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Survey: Two-thirds of women think that Critical Illnesses occur due to a lack of physical activity

March 19 2018
Critical illness Cover for Women

A meager number of women hold a Health Insurance Policy and an even lower number hold a Critical Illness Cover which not only provides cover against critical illnesses but also saves you and your family from financial distress.

Lack of awareness, unavailability of health-care facilities, and sometimes malnutrition are the various reasons for women not getting access to proper health-care. The metros of our country being advanced in development with better accessibility, the women in the metros have more means to avail healthcare and so are more cautious about health than their counterparts in the non-metros.

Though 22 percent of women have health insurance, which in itself is a low digit, only 6 percent of them have a Critical Illness Cover. This is not due to the lack of awareness though, as a recent ICICI Lombard survey conducted had a whopping 88 percent of women out of a 1000 respondents aware that Critical Illnesses occur due to lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. This survey was conducted for a 1000 women in the 22-45-year age bracket in eight cities, both metros and non-metros conducted online.

Surprisingly, despite the awareness, only 33 per cent of the respondents pay attention to their own health, majority of which are women from metros. Only 68 per cent of women in the metros feel that any physical activity and exercise is important to stay healthy.

When it comes to health check-ups though, 79 percent get them done at the frequency of only once in two years, while a good 29 percent feel that such check-ups are unnecessary.

A busy lifestyle is a key excuse for the metro women to not take care of their health, while, women in non-metros are under a pre-conceived notion that they are fit.

This survey enumerates one very important fact about the rising cases in Critical Illnesses. A sedentary lifestyle, heavy work pressure, late working hours and poor eating habits are just a few amongst the many reasons for this.

*Source: Business Standard

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