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Insurance Article

Rely on a health insurance company that understands your needs

March 12 2016
Company that understands your needs

Choice of a health insurance company depends on the plans the company offers and whether they are suitable for you. You may study the provisions of different plans such as pre and post-hospitalisation, family floater policy, and cashless benefit policy for senior citizens, before selecting a suitable health insurance company that serves your purpose.

In recent years, the medical world has risen to great heights with many discoveries. The emergence of new researches and studies has shown that our lifestyle makes us prone to additional fatigue and illnesses. Therefore, finding a suitable health insurance plan from a reputed insurance company with a good track record, is the only solution to this burning problem.

It is advisable to select an insurance company that appreciates your needs and provides you with the appropriate cover.

Requirements for health insurance are varied and you have to select those which are essential for you and the family. These may be categorized as follows:

  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation benefits - Some mediclaim policies may provide up to 60 days or 90 days of pre and post-hospitalisation benefits. Prior to getting admitted in a hospital due to illness or surgery, your physician or surgeon may ask for various tests to be conducted and also prescribe medicines. Similarly, after discharge from the hospital, you may have to take medicines or get tests conducted till you are finally declared completely fit. A reliable company provides for these costs in their plan.
  • Family floater policies - In the family floater policy, the sum assured can be availed by other family members also. Each opted member of the family gets cover under this policy. The premium for the family floater policy is less than the total sum assured, if each member had a separate policy. The family floater policy is a convenient plan for a family because each member gets a cover.
  • Cashless facility - Cashless facility is eagerly sought after by all. With a network of hospitals that tie-up with health insurance companies, only a simple procedure is required to be followed before hospitalisation. With the cashless facility, the insured does not have to spend anything for admission or for the treatment, provided the cost is within the insured sum.

A health insurance company may provide cover especially for senior citizens. The plan would cover hospitalisation expenses as well as expenses in case of treatment for critical illnesses. The diseases falling in the group of critical illnesses are:

  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Renal failure
  • Cerebral attack
  • Cancer
  • Major organ transplants like kidney, pancreas
  • Paralysis

Critical illness cover, however, is optional.

A reputed company with a proven track record is the ideal choice. Else, you could be stuck with claims that the company, of low repute, refuses to pay heed to. Therefore, it is imperative to be insured by a reliable, and trustworthy insurance company.

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