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Health Insurance Information

Below are the blogs related to bike insurance.

Kicking the Butt: Quit Smoking

August 22 2016

It is estimated that about 10 million people will die each year by 2020 In India due to smoking. Presently, about 5 million people die due to the direct consequences of smoking while about 600,000 are affected due to second hand exposure to smoke. About 30% cancer-related deaths are caused due to smoking and it is also responsible for 17% heart-related deaths. Bronchitis and emphysema are also caused due to cigarette smoking.

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Healthcare Technology: Screening for Lifestyle Diseases to Be Possible at Home!

August 21 2016

With the rise in lifestyle diseases, there is a need to shift from a reactive to proactive healthcare approach. Know more about preventive screening.

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Run for Wellness, Run for Humanity – Run a Marathon

August 19 2016

Marathons can be fun, rejuvenating and energising if done the right way. Get some tips and begin your race today.

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Hospital Daily Allowance: A Boon in Times of Need

August 10 2016

A comprehensive health insurance policy that offers daily hospital allowance can be your respite in times of need. Read more and opt for this cover.

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Health Insurance: Claim Process Simplified

August 01 2016

Once you opt for a health insurance policy, it is good to understand the claim process to make things easier in case of an emergency. Learn how simple claim processes can be.

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The Rising Need for Health Insurance in India

August 01 2016

With the rise in healthcare costs and lifestyle diseases in India, a comprehensive health insurance policy is inevitable. Learn more about the benefits.

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Get Rewarded for Staying Fit: Wellness Programs

July 15 2016

Insurance companies offer wellness programs under health insurance policies. Thus, not only you stay fit and happy, but also extend your policy coverage and benefits.

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Is it time to upgrade your health insurance cover?

July 01 2016

The increasing healthcare expenses has led customers to revisit their existing healthcare plans and upgrading to better plans and products.

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Passing Yoga to the Gen-Next

June 30 2016

The popularity of yoga has transcended boundaries and age, and now, it is being introduced as a curriculum in schools. Learn the significance of practising yoga.

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Genetically Modified Food and their Impact on Health

June 18 2016

With the introduction of GM crops, there is an ongoing debate whether they are harmful or the next breakthrough.

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