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Insurance Article

Compare health policy and features to enjoy maximum coverage and benefits

April 05 2013

 A health insurance policy is a substantial investment and must be selected with care so that you not only save money in the long run but also reap the benefits of optimal health care.

As premium increases with age, you need to have absolute clarity on the entry age so that your options of purchasing a best health insurance policy in India are not limited. Some insurance companies also make it mandatory to undergo medical tests depending on which the insurance premium is structured. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance policy from ICICI Lombard, for example, does not require a person below 46 years of age to undergo medical tests which can make the process of purchasing policy easier.

When buying health insurance, it is important to get access to a variety of quotes from several reliable health insurance providers. One quick way to compare health policy quotes is to go online. You can do a comparative search among several insurance companies or directly log onto the insurer’s website and select from the various plans offered. With this, you can get a fair idea about the total cost of buying health insurance so that selecting the best health insurance policy in India according to your budget constraints becomes easier.

Once you have located the insurance provider, you need to take into account the extent of coverage offered by the health insurance policy. This is because it is important to know what all diseases, medical conditions and medical expenses and procedures are covered by the health insurance policy. It is also crucial to have absolute clarity on Sub-limits and co-payments for several coverage and facilities of your medical policy, as these two aspects will decide the fraction of the cost to be borne by you when making claims or availing of any facility as per the policy structure. Sub-limit is any limit on the sun insured for any treatment or disease covered by the policy. Co-payment on the other hand refers to the amount to be borne by the insured when availing of medical services covered by the plan.

The cashless claim feature is one of the most beneficial aspects of any health insurance policy. With this policy, you can avail treatment at any of the network hospitals without having to worry about footing the hospital bills during emergency hospitalisation. ICICI Lombard has a tie-up with 4000+ premium health care providers across the country which makes it one of the premier health insurance policy in India.

With these features in mind, it would be ideal to compare health policy and then select a good comprehensive insurance cover to secure both health and finances in a medical crisis.

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