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Now, Linking Your Driving License with Aadhaar is Under Consideration

January 08 2019

It may be compulsory for you to link your driving license with your Aadhar card

The government of India is considering making it mandatory for all driving licenses to be linked with Aadhar cards. The Union Minister for Law, Electronics and IT informed that this will avoid duplication of driving licenses and will help in situations like hit-and-run. Currently, the guilty can easily flee the accident spot and manages to get a duplicate license later.

Speaking at the Indian Science Congress in Punjab, the law and IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “We are soon going to bring a law which will make it mandatory to link Aadhar with driving licenses. This will prevent violators from making new or duplicate driving licenses in their home town or some other state.”

He also explained that presently, the person who causes an accident manages to flee the accident scene and gets a duplicate license. This helps him go scot-free. However, with the Aadhar-linkage of driving licenses, the person can change his/her name, but they can’t change their biometrics, neither iris nor fingerprints.

So, the moment he or she goes in for a duplicate license, the system will inform that the person already has a driving license and they will not be issued a new one. The move is considered a positive one among the motor vehicles and transport fraternity considering the lack of shared national driving license data base from different states which makes it difficult to keep track on duplication.

The same problem had flared up earlier during the issuance of passports until the recording of biometrics was made compulsory which reduced the instances of duplication of passports and issue of fraudulent documents.

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