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Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

April 03 2018
Countries Where Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

If these countries are within your travel plans, then insurance is a must

During holiday season the urge to get going is strong, but taking a step back and analyzing your journey preparations is crucial too. Doing due research on the places that you plan to visit give important information that can make the difference between your trip being a success or a disaster.

Information such as knowing whether the country you plan to visit requires tourists to have travel insurance or not. Here are some countries that tourists cannot travel to without travel insurance.

United States of America

USA has a lot to offer to any traveler. The huge geographical area is filled with interesting places that demand tourist attention: from natural parks and amusement parks to scenic mountains and Hollywood. The US is also famous for having some of the best healthcare facilities in the world. It is also notorious for having an exorbitant cost of treatment.

Due to this, travelling without an USA travel insurance can wreck your finances if something untoward were to happen. Therefore, though not mandatory, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance to cover medical costs in case they arise.


Cuba is a beautiful nation that is known for its pristine beaches, warm climate, cigars and old-school charm. In 2015, the US re-established diplomatic ties with the island nation, leading to surge in number of tourists. However, entry is still a complex affair and proof of travel insurance is required on arrival.

If a traveler is found not to have the policy then they will be forced to purchase one at a high cost of premium.

Schengen countries

The Schengen Area is located in Central Europe and comprises of 26 countries that have removed their internal borders. This means that any traveler wishing to visit any of these countries, needs to have only one visa known as Schengen visa. Among the regulations that the visa applicants have to meet, one is of having Schengen travel insurance that is inclusive of medical coverage and evacuation.


The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates and counts cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in its ranks. Dubai is well known as a tourist hub with extravagant attractions and huge shopping malls. To explore this beautiful city, UAE travel insurance along with health insurance is mandatory.

Taking out travel insurance while planning a trip to any country is a must. It protects the insured from any unfortunate incident that may happen during the duration of travel. Features such as medical coverage, protection against trip cancellation and assistance during passport loss make a worthy investment for your trip. Travel insurance plans are further  classified in two types , single trip travel insurance and multi trip travel insurance.

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