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Insurance Article

Prepare for the unexpected buy home insurance in time

September 15 2015

When Disaster Strikes

The Certain Uncertainty

This insurance helps to keep your savings safe in case of a calamity. You can resurrect your life after facing a manmade or a natural disaster with the claim amount received from the insurance company. By paying affordable premiums and renewing your home insurance policy from time to time, you can prepare for the unexpected.

Never Say Never

Speaking about uncertainty, Mumbai-based housewife, Madhuri Shinde mentioned, "All these clips that they show as Breaking News, they are so scary! Earthquakes and floods have wreaked havoc and completely devastated towns in the recent past. Worst part is that it can happen anytime. I dread to imagine what would happen to my house and my family if something like that happens in the heart of my city."

Save Your Savings

Ravi Rathore, a fund manager said, "Every day I see people trying hard to build their finances. I wonder, how many have actually thought of actually saving their savings? It is one thing to invest money, wait for the market to grow and earn lucrative returns and other to ensure you have insurance to secure your financial losses. People only consider life insurance but what about where you live, what about home insurance? One unexpected event and your home can be swept away. At that time a comprehensive home insurance policy can come in handy. Your life's savings won't be spent in recuperating from the loss."

Home Safe Home

"I personally thought Insurance is a big scam," recollected Mr. Datta, a retired business professional. He continued, "I used to think all this money that I pay as premium is going to go waste if nothing happens to my home. What is the point of paying this home insurance premium. However, I realized how wrong I was when our house was subjected to the adverse effect of the torrential rain and subsequent lightening. The structure of our cottage was severely disrupted. And whoever said that lightening doesn't strike the same place twice has certainly not been to my place. My home insurance claim amount helped me bring my home back to how it was before the disaster."

Total Protection

Nina Mathur, a fashion blogger, considers opting for home insurance a safe bet, she said, "I don't mind paying the affordable premium that daily amounts to the price of a cup of coffee. Personally, the trade-off offered is great. I look at it the other way round. If disaster strikes my house, what am I going to do? From where am I going to get money to resurrect it? My husband availed a home insurance policy the day we purchased this house. I also forced him to go for the additional terrorism cover as well. Who knows what will happen when, it's better to be safe than sorry."


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