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Insurance Article

Keeping Promises: The Rise of Proactive Health Insurance

September 28 2016
Wellness Program

A fresh approach to health insurance

Most of our resolutions revolve around health and wellness. We constantly make promises to ourselves and our loved ones – the promise to lose weight, the promise to quit smoking, the promise to reduce stress. And of course, the promise for some valuable family time. But are we always able to keep these promises?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle demands us to juggle between priorities at home and work. Nuclear families, working couples and the stresses of city life have caught up with almost every millennial. Along with growing stress, sedentary lifestyle has also resulted in obesity and other disorders typical of this generation.

Therefore, a proactive approach to healthcare and wellness is of great significance today, more than ever before. Wellness is the healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit that lends an overall feeling of well-being. It involves continually striving to achieve a healthy body and mind, while maintaining better work-life balance.

Health Insurance and Wellness

The first health insurance policies in India were introduced in the form of mediclaims. With the liberalisation of the Indian economy, the health insurance industry grew in leaps and bounds, with private and international health insurance companies offering insurance in India.

Initially, health insurance in India primarily paid for only inpatient hospitalisation and not outpatient treatment at hospitals. However, in recent years, the health insurance industry has greatly transformed to offer proactive coverage where it is more focused on ensuring better general health and wellness of policyholders, as compared to merely reimbursing treatment costs.

Under its health insurance plan, ICICI Lombard extends coverage to include wellness and preventive healthcare treatments. This provides reimbursement for preventive examinations, vaccinations, fitness programs including yoga, gymnasium membership, etc.

#DoTheDifficult ICICI Lombard’s Wellness Campaign

ICICI Lombard conveys the need for transformation in the approach towards healthcare from reactive to proactive through a new advertisement campaign that was launched countrywide in early September 2016.

Adopting a different style of gently nudging customers, ICICI Lombard steers away from the typical emotional delivery popular in this category.

The advertisement starts on a cold, winter morning when a man leaves his house for a run. He is soon struggling to keep up the pace and is out of breath. His thoughts wander about and he thinks of all the other things he could have been doing on such a cold and snowy morning – from soaking in a warm bathtub for hours to feasting on hot tea and warm aloo paranthas.

With these thoughts, he gives up his exercise for a moment and kneels in the snow. That’s when he gets an epiphany of perseverance to keep his promise to his daughter to lose weight, and he begins to run with renewed vigour.

At this stage, the voiceover urges customers to keep their promises, as ICICI Lombard will back them by keeping theirs. The campaign is a part of their brand proposition Nibhaye Vaade. The advertisement exemplifies the message of helping customers #DoTheDifficult with ICICI Lombard health insurance through coverage for yoga and gymnasium membership, nutrition consultation, sports and fitness therapy.

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