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Insurance Article

Usher Gudi Padwa on a healthy note by investing in health insurance

April 10 2013
The first day of the month of Chaitra according to the Hindu lunar calendar is celebrated as Gudi Padwa or Ugadi in Maharashtra, Andhra and parts of Karnataka. Gudi means a banner raised to symbolise victory and joy and padva is the first day of the lunar month. Celebrated as the New Year by Maharashtrians, it is a day where festivities and joy abound as the doorstep is decked with intricate rangolis. The Gudi symbolises prosperity, wards off evil and marks the beginning of festivities where the family enjoys a hearty preparation of shrikhand, poori and the traditional puran poli.

Every moment on Gudi Padva day is considered extremely auspicious and it is not uncommon to find people making investments. Beginning from a new enterprise, purchasing gold or accomplishing important rituals these are the best traditions involved with this auspicious festival. As insurance is an investment that safeguards your finances. There cannot be a better day than Gudi Padwa to make such an important purchase!

When looking for good health insurance covers to secure your family's health, you must consider the ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance cover. This floater policy extends coverage to your entire family (maximum of 5 family members – 2 adults, three children) with a single insurance policy purchase. Therefore, by paying a single premium amount you can get your entire family's health secured. Another important benefit of this health insurance cover is the fact that you get to choose between multiple sum insured options so that you can adequately cover your family's health. With the availability of a larger sum insured for you and your family, a medical exigency can be easily tackled as the need to arrange for funds at the last minute is not required. Not only that, this insurance cover also allows the insured individual to choose the premium amount as per his requirement. This insurance cover also has lifetime renewal facility that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the benefits of the insurance cover without any age-related interruptions.

Invest in car insurance

Apart from health another such investment that's should be secured is your dream car. Yes! buying your dream car on this festive day will make the memory of the purchase more meaningful as you can celebrate your joy with all your family members and loved ones. Among all the festive banter and fun, it is important that this new addition in your family is adequately protected with proper insurance cover.

It is best to carefully research different car insurance covers and read different policy quotes. Such a research will ensure that the policy you purchase is beneficial and most suited for your car. In case you are planning to opt for a comprehensive cover for your car, it is important that the policy offers the mandatory Third Party Liability cover along with offering coverage for Personal Accident Risk and Loss against natural or man-made calamities. ICICI Lombard car insurance offers the above. Also, the cashless claim facility of this car insurance cover offered by this insurance is applicable at 2900+ garages across India. With this feature, you can easily get your damaged car repaired at any of the network garages with the assurance of limited out-of-pocket expenses.

Apart from these covers, the comprehensive insurance cover for car offered by ICICI Lombard allows you to expand the protection offered by the policy plan. This can be easily done by purchasing add-on covers and procure coverage for electrical or non-electrical accessories. With this coverage in hand, you can easily ensure the safety of expensive fittings in your car like music system or also secure the safety of seat covers and fog lights.

Secure your home this New Year

Your home is one of the most important assets that you own and ensuring its safety is a prime concern. By buying an insurance cover for your home, you can safeguard it from a number of future uncertainties and exigencies and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Before you set to buy home insurance, you must first ascertain your needs, requirements and available budget. Doing so will help you narrow down a few good insurance policies from the abundance that is made available by several insurance companies in India. It would thus be most ideal to buy a comprehensive insurance cover for your home so that you can rest assured with the knowledge that your home is adequately covered. The comprehensive insurance cover offered by ICICI Lombard offers the option of securing only the structure of your home or only the contents or both.

The comprehensive policy for home offered by ICICI Lombard includes coverage includes coverage against several natural calamities and will help to safeguard your home in the future.

This policy also includes coverage for the contents of your home against loss due to burglary and theft. Loss of jewellery, silver articles and precious stones stored in locked vaults of your home are also covered to a certain extent. This insurance policy offers coverage up to 10 years for structure, 5 years for the contents of the home and 5 years of coverage in case you are insuring both the structure and contents of your home.

Thus, purchasing an insurance cover to secure some of your most valuable assets on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa will surely make a perfect gift for your loved ones in the New Year.

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