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Stay Fit When Injured

November 18 2016
Stay Fit When Injured

Taking care of your health while recovering with 7 easy tips

It often happens that when you are injured, you fall under the despair of not being able to work. This time can be utilised to work on your recovery and stay fit when you can’t move about with these simple hacks:

Eat Healthy

During the first few weeks, your body requires intense care. While your body recovers, it is important to get the right food to supplement the energy requisite. Injuries cause you to burn calories and thus you should try to intake more calories to boost your recovery. For a speedy recovery and maintain your strength, intake lots of vitamins, protein and calcium. Consult with a nutritionist to avoid gaining weight during this period.

Take Ample Rest

It is imperative to rest your body and give it time to heal itself internally. Pushing yourself harder during the recovery phase is dangerous and can cause further injuries. Ideally, it is advised to sleep for 10 hours to relax your body.

Opt Physiotherapy

It is advised to undergo mild physiotherapy every day to recover faster. Physiotherapy builds your muscle and bone strength gradually and returns your strength back in the injured tissues. Avail experiences help for the same to make sure which activities you should be undertaking. Be mindful of aches and pains during physiotherapy as well.

Exercise your Core Strength

While your injured parts take time to heal, work on your core strength. This also increases your endurance and enhances your ability to recover faster.


Practice stretching your sore muscles, on your own. This helps in a better blood flow in the body, leading to a refreshed body and mind. Ideally it is suggested to consult a yoga instructor or a physiotherapist to decide which body parts you can and cannot stretch pertaining to the injury.

Focus on Weaknesses

If your legs are sore, focus on getting them to work again slowly. If your upper body is sore, practice exercises that can loosen the muscles respectively. It is important to work on your endurance and do core strength work-outs. This must be done keeping in mind what can or may risk the existing injuries. Speed up the recovery by maintaining a routine and staying in the habit of regular fitness.

Spend Time at The Gym

Even if you may not be able to completely involve into regular exercises, you can visit gyms and gather motivation while your body heals itself. This is a great time to strengthen yourself internally, while carrying out light exercises that engage your mind.

What’s more, new age health insurance plan such as ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance and Super Top-up Health Booster feature wellness programs that reward you for staying fit by joining a gym, yoga class, and much more! As you accrue wellness points, you can claim reimbursement of expenses not covered in your base health plans such as diagnostic charges, dental expenses and even policy renewal.

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