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Insurance Article

Top Ways to secure your Home against Burglary

March 21 2013
Although it is a good sign, some anti-social elements have used this as an opportunity to rob people off their money and property. Having a home is a matter of pride. It also adds up to a valuable asset in your possession. However, being a homeowner also invites a risk of being robbed. A burglary can happen anytime, whether or not the house is occupied.

Recession has also become another important cause for increasing number of burglaries across the country. As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Government of India, during 2010, about 67, 50,748 cognizable crimes were committed. About 92,504 burglaries were committed in the year 2011 in India! Now, this alarming increase in crime rate has made it compulsory for people to theft-proof homes.

What should you actually do to prevent burglars from targeting your home and how?
Here are some guidelines to make your home a tough target for thieves to target:

Think Like a Thief!

They are smart! You need to understand that anti-social elements usually look or a passageway of least confrontation. They usually target people who have been neglecting their homes or the houses that are not secure enough. So take a look at your house and think like a thief before you take an action.

Light up your Home

Install bright lights in your house. Focus on illuminating both interiors and exteriors of the house. Burglars usually avoid a well illuminated home.


In case, you are in a mood to take a short trip to nearby hill station, leave the television on. This will give an impression to burglars that someone is at home. They may not take the risk of breaking in.


Install the latest, highest quality locks in your home and make sure you lock your home from outside.


Invest in strong doors that are installed with hi-tech safety features. Also invest in a peephole to have a glimpse of those who are trying to get in.

Safety Systems

You should invest in a highly advanced monitor alarm system and other safety measures such as dummy cameras, nanny cameras etc.

No Endorsements

Strictly avoid endorsing your trips to everyone you know. Also strictly avoid posting it on social networking sites. By updating statuses and tweeting your change of locations, you are actually attracting the attention of burglars to your home.

Nothing can protect you and your home better than a home insurance

Despite taking the precautions listed above, the house may get robbed. Certain things are just out of your control! For things you can’t control, use the best home insurance plan.

The burglars are smarter than you think they are. Their job is to break walls, locks and windows. So the moment a new, enhanced lock system or safety gear is available on the market, they start searching for a solution. So imagining a situation where your house gets attacked by anti-social elements, the money you have invested in your home has gone for a toss. Having a home insurance will take care of the damage made and you will be compensated for the loss. All you need to do is buy the best home insurance and rest assured.

Theft proofing our homes is not the only thing we should focus on. There are many other problems that our properties are vulnerable to. Natural disasters are the perfect example for things that humans can';t control. An earthquake, hurricane, or flood can occur anytime. None of us would like to imagine any of these disasters to happen. But when they do, the destruction is terrible.

We do a lot of things to fireproof our home. However, it may still occur for some unknown reasons. For things that are not in human control, a homeowner's insurance is the only solution.

In India, the concept of home insurance has gained popularity recently. People have now realized the importance of buying one to protect their properties from a number of unforeseen situations regardless of how safe their home appears. There are also some who don't give much importance to the investment. This is mainly due to the home insurance cost.

The cost may be a hindrance for home owners. However, the premium amount paid towards home insurance is negligible as compared to the costs incurred for damage repair in case of a natural disaster, burglary, fire etc. Sometimes, the disaster is irreparable and you may require looking for another shelter. This may be a difficult situation. Buying a new home is no child's play. Getting one on rent is also expensive. Compared to the expenses you may bear to fix the damage, buying a home insurance plan is quite affordable.

There are many ways to cut down on home insurance cost. You may do this via understanding the type of insurance that best fits into your home protection needs. You may even check out the cover offered by the company and whether you actually require them.

Speak to your home insurance representative about the possibility of reduction in the premium. He may evaluate the present state of your home and suggest you a plan that best fits into your budget.

Regardless of how much the insurance for property costs you, buying one is unavoidable. Just as possibilities of natural disasters, burglaries, fire, theft, accidents are unavoidable, the need for home insurance is inevitable. You need to buy one to secure your property from potential hazards.

For no hassle affordable home insurance purchase, get one online now. This is one of the best ways to ensure 100 per cent protection to your home and peace of mind.

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