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What's Killing India? Knowing Top 10 Killer Death Diseases in India

August 06 2013

With the advancement in medical and healthcare industry, a lot has changed in India. Many fatal diseases have been exterminated with invention of powerful vaccinations and treatment courses. However, the country is still challenged by some killer diseases that just don't seem to declare exodus. No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical assistance at some point. A health insurance plan covers these covers these costs and offers many other important benefits.


Here is a list of top ten killer death diseases in India:

1. Cardiovascular Diseases

This amounts to about 24.8% deaths in the country. Although preventable, the disease is killing more people each year. Understanding the causes and following precautions can help preventing the disease and possibility of death among individuals. It is surprising that heart diseases in India occur 10-15 years earlier than in the west.

Main Causes
1. Consumption of tobacco
2. Diet, physical inactivity, and obesity
3. High cholesterol and high blood pressure
4. Heredity

Prevention Methods

1. Quit smoking and use of tobacco
2. Eat a heart healthy diet
3. Maintain healthy weight


2. Respiratory Diseases

These diseases account for 10.2% deaths in India. According to a survey, India accounts for 47 per cent of global measles death!

Main Causes

1. Smoking
2. Air pollution
3. Silica dust, asbesto, grain dust


Prevention Methods
1. Stay active, make sure your workplace is safe
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Breathe deeply
4. Quit smoking

3. Tuberculosis

The disease accounts for 10.1% deaths in the country.

Main Causes
1. Contagious causes

Prevention Methods
1. Vaccination with BCG vaccine
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Regular preventative tests

4. Malignant and Other Tumors

About 9.4% people in India die due to malignant and other tumors. Here is a list of causes of tumor development in the body:

Main Causes

1. Chemical or toxic compound exposures
2. Ionizing radiation
3. Pathogens
4. Genetics
5. Unknown causes


Prevention Methods

1. Avoid tobacco usage
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Maintain a healthy weight and stay active
4. Get regular medical care and immunization


5. Undefined Conditions

It is sad but true that around 5.3% population in India die due to III defined conditions due to unknown and undetermined.

Prevention Methods

1. Get regular medical care


6. Digestive Diseases

Disorders related to digestive system accounts to 5.1% of deaths in India. The major cause is negligence of people while consuming food.


Main Causes

1. Unhealthy food
2. Medications: Aspirin
3. Alcohol and tobacco abuse


Prevention Methods

1. Quit smoking and void use of alcohol
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Exercise lightly 5 days week
4. Avoid daily use of aspirin, sulpha drugs, and steroids


7. Diarrheal Diseases

About 5.0% people in India die of diarrheal diseases.


Main Causes

1. Food poisoning (bacterial infection)
2. Eating foods that upset the digestive system; allergic food
3. Medications and radiation therapy


Prevention Methods

1. Wash hands frequently
2. Eat a healthy diet
3. Quit alcohol


8. Accident Deaths

Accidents cause 4.6% of deaths across the nation. India is rated as the number 1 country when it comes to deaths in road accidents!


Main Causes

1. Negligence
2. Road conditions
3. Weather conditions


Prevention Methods

1. Drive carefully
2. Follow rules
3. Carry a first aid kit


9. Suicide

Suicide is the second most cause of death among Indians aged 15-29 years. It accounts to 3.0% of total deaths in India.


Main Causes

1. Suicide



Prevention Methods

1. Don't stress yourself
2. Talk to loved ones
3. Rehabilitation and counselling


10. Malaria

This fatal disease causes 2.8% of total disease related deaths in India. A survey report has revealed that about 95% of country’s population resides in malaria endemic areas.


Main Causes

1. Parasite transmission by mosquitoes


Prevention Methods

1. Avoid travelling to unhygienic places
2. Avoid mosquito bite
3. Use mosquito repellent cream

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