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5 Simple Tips to Keep Aadhaar Number and Information Safe

December 29 2017
Aadhaar Number and Information Safe

The wide adoption of Aadhaar as a verification document has opened up many avenues for its misuse. Here are some tips to prevent your personal information from being stolen

While Aadhaar, the 12-digit unique identification number issued by UIDAI, facilitates availing benefits of Government schemes and benefits, the potential misuse of Aadhaar number and subsequent data can't be ruled out.

Cases of Aadhaar information being compromised puts serious question marks on the safety of Aadhaar. While the Government is doing its best to keep Aadhaar information safe, here are 5 simple tips through which you can prevent misuse of your Aadhaar.

Lock Your Biometrics

In one of the recent initiatives undertaken by UIDAI to prevent misuse of Aadhaar, you can now lock your biometrics. Once you do it, nobody can access it. Once you lock your biometrics, the use of the same for authentication is restricted.

Locking your biometrics is an easy and simple process. You can do it from the website of UIDAI. Visit UIDAI's portal. You will see an option to Lock/Unlock Biometrics under ‘Aadhaar Services’.

Just fill in your 12-digit Aadhaar number and the security code (captcha). You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number with UIDAI. Put in the code to lock your biometrics. To unlock, follow the same process.

Once you lock your biometrics, even banks can’t access the data, which will lead to failed transaction due to non-verification of Aadhaar.

Be Diligent While Giving Your Aadhaar Number

With Aadhaar being the most sought after KYC document, it's essential to practice due diligence while sharing your Aadhaar. Since the document contains your vital information, don't share your unique number with everyone.

Most people tend to give a photocopy of Aadhaar number to local stores, offering mobile connection services, to authenticate their mobile number. It is essential to exercise caution while doing so.

Even if you need to do so, write the purpose and self-attest it and take it once the authentication process is over. If you need to link your mobile number with Aadhaar don’t do it through a retailer, visit the official store of your network service provider for doing so.

Update Your Aadhaar Details Only at UIDAI Designated Enrolment Centres

There are instances when you need to update your Aadhaar details. While you can update your details online, most people tend to do it offline. Of late, you will find many centres cropping up in different parts of India for doing so. While you can approach these centres, it’s prudent to update your details from a UIDAI designated enrolment centre.

You can find a list of these centres at UIDAI’s website. Just fill in the name of the state, district, sub-district and the village along with the captcha and you will find the list of the UIDAI designated enrolment centres. You can contact the centre that is nearest to your home to update your details.

Be Aware Of Fraudulent Calls Asking for Aadhaar Number

Search the Internet and you will find cases of people getting calls from unscrupulous elements asking for one's Aadhaar number along with bank details. If you get any such calls, bring it immediately to the notice of the law-enforcing agencies. Note that UIDAI authorities will never call you asking for your Aadhaar number.

So be alert when somebody posing as UIDAI or bank official calls you asking you for your confidential information. Providing the same can result in huge monetary losses.

Don’t Share Your Aadhaar Number on Social Media

Social media has brought a tectonic shift in the way people interact with each other. In the digital age, it’s very easy to get access to personal information, including Aadhaar if you don’t exercise enough caution.

Never write your Aadhaar number on your personal social media profile. Avoid sharing the number even with your known ones when you interact or chat on social media platforms.

Your Safety in Your Own Hands

As you can see the safety of your Aadhaar depends to a great extent on how and where you use it. Being one of the most confidential and important documents, it’s vital to exercise caution while using it. Your Aadhaar is your most trusted ally while availing various benefits of Government policies.

A little caution on your part will ensure that your information remains safe and secured. If you suspect any misuse of your 12-digit unique number, bring it immediately to the notice of the concerned authorities.

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