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Top 6 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

November 16 2017
Health Benefits of Going Vegan

6 reasons why following a vegan diet is good for your health

A vegan lifestyle offers many benefits, besides the animal rights and non-violence aspects that most people opt it for. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of the lifestyle, it has many health benefits as well. Here are the top 6 health benefits of going vegan. Take a look:

Weight Management

Meat, animal fats and proteins contain lot of calories. But when you follow a vegan diet, there is no intake of these products. Therefore, it becomes easier to stay fit and slim. Moreover, there is also a greater intake of plant-based products that have a higher anti-oxidant content, leading to better metabolism and eventual weight reduction.

More Nutritious

Vegan diets usually emphasize on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed foods that are closer to their natural state, more than processed foods of any kind. This gives your body access to a lot of the vitamins and minerals that it needs, thereby providing it with more nutrition.

Increases Energy

Thanks to the lack of saturated fatty acids and animal dairy products in their diet, vegans have a good deal more energy than followers of a western diet, and even vegetarians. Such foods, particularly foods with processed sugar, make you feel tired and lazy and are a big no-no for vegans.

Prevents Heart Disease

Vegan sources of fat come from nuts and other vegetables and are healthier than the fat sources from animal products, since they contain lesser bad cholesterol. Thus, a vegan diet reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your system, thereby significantly reducing the chances of a heart attack. Moreover, it also reduces blood pressure and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Boosts Immunity and Prevents Chances of Cancer

The focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, that is a major part of a vegan diet, helps to add essential vitamins and minerals that boosts immunity and keeps your system alkaline. The antioxidants that are added to your system through a vegan diet also help fight diseases.

Moreover, since there is no intake of meat – particularly red meat – that has been proven to cause certain types of cancer, a vegan diet comes with low cancer risk.

Keeps You Looking and Feeling Young

All the extra vitamin C intake, possible through vegan diets, helps improve collagen levels and leads to better vision, less muscular degeneration and better immunity. Meanwhile, the antioxidants, helps flush out toxins improving the condition of the hair and skin. Additionally, since there is low intake of fat and no intake of animal by-products, both of which are known to clog pores, the skin remains clear and young.

On the whole, a vegan diet will keep you going strong for long and could reduce your need to visit a hospital. However, since life is unpredictable, having a health insurance policy will definitely be an advantage. In fact, you may get a policy for a cheaper premium if you follow a vegan diet, since it keeps you in such good health.

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