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Selfies Posing Danger to Daily Life: A Study

June 10 2016
Rising Selfie Related Injuries

Hazards of a selfie-crazed world

The most popular trend of the social media age is the ‘Selfie’ (a picture taken of a person, by that person) is something of a cultural phenomenon. Micro blogging platforms like Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook and Whatsapp have led to the steady rise of 'selfie craze' among the populace. The increase in the selfie trend has resulted to the rise in selfie related injuries. To cope up with the financial loss, It would be a good idea to opt for an health insurance  policy which keep you cover against any unforeseen circumstances.

The Selfie Trend

The selfie trend can be attributed to the need of “performing” on social media. And everyone's doing it today! It has been estimated that around one million selfies are taken around the world, every single day.

What is interesting to note here, is that snapping selfies regularly can be attributed to narcissist tendencies that relate happiness to acceptance from an external source.

Many would argue though, that there is no harm in taking a few pictures of yourself having a great time. But taking selfies can be a bad thing when it can lead to injury, and sometimes, even death.

Rising Selfie-related Injuries

The Washington Post reported that there have been at least 27 “selfie deaths” in 2015. Of these, about half of them are from India. Though no official statistics are available on this, it has been reported that from 2014 (The Year of The Selfie) up to August 2016, there have been at least 54 deaths in India while taking selfies.

Taking selfies in risky locations for that perfect shot of a “happening life” is turning out to be a life-threatening trend. Such has been the extent of this craze, that the Indian Government has set up 'No Selfie Zones' and barricaded 'Selfie-danger Areas’ to avoid tragedies. A majority of these deaths and injuries are due to falling from a great height and posing with dangerous objects. So, having a personal accident insurance  policy would help you take care of damage or loss due to accidents.

Quite surely, the idea of a selfie didn't start off all that bad. Someone wanted to store away a treasured moment, and there was simply no one around to capture that picture, so they took it upon themselves. However, when this trend is abused to project a glorified social image without considering surrounding hazards or threats is when it raises its evil head.

Taking Safe Selfies

Value your safety first and follow these tips while taking selfies:

  • Watch out for electrical wiring when you are trying to get that perfect shot

  • Don't take selfies with animals; they might not find it cute

  • Avoid leaning too far out, instead use a selfie stick

  • Stay out of the way of fast moving objects

  • Be careful of heights

  • Don't take a selfie while driving

  • Don't take selfies on a highway, railroads

  • Avoid taking selfies with dangerous objects like guns

  • Be sure of your footing before smiling for the camera

It does not look like the selfie trend is going to die anytime soon. What we can hope for is that people become more cautious and not risk their lives for something as trivial as virtual likes and shares. It also helps to think about the ones who genuinely love you, whose affection is not dependent on the amount of 'excitement' in your life.

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