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This World Cup Season, Secure Your Trip to the UK With Travel Insurance

May 21 2019
UK With Travel Insurance

The fireworks are ready, so are the participating teams. The stage is set for the greatest quadrennial sporting showpiece in the world. It is time for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup - the coveted prize that every team hopes to lay their hands on, but only a few can.

About the World Cup

The 12th chapter of the World Cup is hosted by England and Wales, and featured the first match on 30th May when two top teams -- England and South Africa – locked horns and kicked off proceedings in style. In their first match, Team India take on South Africa on 5th June, an encounter that promises to be a nail-biter till the very end.

A total of 10 teams are scheduled to participate in the tournament that draws to a close on 14th July, 2019. The format this time around is similar to the one adopted in 1992 – the year Pakistan lifted their maiden trophy – where each team squares off against the other nine in a bid to stake claim to the Cup. The top four teams, at the end of the group stage, would face off at the semi-finals.

Why do I need travel insurance before packing off for the UK?

Watching your favourite team battle it out on English soil under clear, sunny skies, is an experience for the ages. The joy and euphoria would be undoubtedly double, should you watch the proceedings unfurl live in front of you while you sit back and give it up for Team India as the men in blue take guard on match-day. Imagine India winning and piping their rivals to the post – indeed, an experience you cannot afford to miss out on.

That being said, for all the adventure and exploits, the whole episode promises to be an expensive one.

Considering the grandeur of the stage, people are likely to throng to stadiums. With an international travel insurance policy, you can hedge risks and stay covered from a litany of unforeseen circumstances. For instance, stampedes or petty theft, for that matter, can be real concerns.

In addition, matches would be hosted by different cities in the UK. It can be that you miss a connecting flight or have flight schedules postponed, owing to inclement weather (rains and overcast skies are very common). A comprehensive travel insurance policy is your all-weather (both literally and figuratively) ally at times such as these; it throws a financial safety net so that you don’t have to bear the financial brunt of re-booking tickets or reserving accommodation all over again.

How do I benefit from travel insurance?

A comprehensive travel insurance policy covers you from a wide array of circumstances – loss of baggage, documents or passport, cancellation/delay of flights, cancellation of accommodation, accidents, medical emergencies -- starting from when the trip begins to the time it finally concludes. However, with the World Cup in question, there are a few typical risks that travel insurance can take care of. Read on:

  1. Re-booking tickets should flights be cancelled or delayed

  2. You might have planned your trip to the UK in a way that you intend on watching two successive matches involving team India. That being said, chances are these would not be contested in the same city. That will warrant you to travel to another city, should you want to be a part of sporting history.

    In the unfortunate circumstance that you’re forced to miss the flight – owing to reasons such as a hospitalization in the family – or it is cancelled because of inclement weather conditions, your travel insurance policy’s trip cancellation benefits would hold you in good stead. That’s because you would be recompensed for the non-refundable components of your ticket – this can include stadium tickets as well in some cases.

    However, check for policy sum insured or the upper limit before moving ahead with a claim.

  3. Medical treatment expenditure

  4. You’d be among strangers, in a country that is alien to you and visiting stadiums chock-a-block with people. This could be a perfect recipe for an accident and the last thing you’d need is medical bills to pile on you.

    A travel insurance policy makes sure you are completely covered from medical bills that could otherwise take little time to rise.

  5. Loss of checked-in baggage, passport and other valuables

  6. In a foreign country, a passport is all that can vouch for your identity. Misplacing this all-important official document (or other belongings for that matter) can land you in a jam. With a travel insurance policy, crucial help and advice – besides adequate financial support should you have to apply for a temporary passport or purchase new baggage – would be around the corner.

  7. Home burglary cover while you’re away

  8. God forbid, should miscreants and anti-social elements ransack your property and steal valuable items while you’re away on the trip, know that a travel insurance policy would have your back there as well. Indeed, a home burglary cover provides coverage against damages or losses resulting from housebreaking, thievery, forced entry or property trespassing.

    Besides these key benefits, a travel insurance policy includes personal liability cover and also secure you from damages stemming from emergency evacuation to the home country during a political turmoil.

NOTE: It is always advisable to have ready the contact number of the Indian embassy in London.
Contact number: 020 7836 8484

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