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Insurance Article

Insure your loved ones with family health policy and enjoy maximum benefits

March 11 2013

Diseases come unannounced and can affect anyone, which makes it crucial to secure your dear ones with a family health policy. When buying a health policy for your family, it would be wise to select a comprehensive policy as it offers wider converge. The health policy not only ensures optimal health care but also helps reduce overall expenses when settling medical bills.

A good choice when looking for comprehensive health insurance policy is the floater benefit offered by ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance cover. According to policy terms, a maximum of 5 family members can be insured with the settlement of a single premium. With the flexibility to structure the premium according to your needs, buying this policy extremely hassle-free. The policy is also extremely convenient to maintain as you are not required to keep a track of premium payment and renewal dates of separate insurance policies. Not only that, this policy offers life-time renewability and offers the options of choosing one or two year covers with auto-renewal.

To ensure safety and health, this policy offers optimal care to your loved ones with its cashless claim feature. This feature offered by your comprehensive health insurance allows the insured to avail of treatment from its 4000+ premium health care provider network. Thus, you do not have to worry about footing exorbitant hospital bills when faced with a medical crisis.

The zero co-payments feature of this health insurance policy is another important benefit to consider before you select a family health policy. This feature is applicable to any diseases or hospitalisation expenses covered by the policy. Co-payment is the amount to be borne by the insured for health-care and medical services covered by the plan. With the absence of co-payments on health insurance coverage further reduces the financial burden during trying times.

Another important feature of this policy is the Cumulative Bonus feature for every claim free year. This bonus amount is an additional sum insured and increases with time. Thus, you not only secure your family’s health with every renewal but can also enjoy the benefits of an increased coverage amount.

Under Section 80D of the income Indian Income Tax Act 1961, the investments for the payment of medical insurance premium makes the insured eligible for deduction in taxable income up to a specified limit. The limit further increases if the insured covers parents who are senior citizens (56 years and above).

With all these features in mind, selecting an insurance plan which ensures financial safety and health policy for your family would become easier.

Disclaimer - The article contains only an indication of the cover offered. For complete details on coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. This article is brought to you by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

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