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Insurance Article

Get Rewarded for Staying Fit: Wellness Programs

July 15 2016
health insurance plan with wellness program

Early to bed, early to rise, early to exercise – a health insurance plan with wellness program makes you healthy, wealthy and wise

There has been a steady rise in insurance companies offering well-thought out insurance plans to promote well-being and healthy practices. Known as wellness programs, they offer wellness points for keeping yourself fit. These points can be later redeemed as per terms and conditions subject to a maximum.

How do wellness programs work?

  • For every activity listed under the policy, you earn pre-determined wellness points
  • Each wellness point is equivalent to certain pre-decided rupee value
  • You can earn wellness points by producing relevant receipts or documents pertaining to the activity, along with a submission form
  • Some insurers allow you to keep a track of these points by informing you periodically via emails
  • Wellness points are subject to a maximum limit as set by your insurer for both individual and family floater plans

What are the benefits of a Wellness Program?

  • Preventive care
    Wellness Programs are designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. They focus on two broad categories - lifestyle management benefits, which aim at managing and tracking your health, and disease management benefits that focus on avoiding the occurrence of specific diseases.
  • Opportunity to decrease your expenses
    Wellness programs not only help you track your health and keep fit, but also prevent the rising medical expenses from burning a hole in your pocket. They cover major costs that are usually excluded from your health insurance policy, thereby bridging a crucial risk gap. Most insurers let you claim for:
    • Consultation charges
    • OPD expenses
    • Dental procedures
    • Wellness-based activities
    • Diagnostic charges

Which activities are usually covered under a wellness program?

Insurers offer reimbursement for the following activities:

  • Risk Assessment - Medical, Preventive and Online Health Risk Assessment
    • Procedures may include mammogram, heart-related screening and complete lipid profile, etc.
  • Active participation in marathons, cyclothons, swimathons and other such professional sporting events
  • Gym, yoga or aerobics membership for at least one year
  • Quitting tobacco abuse, usually not triggered by the recommendation of a medical practitioner

Wellness programs are a win-win for both the insured and insurer. By promoting healthy practices, insurance companies reduce the probability of having to reimburse a claim. On the other hand, you, as the insured not only enjoy a healthy mind and body but also are cushioned against the rising medical expenses.

health insurance policy that promote physical well-being have been proved beneficial for the government as well. This is because, higher the number of healthy individuals in a country, more resources can be allocated towards targeted healthcare.

Thus, by providing several benefits along with your standard health insurance policy, wellness programs are the next best feature to look for.

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