be below par. Nowadays, one can also avail insurance policies via mobile apps. 24x7 assistance and access to insurance information online is a norm. Ensure that you switch your motor insurance provider and opt for the one who provides convenient insurance services.

Timing the Switch

You might be annoyed with your existing motor insurance provider but persisting with the provider for a while might be fruitful if you are just a month away from your policy's expiration date. This way, you can avail a new policy instantly after the old one expires and set the coverage date accordingly. Make sure you do not have a gap between car insurance policies.

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