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Travel Insurance Information

What to Look For When Comparing Travel Insurance Policies?

December 30 2016

Travel insurance is an essential element of planning a vacation, to protect from financial loss due to unforeseen disruptions

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6 Ways To Manage Domestic Travel With A Cash Crunch

November 29 2016

Experiencing liquidity crunch? Learn about the tools to make your domestic travel a pleasant experience, even with a cash crunch.

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Making It Through Long Non-stop Flights

November 10 2016

Long distance non-stop flights can be tiring. A proper planning ahead of your journey can make it hassle-free and fun!

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5 Common Travel Woes & How To Avoid Them!

October 28 2016

Know more about common travel problems including jet lags, lost wallet, medical emergencies & missed flights. Check out things to do if you are facing such issues.

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Things You Didn't Know About Travel Insurance

September 29 2016

Important information about international travel insurance - Learn about the exclusions and limitations of travel insurance before going on overseas travel.

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4 Tips To Make Your International Travel A Vegetarian's Delight

September 14 2016

Find tips & tricks on finding vegetarian dishes on your international travel. Learn about the art of maintaining your vegetarian diet even in a foreign land.

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5 International Travel Insurance Myths: Filtering Facts From Fiction

August 19 2016

Know what to expect from international travel insurance and how to separate travel insurance facts from myth. Find out what is covered and not covered in travel insurance.

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Impact of Brexit on Tourism

August 16 2016

The separation of Britain from European Union, referred to as Brexit, has created a buzz across the world. Learn how it can affect your travel plans to that part of the globe.

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Engrossing Egypt

July 19 2016

They say that when you are taking the Nile cruise, you are sailing along history...

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Travel Insurance - Your guide for a secured trip abroad

July 05 2016

Travel insurance protects you against different perils on foreign soil allowing you to travel abroad worry-free.

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