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Insurance Article

How home insurance cover and home insurance calculator safeguard your most valued asset?

March 14 2013

Procuring an insurance policy that offers optimal coverage is essential so that you can remain stress-free about the valuables in your home. A policy which offers holistic coverage to the valuables, house structure as well as other essential items will prove useful in the long run. You must also ensure that the policy covers loss or damage to the home due to certain natural calamities and malicious activities.

The coverage offered by one insurance provider may greatly vary from that of the other; therefore, you must carefully read the policy features before selecting a particular policy. This is to ensure that all the requirements and the type of coverage desired for your house is fulfilled by the policy that you purchase. You can either opt to personally meet different insurance agents or research online and look for different policy quotes that best suit your needs. When opting for an online purchase, you must pay close attention to the extent of coverage and types of damages included in the policy benefits.

The home insurance cover offered by ICICI Lombard as one of the option may allows you to either secure the home structure for 10 years or only the contents of your home for 5 years or insure both the structure and content for 5 years. When you buy this policy, you may also enjoy coverage against fire and allied perils that occur unannounced and may cause large amount of damage to your home and home contents.

At times, loss to your home contents or damage to the structure can also occur in case of burglary and theft. However, with this policy, you need not worry about such an event in this future as the coverage offered by this home insurance cover will help you to financially cope with the loss of such an unfortunate event.

This policy can be easily purchased with a few clicks of the mouse using the online purchase facility. With this online feature, you can instantly secure your home and all your valuables at your convenience, without disrupting your daily schedule. It is likely for first time buyers experience some amount of confusion regarding the payable premium amount.

However, ICICI Lombard comes to your assistance with its online home insurance calculator. Using this calculator you may instantly verify the exact premium amount based on the policy selected by you. Thus, this unique calculation feature of this home insurance calculator completely eliminates the worry of paying a wrong premium amount in the future.

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