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Insurance Article

Annual or Single Trip Insurance: What to Choose!

June 20 2018

For smooth and safe travels, get the right type of travel insurance cover

Travel insurance helps you fly across continents with absolute ease. It takes care of all ill-fated situations like loss of baggage, medical emergencies, flight cancellations and every other possible situation that has the potential of completely ruining your trip. Whether you’re a business traveller, a wander-lusting soul or a backpacking millennial, you’d agree on the need and benefits of travel insurance. However, you can stretch those benefits by selecting the travel insurance apt for your specific travel patterns and habits.

Types of Travel Insurance

The two types of travel insurance are annual trip insurance and single trip insurance. Neither is better than the other overall, but when you break it down to your personal needs, you will realize that one of the above will benefit you significantly more than the other.

Annual Trip Insurance

Annual trip insurance covers you for a period of one year. In this time period, you can travel to multiple destinations. Annual trip insurance rids you of the task of having to get travel insurance each time you need to take a trip.

Single Trip Insurance

This type of insurance will cover you for only one trip. While getting single trip insurance, you will have to specify and confirm your travel destination as well as the start and end date of your trip. You will be insured for this specific trip only.

Why Choose Annual Trip Insurance?

Annual trip insurance will suit you the best if you’re someone who travels frequently for business or otherwise. It’s especially beneficial if you have several unpredictable and impromptu trips. This type of insurance won’t just work out cheaper financially, but it will also be convenient as it will rid you of multiple last minute travel insurance purchases.

Why Choose Single Trip Insurance?

Single trip insurance is beneficial to those who aren’t occasional travellers and have only one or two trips planned in a year. It’s cost effective and less expensive than annual trip insurance because you don’t pay for the days that you aren’t travelling.

If you have more than two trips in a year, annual insurance is the way to go. However, if you’re an occasional traveller, single trip insurance is a comprehensive plan well-suited for you. Now that you know the uses of both plans, you can make a prudent and well informed decision.

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