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Explore These Top Diving Sites in the World

January 11 2018
Diving Sites in the World

Here are the best scuba diving destinations across the world that should be there on every diver’s bucket list.

Everyone has a bucket list of adventures they would like to explore at least once in their life. This year might just be perfect for you to take a scuba dive at these best diving sites across the world.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

Barracuda Point is regularly featured as one of the best dive sites in the World. It is located at Sipadan Island in Malaysia. It’s a dream spot for underwater photography. Huge shoal of Barracudas with various reef sharks, turtles and bumphead parrotfish make for an exotic view.

The Yongala Wreck, Australia

This best wreck diving site in Queensland makes for an exquisite, thrilling experience. You may encounter sea snakes, octopuses, turtles, giant trevallies along with spectacular coral reefs. Rare bull shark and mighty Tiger sharks also provide a spectacular view.

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

Located near the Surin Islands, the spot has been described as “Whale Shark Magnet”, as one of the rarest ‘Giant Whale Shark’ is spotted here. It’s also an exquisite place for macro photography with creatures such as ghost pipefish, sea horses, and frogfish.

Blue Corner, Palau

It is the best wall dive in the world, and is also one of the most challenging dives with strong currents. You can gaze a rich marine life with a fabulous diversity of barracuda, eagle sharks, snappers, and jacks. The wall also holds thick coral with morays and colourful shrimps.

Thistlegorm, Egypt

A large cargo ship wreck diving site, filled with motorbikes, train carriages and trucks. It was named after a British vessel, the Thistlegorm, which sank in 1941 carrying a cargo of war supplies. It creates one of the most eerie experiences and is a popular sight for a night dive.

Manta Ray Dives, Hawaii

It is one of the best night diving sites in the world. Underwater lights placed on the ocean floor attract beautiful manta rays of Kona Hawaii which makes up for an unforgettable view.

Darwin Islands, Galapagos

About 20 percent of marine life found here is seen nowhere in the world. Sea lions, Hammerhead sharks, penguins and iguanas make for a very unique sighting. The settled ocean currents can give a fascinating diving experience.

You can delight yourself by having an enchanting experience at these diving sites. These will quench your thirst for adventure and also give you some evergreen memories. Just make sure that you are covered by an international travel insurance that offers you several benefits at affordable rates.

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